Niche selection – select perfect micro niche for your blogging

This is part first of how to start blog and make in this post we will know how to select niche ..I mean perfect & profitable niche.

If your niche is not right then you can not earn money from blog. Why I am saying this, you will get the idea right here.

So before start selecting niche, lets first know what it is? ( While writing this post, I will keep in mind that newbie also reading this so write everything in very simple words)

What is niche?

In simple words, its topic of blog. Topic of blog that you love to write.

But most of people love more than one topic and start writing on many more. They start with health then move to politics and then other so that result most of time failure in blogging.

So Niche blogging come into picture which says choose one topic and keep focusing on the same. Don’t change your track once you choose.

Let’s take example of this blog, Our main focus is how to make money online and blogging..We share things related to this specific niche. So people who like to know about this niche they keep visiting our blog. 

Now you understand what niche is but the main question still in your mind is How to find Niche for blogging?

How to choose niche?

Main purpose of your blog is to share your thoughts and idea to the world, Right?

So why can’t you choose the topic which you like most and can share more and more information related to same? Yes,  you can choose topic you like 🙂

But the thing is what if your topic other people not like??  And even other people like but topic not give you any earning? 

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For example, this are the few topic which give thousands of traffic everyday but not give much profit.

  • Free SMS
  • Puzzle or Shayri
  • Wallpaper
  • WhatsApp tips
  • Free movies download 

This all above topic will surely give you good traffic but not get you very much money.

So the conclusion come out is, we need to choose niche which you are passionate about, Monthly search and have profit as well. If it is profitable that means people are already liking your niche. 

Note – You should also keep in mind about future trends. Like if you are writing everything about iPhone 8 and then few days later new version will come out. Your all effort will wash better take topic which are trending as well as long lasting.

Now you get more clear idea about niche selection and you selected topic which you are passionate of, have good traffic as well as profitable.

You at this point of time..By keeping all point in your mind, let’s note down all the niche topic in a list next few minute we will help you to select best suitable one. So let’s say 20 niche you have noted down but now how will you find which one is profitable for me?

How to pick a profitable niche?

Profitable niche means a segment where people have strong need and you have very high chance to make money.

Let say I will take one niche  example “Fitness”. I am sure most of people choose this niche in their list,Right?

So when I talk about profitability of this niche then as per Globalwellnessinstitute, Health and fitness industry  was a $4.5 trillion market in 2018 and increasing approx 6.5% annually, that nearly twice as fast as global economic growth.

As fitness in your list and you do gym day and night or keep your self fit by some way so you already interested in this topic and now you see fitness niche have high Demand and profit as well. You can also use Googletrends to check trend related to your niche.

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So can we select fitness as blogging niche? Wait !!!

One more criteria comes in picture when we decide this all point and that is “Competition”

Competition play a great role when you are newbie. You should choose niche which are less competition and high traffic. So how will you know if you have high competition on your niche?

So if you just start blogging on fitness niche then its very tough to get rank any post. As its very high competitive niche.

Quick tips – As a beginner never start your blogging journey with general niche or broad niche. 

Then what topic should i choose where we don’t get high competition?

And the answer is “Micro niche”.

So before I go ahead and explain about how to choose niche niche, Let we understand what micro niche is in laymen language.

What Micro niche mean?

Micro niche is very small part or segment of a bigger market and that have very high demand.

When you go to market in your city, You can see big shops is there that selling all the items.

If suppose you also open one small shop and sell similar item then can you compete with them?

Obviously not..

But what if you just open shop that sell on dry fruits or specific item?

More chance to get sell. Right? 

And the reason is simple, You are only selling one type of item, People know your shop is specific for dry fruits and you will not have much competition in specific segment.

micro niche engagement

image source-

Also after google algorithm update, Niche website get higher rank as compare to non-target sites. So if you create on particular topic then your chance of ranking more instead of other general website. 

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So for choosing micro niche, you need –

Now the question comes is How do I choose Micro niche? So firstly we note down what all things come under fitness.

  • Cardiovascular
  • General Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Pilates
  • Skin & Beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Training
  • Yoga
  • sports Apparel and Accessories
  • Celebrity Secrets
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Obesity 
  • Vegan diet
  • Disease

Once you create list then choose one topic that you are interested on and go dip on same example i will choose Meditation.

Now if you search for meditation then also you will get millions of result on Google and competition also high.

So here I will share 2 best tools that help you in getting micro niche ideas

  • Google auto suggest
  • Quora

Google auto suggest for niche selection

One of the easiest way to find micro niche ideas by searching on google. You just need to search term and note down all ideas google auto suggestion provide.

You just need to add your main topic and add few words so that will give some ideas like .micro niche by google autosuggestion

Similarly by keeping all above thing in mind like your passion, profitability and trends,You can search any niche. 

2. Quora

Quora is another famous site where millions of people visit every day. You can easily find about your niche and know more better what people search about your niche.

Lets check about Sleep Habit niche and find more related niche.

So from above all possible niche, you can take niche which have maximum followers.

I have search some ideas so you can use those and start your micro sites.

  • VPN
  • Webinar tool
  • Home automation
  • Drones
  • Video editing software
  • teaching software

So hope you have selected your blog niche now..the next step of this blogging journey is select Domain name and hosting.