8 ways to make money online in India [No scam and without investment]

I have written this post to share you few most trustable and legitimate method to make money online in India.

I know, Many people are searching for online work and a few of them get good earning also but most of the people get scammed & the reason I found is “They want to get money fast and become a millionaire”.

See here one of the snapshots of Facebook online earning groups where one of the people shares that you can earn 35$ per hour by just doing part-time work.

Do you know how much this amount would be in Indian rupees, if any person works 9 hours a day for one week only “1,40,000+ INR”?

What do you think… is it possible?  I don’t think until and unless you are highly skilled but still most of people are trapped in such scam. You can even see here. 136 people already commented for information. 

And This one is not possible at all…

If  you have also been trapped in such thing then no worries, I was also a part of such scam before and it’s happened with many people and the funniest part is, that, people have even start earning from the scam.

In my village, people say one proverb in Hindi “ठोकर खाकर ठाकुर बनाना ” and the same thing applied to me as well…So Once I got scammed then I started searching for legitimate ways of earning only and sharing you a few of best ways which I found personally in my journey.

Before I move ahead and share you online earning ways, please read below points and remember whenever you search for online work.

  • Online typing and data entry works are most of the scam and no one pay  after asking for paid registration – Already many voices to text conversion software available then why they ask you.
  • You can not start making huge money instantly on the internet.
  • You can not become a millionaire easily except get rich quick schemes or Scam
  • There is no quick way of earning money except few which are not available in the online world.

You can easily earn a lot of money online, if

  • You have passions to work hard to make online income.
  • Invest small amount on yourself to learn new skills. you can take some course like blog development, SEO, Logo designing or even writing from Udemy. (You can learn yourself but it takes time)

So today I will share you a few best ways of online earning which I use to follow and they are very legitimate ways of earning.

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Practical ways to make money online in India

1. Do start Micro job online how to make money online in india 

Obviously, the micro jobs will not make you rich quickly and not even give you a handsome amount so you can depend only on them.

if you are getting very less time from office work and cannot start blogging kind of online work then you can do the micro jobs for time being to earn some extra money.

There are a few trusted micro sites  available where you will get micro task and get money once you complete any task.

These micro tasks can include anything like sharing something on Facebook, counting of shopping list items, Image Transcription  to survey filling & many more.

A Positive point about micro job earning sites is:

  • Instant money
  • No investment
  • Many unskilled task available

One Negative point about micro job earning sites is they Don’t pay much amount as per task.

In order to make sustainable amount from these sites then you need to complete many tasks in a day and as fast as possible.

As per my personal experience, You can earn 8k-14k in a month by doing just 5 hours in a day. May be not in the first month but from second month you can make this amount.

Few legitimate short task sites: Amazon mTurk.com, Microworkers.com  &  clickworker.com

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2. Earn money from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

You might be thinking that your suggestion for earning online from micro work was fine but now from social media!!!  they are cracking the jokes now.

But Guys, Actually you can make huge money by just sharing the post on social media platforms. You know one of the Famous Celebrity Kim Kardashian made $10,000 per tweet as early as 2009. 

Even our Virendra sehwag is making huge from twitter and he says “I have, in the last six months, made around Rs 30 lakh through my tweets,”

Now new Question in your mind “But what if you are not a celebrity? still, Can you earn

Yes, My friends, There is no need to be a celebrity in order to make money online in India and mainly from social media. This post help you many more ways of How to earn money online in India.

What you need to have for earning online

  • Must have all social media accounts.
  • Learn how to increase fan following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Join sites that pay you per tweet.

If you have a smaller following base then you can make up to $5-$10 per tweet and $50-$100 per tweet for a big follower base.

Top sites where you earn from social media.

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Even a few companies connect you if you have good following base…

3. Become a freelancer how to make money online in india 

Becoming freelancer is one of the easiest and affordable ways to start making money online.  You can choose it as a side job so it helps you in generating extra income to pay any debt or save something for rainy days.

Freelancing may take time to build a full-time income but if you continue with freelance work then one fine day you will be free from the job. 

There are many kinds of freelance work like..

  • Freelancer writing work.
  • Freelance  software development or designing
  • Freelance virtual assistant

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4. Start a blog to make money online

Many people consider starting a blog is the tough task but friends it’s not rocket science..You can create a blog in just few steps but the only thing is it takes time in earning.

In my personal view, I consider Blogging is the much better option of online earning than other freelancing tasks. The simple reason is, you will keep making money while sleeping as well.

Earning from the blog is just 5 step process

  • Choose Topic or niche of the blog
  • Select Domain name and hosting
  • Create a WordPress blog (use free theme)
  • Do On page and off page SEO process
  • Earn by Google ads or affiliate programming or any other ways.

Note – If you are doing the job then please don’t quit and do blogging as part-time Once you are on stage when you are getting comfortable earning then you can move into full time blogging.

You can also check our guide that covers top udemy courses that help you to start a blog.

5. Make online money from YouTube

Do you know Nisha madhulika earning millions of dollar in a year? Not only Nisha Madhulika but actually many YouTubers.

There are no specific skills required to start YouTube channel and you can easily create a video on any type of title like Funny, education, DIY, Health, crafting and even beauty tips. If you are  a housewife or a student then this is the best option to start making money.

Initially, you  might get some struggle in getting views but if you upload video continuously then you will start getting views and subscribers as well.

Sometimes I observe that many people stop uploading videos because they are not getting good views and subscriber..but friends please keep uploading video as it always takes time to get views and once you get a few then it will keep increasing. 

In order to create a quality video, you should use proper YouTube equipment to create better video and also make sure to choose a less competitive topic. so it will be easy to get rank.

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6. Buy and sell domain (Domain flipping)

Many people are not aware of selling or buying a domain but if you learn how to choose best domain and mainly expired domain then you can sell that domain and make good money.

Initially, I was also not aware of the power of domain flipping then I learned about expire domain and buy 8-10 domain in the cost of 10K INR. I was even not sure whether I could sell them or not but one fine day I got below mail…

Yes sold one domain in 15,000 INR.  You can even buy a new domain with a good name and sell at a high price.. Business.com domain sold in $345, so in a similar way at least you can double domain price.

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7. Earn money by writing work:  make money online in India 

Everyone knows writing work needs skill and if you are not a good writer then also no worry, you can start practicing by writing a free post on Quora.com or medium on your favorite topic. It might be chance that you make so many mistakes but with the passage of time…you would be an expert.

Even I am not good at English but always try to give my best 🙂

Once you become an expert then you can charge 1 to 2 Rs per word for writing and that is on your favourite title.. you can also start blogging.

Trust me, many blogs are available online who pay 50-100$ for writing just a post.

Tips : There are many Facebook groups available where you can join and show your skill to get work.  You can also check PeoplePerHour and Upwork for freelance writing work.

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8. Start service on Fiverr

If you have already searched for freelance work then surely you come across this site. Fiverr is one of the popular platforms for providing task in the base price of 5$. 

You can choose any of the skilled or unskilled tasks and create Gig (Task) on fiverr. Even if you don’t have any information about freelance service then invest 750 INR on Udemy and learn few skills like logo design or animation video.

Hope it is your answer of How to earn money online in India?

Now your turn – Let’s Action Speak

Guys, I have shared top online earning ideas but its not worth if you don’t take any action. So let’s choose one and do start work on same..Might be initially you will not get success as expected but with time you start getting good bucks.

If you want to be long running success in making money online then don’t search more about how to earn money online in India and follow our recommend to start your blog ( We will help you in step by step guide) or start YouTube channel ( Check our post from how to start to how to earn from youtube).