How to Make Money Online by Selling Junk Mail

Every day, millions of junk emails are sent around the world and if you receive more junk emails in a day than the total number of useful emails in a month, then I tell you, you are not alone.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways of reaching out people to buy your product or trying your service, but with the growing competition, some people have forgotten that marketing should be done in a respectful manner.

Hence the number of junk emails received by an average internet user has crossed the limit.

However, if you also receive an unbearable amount of junk emails in your inbox, then you need not worry, today we have brought you a list of sites that will not only take away your junk mail but they will pay you for doing so.

Yes, you read it right, today we have brought you a list of best sites to sell your junk mail and earn money. Using these sites you can not only get rid of your junk mail but make some good cash out of it.

What are junk mails?

Before starting, you need to know what junk mails really are. Junk mails are basically every useless mail which you get into your email inbox.

People who sell things or services find your email ids from different sites where you sign up or from your website where you put them on the contact, about us page, then they send you countless amount of emails trying to force you into buying or trying their service.

Although one thing you should consider here that some important emails even if they are not of your work but reveal sensitive info about you, should not be considered junk mails. 

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How to sell your junk emails?

Selling your junk mail and making money out of it is an easy process, but that does not mean that someone will come to you (or send you a mail for that matter) to buy your junk mails.

Mostly, you will need to sign up at the mentioned sites to sell junk mails and then forward your junk mails to them, their employees will then check the mails according to their needs and credit your account for every accepted mail.

Once you reach the threshold for the payment, you can get paid through various methods depending on your chosen site such as visa card credit, amazon gift cards and much more. 

Is it safe to sell junk mail? 

Whenever people hear that someone is going to pay for the junk mails they thought they would never be able to get rid off, their first thought is that it is all a scam.

Once they realize that this is not a scam and there are legit sites to sell your junk mail and make money out of it, they ask if selling junk mails for money is safe?

Well, the answer is yes. Selling your junk mails is safe until the mails you sell do not reveal any sensitive information about you. Now, what exactly is considered as ‘sensitive information’?

Mostly people who send you junk mails find your email ids from various sites you put your mail id on and all they know about you is your name and email id and probably a product you regularly use.

However, sometimes they know more than that. For example, sometimes before buying or renewing any expensive service such as car insurance, they try to find the best deal online. Now, some sites who provide such quotes online ask for not only your name and car model, but its number as well.

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Most of the people end up not buying their service and in such cases, some cheap sites sell the information you provided to third parties and they send you targeted mails mentioning your product.

While selling mail which involves your product details without any sensible personal information will not create any problem, Selling any mail that involves your personal information can get you in trouble.

For example, a mail saying ‘you Toyota car needs insurance’ is a mail safe enough to be sold. But a mail saying ‘your car whose number is xxxx’ or ‘your driving license number xxxx’ should never be sold.

Sites to sell your junk mails

Now, we are coming to the point you have been eagerly waiting for throughout the article which is the list of best sites to sell your junk mail

You can use any of the following site (or all of them, if you are willing to make a standalone income) to sell your junk mail. The sign-up process for all these sites to sell junk mail is very easy and you can start making money from your junk mails almost immediately:

1. SBK Center

SBK center is one of the most trusted websites to sell your junk mail. They have a list of categories under which they accept junk Mails. All you have to do is forward the junk mails you receive your inbox related to the given categories and the site will add the credit to your account.

Once you reach the payment threshold you can redeem the money you made selling your junk mail in form of Visa card credits.

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Frequent participants can earn up to  $20 in points every 6 to 10 weeks. Business owners and those who are self-employed can earn rewards even more and faster.

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2. US Monitor

US monitor is another site to sell your junk mails and make money through it. The process is very simple and is similar to SBK center. 

you will make approx$10 a month. In addition, you make 25 cents for every mail processed and they estimate you will receive between 10 and 40 pieces of mail per day.

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3. The World Mail Panel

World Mail Panel is another good site to get rid of your junk mails and make money while doing so. The site offers multiple ways of redeeming your earned money and is known to send the payment always on time.

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4. Hauser Net

The last entry in our list of sites to sell junk mails is Hauser Net. It’s one of the oldest and trustable sites to get rid of getting your junk mails and making some good cash out of it.

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Wrap up

So this is the end of our list of best sites to sell your junk mails. While using these sites to sell your junk mails is very easy, you should remember not to sell any of your sensitive information.

We suggest that you should first all the mails you intend to sell and check them one by one to know if they are sellable or not and only forward the mails after checking all of them. Do let us know your experience with selling your junk mail in the comments box.