How much I can earn for having 1 million download for my app

First of all congratulating you if you are having 1 million download!! 

As many people develop their app and thinks that now they become millionaire within 1-2 year from app but building an app is not as much hard as convince user to download app and be active on app. You need to continue provide quality.

Guys, I am very confident that There’s a lot of money in apps and one can make Billions of dollars. you know why I am that much confident because everyday mobile user base and mainly smart phone user base is increasing exponentially.

if you are making an app which help people in someway either fitness to financial management to entertainment then you will surely get high number of download.

If you didn’t running any app and having some good idea then you can easily create android app..let’s go into dip.

How to start android app development?

You can easily learn android development programming from thenewboston  YouTube videos or Udemy best android instructor .  Once you start learning then you can take Github code and play with them for more hands on.

If you are not interested in learning any technology then you can also create android app without any coding . You can use below online tools for creating android apps. 

Best Tools to Create Android Apps without Coding

Few crazy Ideas for android apps

  • Exam preparation notes android app ideas
  • City parking finder
  • Restaurant Reservation 
  • Food Wastage reduction through donation
  • Diet tracker
  • Quiz/trivia app
  • Simple gameandroid app ideas
  • Toy Swap App
  • Educational Software and App
  • Earning By Rating
  • Tutor4You
  • Virtual Cards
  • Nightlife mobile app
  • Grocery Planner
  • Reminder App for taking Medicine in time
  • App that sends Birthday wish at 12:00 AM by itself
  • Saloon and hair style finder
  • App for Blind And Visually Impaired people walking
  • Help the Poorapp ideas
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You can earn money from apps through 2 main sources.

  • Apps that are paid include free-premium also
  • Ads inside apps include affiliated marketing also

If suppose you are providing  app in free of cost with no ads then you are not going to earn single for earning you need to make sure either you take subscription charge or take some amount for advance feature or use ads.

If your app is paid or free-premium and if you are taking 0.99 cent only for each download or use then you can make 70% of 0.99*10,00,000 and the rest 30% is kept with Google. You know how much this 70% give you it’s only $693000 and if get few more downloads then you become millionaire boss..

But you know if you go with free app and use ads to make money then just number of download not play role in making money with app but it’s fully depend on below factor:

  • User base (Active user only) since more active user more ads they can see
  • Amount of time user spend on your app
  • Demography of user (Advertisers pay more for installs/impressions in top tier countries like USA, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea while less in pakistan, nepal, srilanka, banladesh like country)
  • Revenue model(Free, Free-premium or Premium)
  • Model of ads(like CPM, CPC or CPA)
  • The ad networks you choose for your app
  • Format of ads you place (Video ads or full screen ads may be get you more) and many more

Now comes to main point…calculation!!

If you are having more than 1 million download then you can make approx $5000-$15000 per month but it’s not fixed…everything depend on above factor.For more accurate figure you can use mobile ad revenue calculator.

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One of my friend have 1000 downloads and approx 30-35% people are active user everyday and he is making approx $5-10 per day so you can also estimate from this amount but active user is important and for user click or user active percentage mainly depend on :

  • How your App UI look like
  • Ease of using app
  • Availability on different platform like android, iOS and windows.
  • Purpose of app(Like news app or game app make more money as user stay their long)

Actually there is no fix answer for this question but I am sure you become millionaire in coming days. Let’s see approx calculation for 1 million downloads.

Suppose you have total download User: 1,000,000
Active user: 30-40% (App always have high number of active user) means 3,00,000-4,00,000, I am taking 4,00,000 for easy calculation.

Suppose one user see 10 ads per day means 4,00,000*10 means 40,00,000 ads total view

If CPC of app is 1% means 40,000 click in a day.

Revenue per day:- if  each ads on click paying $0.01 then 40,000*0.01 become $400 per day.

Revenue per Month: $400*30=$12,000

And if it is games app then active user may be more or cpc may be more..

If your app is freemium then it may be chance that you earn more than earning from ads as 1 million people are going to pay you. 

How much does google pay per app download

Many people ask us how much do app developers make per download, As we already said google not pay as per download . You either need to add advertisement on your app or provide paid version.

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You can use Google (Admob) for getting money of advertisement shown on your ads.

Scientific Calculator App has

around 2 million downloads, free version.

The pro version is priced at $2.9 ($1 in India) and

it has 20-40 downloads daily. The daily

revenue from selling the paid version is $45 – $80

(after the deduction of Google’s 30% transaction fee).

From ads, I get around $20 – $25 daily

(with an average eCPM of 0.48). 

– says Rohan Laishram on Quora

By the way his app acquired by an app company based in the US and surely paid huge bucks in return…

How much money you get on paid app

You will get 68% of amount what you listed in the playstore, rest amount Google keep with them. Suppose you sell app for 100 Rs(INR) then you will get 68 Rs(INR).

Some tips of making money from free apps

  • Make it Locale : Try to convert your app in as many language as possible and mainly local ( For example if you are creating any app for india then try to use Hindi as language).
  • Support for Multiple screen: Tablet give more revenue than mobile so make sure your apps should work on tablet as well.
  • Integrate with social media : Google + option present in app so you can integrate with that and get more download.

Now taking about data which Forbs has shared and I want to share with you.

Dollars per download

Impact on developers’ wallets

So all the best… Keep provide quality and make money .

Hope you like this post and know what the power of apps and how much one can make through their app. If you are also have app then let us know in comment how much download you have and how much you are earning.. so we can share your app reference.