Earn up to $100 per hours by video game testing job

Earning is the necessity to livelihood. There is no remedy to this; one should work hard to earn solid money. Traditional ways of earning money are very popular but some rational ways have brought revolution in younger generations. Who has thought that one day you can earn money by playing and testing gaming platforms? And also by doing video game testing job. Sounds interesting aren’t it, like earn while you play.

It is simply a great opportunity of earning easy money. Depending on your experience in game testing you can generate a handsome income.

If you have a passion for playing games there are many gaming brands will to hire and pay you as a freelancer tester. Earn as much as you like on hourly basis. Their paying amount and payment system may vary from company to company.

Why gaming companies hire Freelancer Testers

Hiring freelancers over full-time employment as the new trend every company is following these days. It helps them to reduce their operational costs and provides work from the professionals at very reasonable rates.

Now they just have to find freelancers with the potential to support the company with their skills in game testing. Below you can find the top reasons why gaming companies hire freelance testers.

Affordable: The overhead costs of company reduce as the freelancers work from home. One can hire them and pay them as per the capability and benefits like health care and other related features are negligible.

Flexible: Freelancers set their own working hours and it does not affect the company hours. Because their only focus is to complete the job at the desired time and provide back to the company.

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Freedom: Freelancers have to complete the project with the aid of the company resources. They can take help from external resources and it helps the company to save time, money and resources.

Instant Project Delivery: Employs in the firm try to skip their work and often delay till the deadline. But in the case of freelancing, they are well motivated to complete the work fast and deliver it to the company for more assignments.

No training overheads: The new hiring in the company needs training on different projects and it is a very costly procedure for the company. But in freelancing companies don’t train them, just guide with the parameters of the project and other required details.

Increasing Innovation: Being busy with the regular routine tasks, the employs in the company lack of new ideas and innovations. On other hand hiring freelancer testers help them with new ideas as they are more prone to the latest technologies.

Experience: Freelancing provides good experience related to work as they work with different companies and variable projects.

Availability: Freelancer testers are widely available in the market. Companies don’t depend on few of them and search well with respect to their prior experience and capability to perform well. It reduces new and costly recruitment of the professionals and saves their budget.

Hire specific experts: For specific jobs, companies get variable options in hiring useful and potential candidates as freelancer testers. Companies assign project as per their capability and paid accordingly to them.

10 companies that pay well for video game testing job

Game Tester:  If gaming is your passion and now you can earn money easily by just signing in to game testers. It’s a part time job and here you have to sign up on the official website. 

Through game tester, you can earn from $50 to $150 on an hourly basis and the payment modes are online.

Parker Staffing: Everyone likes Nintendo and its gaming products and games. Now here you have the opportunity to earn while you play. If you are perfect in French and English parker staffing On-sites is hiring game testers and will pay nearly $11.55 on hourly basis.

Play Test Cloud: With minimum of 15 to 60 minutes of game play and answering 5-10 questions for survey you can earn easy money.

Play Test Cloud provides you the opportunity to earn money by testing their games from home itself. Now earn easy money and help to improve the first time gaming experience of the gamers. They pay you $ 7-9 per game.

VMC: It is the global beta test network and provides better platform for home working test gamers. VMC is constantly growing with great opportunities for the gamers.

The payments are processed on hourly basis depending on the gaming experience and projects. They pay through PayPal within a period of 45 days after the project completion.

Game Tester Guide: Video gaming Industry is worth $10 billion and the requirement for game testers is very high.

Game tester guide provides a great opportunity to the home based gamers to earn while they play. They have to report the flaws in the game and report it back through surveys and get paid about $10 -$80 on hourly basis.

Gaming Jobs Online: The gaming jobs online is a unique opportunity for the gamers. Here you can sign in and get paid to review surveys, testing games and even previewing new games.

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They pay you nearly $30 per hour and it’s quite interesting as well. So why waste the gaming talent, just log on to this site and earn money from home.

Exodus 3000: It is an exciting opportunity for the gamers to play exciting games and earn mars dollar. From Exodus3000 earning Mars dollars will lead you to earn score cards and allow you to get payout from the site. Currently the payout is suspended but will soon be updated as claimed.

Test Birds: On signing up to testbirds you get the opportunity to earn while testing. The more bugs you find in the gaming software, the better they pay you for your work. Here you can earn 20 Euros or 15 pounds as per the work.

Pitiya: One can make easy money by signing in at Pitiya. Here they pay on hourly basis from $150 per hour. They pay you for taking online surveys and even playing and testing the upcoming games.

Hope you like this post and surely share any game lover friends. You can start with any single site who provide interesting games to test and then proceed for other.