How to earn money on Fiverr – Step by step guide [screenshot]

Are you looking for something to earn by work from home? If Yes!! then I would recommend you to start with Fiverr

If you are not aware of Fiverr then I would consider you as a newbie in Freelancing world because this platform gets you world largest pool of online jobs and comprises from very small task like Logo design to big task like Corporate website .

Fiverr also provide you platform where you can sell your any type of talent like suppose you are Good in singing then you can create Gig like “I can sing Happy B’day song for you” & if you are good in dance then you can create “I will dance for you on any song you want”  means you can do anything to everything. 

And I am sure when you explore this site then you will find few strange task where you can’t control your laugh and trust me people are making so much money on Fiverr every second, Even by guest posting I started earning good amount.

you can also check fiverr category page and choose work  that you like.

If you are  student then also you can start by provide any work like teaching to lower class, help them in any of your expertise.

If you are not getting any idea then you can choose from our list of best fiverr ideas and start working on any one of them.

Topic cover

    • What is Fiverr
    • How much can one earn as a freelancer on Fiverr?
    • How much you need to pay for each Gig you buy?
    • Pros and cons of Fiverr
    • How to work on Fiverr or How fiverr work

So let’s start with What Fiverr is? 

Founded in Israel and become world’s largest market place where every service starts with just $5 and every service offered in Fiverr is called Gig. 

Fiverr listed more than 3 million services on their platform & their price varies from $5 to $500, So any one who knows just one service, can sign up and start selling their expertise.

This platform is mainly used by the freelancer, who offer their service to customer worldwide & Customer, who need services in Quality with very less price.

Fiverr is available in many languages like English, Spanish, French, Dutch, & Portuguese so if you know any one language then can access in your language and start working.

some unique Gig are very unique like below. I hope by checking those You will be very excited to know how can you  join this.

fiverr unique gig

There are thousands of deals sealed on fiverr every day and if you are a stabilised freelancer and have best fiverr gig then you can earn a four-figure income(in $$$) each month very easily.

However if you are a new seller looking to make your mark, then it can be very hard for you to easily get place in fiverr as There are many experienced freelancers in all popular fields and most buyers only go for buying from trusted freelancers.

That’s why today we also have brought you a list of ten unique and best fiverr gig ideas which you can sell on Fiverr and start earning instantly.

Best fiverr gigs Idea

1. Writing Gig 

If you are good writer then writing Gig is best for you and  you can set from $5 for a article to $500 for a book.

You can even do simply proofreading CV’s or translating work from one language to other language. 

Below are few writing Gigs related to writing work..

  • Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Translation
  • Article writing
  • Write Reviews
  • Write Comment
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2. Designing Gig

if you are creative and have good idea about designing then you can easily complete this gig and make Good money.

Best fiverr gigs related to Designing on fiverr like

  • Logo Designing
  • Business card 
  • cartoon of any person
  • Book Covers & Packaging
  • T-shirt designing 
  • Facebook page designing

Note:  Logo and Facebook page designing  is one of easiest thing to do so you can create Gig for them..but make sure quality matter as many people looking for this type of work.

3. Programming and technological Gigs

If you are from technical background and working in any software company or student of IT field then you can do micro jobs on Fiverr.

This is best fiverr gig for programmer and you can choose work like setup wordpress site or test any site. If you are taking work like set up or create any corporate site then you can set high price for that particular gig.

Fiverr Gigs idea of Programming

  • Developing WordPress site
  • User Testing
  • Converting file
  • IT Support work
  • Develop mobile or desktop application 

4. Video and music Gig

If  you love music or have good knowledge about software which help in audio and video mixing or editing then you can create  this type of Gig also.

This is best Gig for singer or voice over or lyrics writer  and you can create Gig for the same.

Fiverr Gig Ideas for video and music

  • Mixing video
  • Voice over job
  • creating new video
  • jingles

5. How to guide

Once you become an expert on something, like let’s say On Page SEO, you can create a video tutorial explaining all the do’s and don’ts of that topic.
You can put your personal experience and make a good V-Guide (Video Guide) on that topic and then sell it on Fiverr. All it will take is one day of preparation, 2 hours of making the video and a few more hours of editing it.

Means you’ll have your guide ready within 2 days and if the topic stays relevant for even 6 months, then you can easily earn $400-500 from that single video.

6. Research work

If you are good in googling then it is easy for you to make money using this fiverr gig idea. you can create  Gig to search any thing from keyword to any subject topic to any other information.

It is easy to be a topic researcher or keyword researcher, you just need to learn few tricks which help you to get efficient search data.

New bloggers are always looking for a way to get things done as cheap as possible. So lots of them don’t buy necessary software such as Semrush or others required for keyword research.
You can actually buy these software and then offer to do keyword research based on that particular software.

You can offer to do keyword research on 5 main keywords and provide 10 long tail keywords for each just at $5. This will surely attract bloggers who don’t have enough money to buy these apps but want to use them.

And Lots of bloggers have very little time to do research about their new project, or they are just too lazy to do it by themselves. So you can offer to do research on any specific subject and gather all the data related to it.

Best Fiverr Gig for research work:

  • Market research 
  • Domain research
  • Keyword research
  • Top research

Seller – How much one can earn as freelancer on fiverr?

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If you know even a single work perfectly out of 3 million work then you can earn good amount with to earn money on fiverr.

Many people are leaving their job & choosing Fiverr or other platform to become a micro entrepreneur and you know why they are doing so?

Because they are getting more freedom of working and money than fixed time job. 

More than 14% Fiverr seller making $1000+ each month and even one freelancer bought a house by just working on Fiverr similarly another earning $9000 every monthso by this you can imagine how much one can earn using Fiverr. 

Although there are many freelancing websites available but they take more time to convert work into money while Fiverr takes very small time frame to start getting money without investment.

Many people generally trap in online scam  and never get pay for their work but Fiverr take money from the buyer in advance, so freelancer would have confident about getting money and no loss of their hard work. 

Each $5 dollar Gig you sell and successfully deliver will credit your account with $4 [$1 Fiverr commission for each work] means 20% whatever you earn from here.

You can also customize & sell your service with any amount like suppose Gig for developing WordPress website then you can customize your price with 20 Gig means $100.

You can see below format which shows type of service with the amount and you can put any amount, Everything depend on your services.


If you give few hours daily for work on Fiverr then you can earn $20-$100 per day and if you have an expert team who can handle bulk work then you can even work like a company.

Pros and cons of fiverr how does fiverr work

Working with fiverr have many benefits and drawback too But if you want to earn money then focus mainly on benefit.


  • Do what you love to do.
  • Clear and easy navigation.
  • Easy website concept to understand.
  • 3 million service available means many options.
  • Many non-computer work also available 
  • Once you established your value for particular work then you would more likely to get work.


  • High competition for popular services.
  • User can ask for refund money if they do not like your work.
  • Very high revenue sharing with fiverr i.e. 20% of each earning than other sites.
  • 14 days hold time of funds.
  • Without approval work allotted to seller means automatically accept.
  • Payment of method is PayPal or special payoneer master card both charge some amount on transaction.

Hope you understand everything about Fiverr now time to sign up fiverr and start making money online. 

Guys let’s follow me and understand how to join fiverr

Registration on fiverr How fiverr works

Initial step always start with registration so in order to do registration please click on start selling button at top right side of screen as showing in below image.

You can also Sign up with ease by connecting Social media account or providing Email. On next please provide username and password.

You will get email for activation. So click on link in email and active your account.

Trick for fiverr: One of the best trick to make more money on fiverr is, by register as USA person even you belongs from any country, so people would trust more on your service and willing to pay more.

if you choose country like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan or any less developed country then people do not trust they can get work in same price from American or UK people.. So why they choose you.

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But you need to search how you can do this task by USA proxy!! 

Create first Gig how to create a gig on fiverr

Once you click on activate button, you will redirect to fiverr activation page where you can create your Gig (every service called gig in fiverr) so click on Create a gig then fill all required information and click on save and continue .

Provide Gig title, category, description & tags. please make sure to provide appropriate category and choose correct tag so your Gig would easily searchable. 

Recommend: Keep the title short and simple like “I will Create a website logo In 24 hours for $5.”

Here are some other titles ..people used like 

  • I will design an OUTSTANDING Logo
  • I will design a retro logo
  • I will design 4 awesome logo in 24 hours

In next page fill all information related to scope, pricing and many more information related to your service. You can also include if you are provide any extra gig with base gig or how many revision you can provide.

Recommend: Use best description so more and more user attract toward your gig. you can take help from top gig. Please don’t copy exact otherwise you will get banned.In next screen you just need to mention all information which you need from user while buying your service like for logo service we can ask submit all description, about reference website, size, number of logo, color combination, type of logo and many more.

Creating Your Gig Image

Profile image and gig image have major impact on buyer so please research image of successful seller then upload beautiful profile photo and cover photo for your fiverr account (it should be related to your service so people attract more). 

Profile photo minimum size should be 550 width 370 height and for cover photo 1100 height and approx 260 width.

Click on save and continue.

At last click on publish to show your gig to people who search for logo or service you are providing.

Update your profile

You should update your profile in order to get more order as every user before order any service generally go through profile. So better to keep attractive profile.

Add your Skill, Education,certificates, story line(important) & social media account to complete fiverr profile.

Recommendation: Please choose your original photo to get more order and it better if your photo match with service like if you are providing service of teaching then you can upload profile image like a teacher doing some tutoring work. Profile description should be matched with your service so people believe on your work more.

How to check your gig?

If you want to check your existing gig then just click your username at top right side then select selling.

Now you can see extended list where you need to select My Gigs.


If you really willing to earn few bucks daily by working in extra time at your home then fiverr is best platform. Here you would get work which you love to do.

Initially it might take few days to get first work but once you done work with quality then you would get new work make sure quality must maintain.

Hope you like this very basic idea of fiverr and How does Fiverr work. If you are newbie then I recommend to start working with this platform.

Please write us in comment if you want to know any information about fiverr and not getting clear idea from Google search.