10 Most Popular sites that actually Pay You for answering questions online

Get paid to answer questions online may sound scam but believe me it’s real!!

Actually many people believe that making money online is totally fake but I recommend to check Top earning blog, Top youtuber in india and Fiverr earning before take decision about if one can make money online or not.

It’s fact that by this no means going to make you million but still you can make decent amount of money.

Skill required

You must have written so many answer in exam…Correct?

So I am pretty sure you have required skill to answer question related to your subject and you just need to advice people on the same.

People generally pay to broker or Financial advertiser to get advice from them so same work you need to do but it’s online not offline. That means you will  get paid to give advice and help them on decision making condition or some situation.

Many platform available where people ask you question & you need to give them the desired answer. For each answer, you will receive few bucks.

Here I am listing you 10 best platform where you will get paid to answering question. 

Get paid to answering questions

Let’s start with first site….

1. Just Answer –It pays to be an Expert

If you want to share your expertise in any field and earn money then this website give you huge opportunity . Best thing here is you can work when you want and what you want.

You can provide knowledge in any of the 175+ categories and popular in 30+ countries. More than 1.8 million visits in a month make this website more demanding.

How much one can earn:

Top expert can earn $1000 each month helping customers solve everyday issues.


  • You can also earn here $50 amazon gift card for each referral.
  • Respond to your application in 5-10 business days if applicant belongs to USA/Canada and 5-20 business days for most others.
  • 24*7 work available so it’s up to you which time you choose.
  • Your answer price vary from $5 to $20 dollar or more.
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jutanswer steps[button link=”https://secure.justanswer.com/offer-services/landing” size=”big” target=”_blank”  align=”center” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adviser on JustAnswer[/button]

2. Chacha

A great place to express your knowledge and opinions, Chacha give you opportunity to earn money by answering question . Here you can work any time without any enforce  minimum and maximum required period. it allow Only USA associate to apply.


  • Chacha paid $0.02 per question.
  • An average person can earn more than $10-15 per day.


  • You need to pass online exam to become contractor.
  • You can earn between 10-20 cents per question.
  • It allow 18+ age people only and need fast typing speed with customer service skill.

[button link=”http://becomeaguide.chacha.com/” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on Chacha[/button]

3. Helpowl -Earn Points and Get Prizes!

Providing question and answer about top companies, product and vehicles. All information provided here completely free of charge and you can earn point for a number of things throughout the sites and use point to receive gift cards to leading merchants like Amazon and Walmart. It’s that simple!


  • You can also earn by upload manual, add reviews and many more work means you can earn points for nearly everything you do on HelpOwl.com
  • You can earn point when your question accepted.
  • You can earn 2000 point by providing largest free manual library on the web.

[button link=”https://www.helpowl.com/answer_question.php” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on Helpowl[/button]

4. Weegy

If you are expert in any field then this site give you space to show your expertise in your field. You can earn approx 20 cents per answer and anybody can be a member like professionals, educator, students . Good thing about this type of earning is, you can do any other work together…:)


  • Minimum payout amount is $20.
  • Minimum 18 year age are required.
  • Processed money through Paypal.
  • You will get only 15 Second time to give answer.
  • There is also way to earn a cash prize by monthly competition.
  • You can earn extra bit by referring people.

[button link=”http://weegy.com” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on weegy[/button]

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5. Keen – Give Psychic Advice on KEEN

If you are specialized in any psychic reading, tarot, love or other offerings then you can help people who are in need.You can help them by direct phone call or email..For phone call you will get one toll free number which enable you to get customer call.

You can set your own rate for phone call and email by discuss with your self about your time worth… like $2/minute or $20 a mail. Similar to keen you can also check virtual assistance jobs.


  • No Setup fees or any j
    oining fees for specialist.
  • You can set your own time to receive calls.
  • You can earn extra bucks if you refer new customer to keen.
  • You’ll receive payment via Express Pay, direct deposit or check.
  • You will get all analysis of your past call and email by tools provided by website.
  • You will get tool to manage customer, sell your service and promote psychic business.
  • You do not need to deal with customer about amount or no need for any negotiation , website will take as per your rate.


[button link=”http://www.keen.com/give/advice.asp” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on Keen[/button]

6. BitwineSimilar to keen this website also help you to earn money by providing psychic advice to people who are in stress or need on topic like love, life, career and many issues. Initially user get chance to talk to you in free of cost but then after discussion you can decide your own rate.


  • Here you need to give advice by instant chatting or video chatting.
  • You need to discuss with user about your set price and if user find ok then you can do phone call too.
  • You will get payment processing by Paypal .

bitwine for earning money

[button link=”http://psychic.bitwine.com/” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on Bitwine[/button]

7. Expert123
You can earn here by describing your expertise , asking and answering question. Here you will get paid for any expertise from software engineer to excellent at repairing bicycles means here is is an endless amount of topics. 


  • No fees for sign up expert123.
  • Tools help you to engage with user.
  • Growing community itself to over 1 Million Experts strong.
  • You can earn $10-20 for each article you write if it labeled as “work as hire”.
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experts123 for earning money

[button link=”http://www.experts123.com/” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on experts123[/button]

8. Maven -Everybody Knows Something

With the tag line “everybody know something”, Mavan give you micro-consulting platform to earn money by answering things you know. You can response to written question, talk on the phone, participate in project or even find job.


  • Depends on many factor like background, experience, industrial skill and demand of your knowledge. generally 2-4 times of your hourly salary, so fill registration form as according.


  • Notify you once then need your expertise.
  • You can get paid to give advice and answer questions online and by referring people to consult here.
  • Minimum payout amount is $25 then you can request.

[button link=”http://www.maven.co/consultant” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on maven[/button]

9. Prestoexperts

prestoexperts freelancing site for earningHere you will get chance to engage with clients via online chat, phone or email and work on  Many categories like Education, technology, health, social media and many more. You can charge like $2-3/minute for your expertise knowledge sharing.


  • Website pay you in once a month.
  • You will be paid as per your categories.

[button link=”http://www.prestoexperts.com/” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on prestoexperts[/button]

10. smallbizadvice

Get paid on sharing your expert knowledge in your spare time. You will see question related t how’s find such information , where to find this information online or offline.. like that. So hopefully it’s very easy to answer if you have small information.

Any one can answer here and once your bid get selected then only you can give answer. commission you owe us will be deducted from your account.

[button link=”http://www.smallbizadvice.com/” size=”big” align=”center” target=”_blank” icon=”momizat-icon-user4″]Become Adversor on smallbizadvice[/button]

Below you can find few more website related to same freelancing answering work.


Hope you like this blog post on get paid to answer questions …So Join any one of the legitimate website and work for that only. Once you become an expert, then join more websites. But remember there are many websites which do scam and not pay once you reach minimum amount.