Top 10 websites which pay online for Help in Homework and Assignments


Homework and assignments are an imperative part of studies. They not only offer in-depth knowledge of the subject but also accentuate the logical power of the student to solve and write the best answers.

Sadly, many students look for help to get their school or college homework done due to their busy life or lack of knowledge and failing to find a useful resort, always remain the last in completing work.

The search for the people who can help such students thus become a crucial factor. As at the present scenario, not only students but the parents also suffer from lack of time and concentration. This gives rise to many opportunities where one can help such students in Homework and Assignments & get their work done on time in lieu of some monetary benefit.

So if you have good knowledge of any subject or possess Good writing skills, you can help such students and earn utilizing your skills.

Now you might be thinking how one can get such opportunity of making money by just helping a student with their homework.

It’s simple, through some lucrative online platforms. To help you in this, here we are providing a list of few websites that offer a connecting platform to experts and:

Help student & make money

1. Schoolsolver

Thousands of school & students trust Schoolsolver for homework help &the theme ‘The marketplace for school homework’ signifies it well. They not only provide online homework help but you can ask any question related to any of the subjects.

The website also offers Money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the answers. There is also a forum, wherein users can answer the asked questions. Schoolsolver is a renowned homework & assignment helping platform referred by tech giants like TechCrunch, TNW, Forbes, Mashable, ProductHunt, etc.

Visit schoolsolver

2. is the highest rated online homework help organization around the globe. It has a total number of 14,498,971 sessions till the moment and still counting.

The motto ‘Better Grades Guaranteed’ justifies with the functioning of The workforce of this online platform includes academic teachers, doctors, professors, pilots, etc. They specialize in providing end-to-end and personalized sessions according to the subjects and queries.

You will get a student from grades 4 to 12 and college enrolled in this platform. They can demand help in subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Foreign Languages, Business Studies, along with the special feature of ‘Advanced Placement’ on various other.

Geography – the USA only

You can also check our post on online tutoring jobs.

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3. Chegg

Chegg not only provides online help for homework but concentrate on the study of textbooks as well. The theme of the portal is ‘Never Pay full price for Textbooks’. It saves money and of course time of the students.

It has many sections which significantly segregate it with other players like Exam ready Homework help, Find right college for further studies, internship availability for future jobs (a huge network of 78600 companies of different levels).

A great feature ‘Make a difference’ which gives a different dimension to the career of students is the Unique Selling Point of the website. They also provide study break options, to eradicate the strain.

You can also provide a similar type of help from Fiverr and get $5 for each work you complete. If you are not aware of Fiverr then you must read How to make money on Fiverr .

Geography- Worldwide

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4. Gethomeworkonline

Gethomeworkonline is a decent player in the arena of online homework help and assignment writing help. They actually cover all the subjects in depth & have a perfect mix of academics and professionals in their team. A student from worldwide trusts them for their homework help. 

The quality of the contents of Gethomeworkonline is really distinctive & they even guarantee a head start to your academic career. Unlimited free revisions, money back guarantee, in-time delivery, and confidentiality agreement are some unique features of Gethomeworkonline.

Visit Gethomeworkonline

5. 24houranswers

“Reliable Solutions, Homework Help and online tutoring 24 /7”, what else do one need. It is a platform that is readily available for your help 24*7 which are the most convenient. Students can anytime log into the website and submit their questions to get the best and reliable answers.

The additional advantage of the website is that it also offers help in IT Hardware Support, IT Technical Support, IT Software Installation/ or Configuration.

Visit 24houranswers

6. Helpwithassignment

It is a very fast growing portal in terms of online homework help and assignment writing services. Tutoring sessions follow a pre-decided structure based on instructional design & best practices. The portal deals in not only homework help & assignment help but also in projects and thesis writing.

They also have a database of Solution Library, which works conceptually and has n number of subjects under its belt to offer. The best part of Helpwithassignment is that they take just 20 minutes to offer you impeccable homework solution.

Visit helpwithassignment

7. Growingstars

GrowingStars is a pioneer online homework help service provider. Their emphasis is to make Better Study skills for improvement in grades. Parents receive periodic progress reports and they use same textbooks as in the school, these are the two very distinctive features of Growingstars.

Each student gets an Education Manager for supervising the tutor and also a personalized learning plan to be followed by the tutor.

ABC News, CNN, The New York Times,, The Washington Post & Los Angeles Times are some big names who tender GrowingStars.

Students can access lesson plans, instructional materials, tests and tutor comments at their Student Portal. They also develop customized lesson plan to help each student to grasp new concepts.

Visit growingstars

8. Academicadvantage

This is a relatively newly launched website that came into existence in 2000. The website operates on the theme “We believe that every child can achieve”.

The website is not only a great platform for students to seek academic and assignment help, but it also helps tutors to earn a respectable income. 

The website offers a user-friendly platform to start. It helps the students with English, Mathematics, Algebra, Chemistry and other subjects. Students in grade K-12 are their primary clients. Almost all the questions are answered instantly.

Visit academic advantage

9. Homeworkhelp

They are one of the most experienced players in the domain of online homework help & provide their services from standard 4th to 12th by using their Award winning Multimedia Tutorials & other customized Software.

These tutorials & software are sold to schools, students, organizations & libraries in a huge quantity. The modular approach allows students to understand lessons in the way they feel most comfortable.

Visit Homeworkhelp

10. Scholarsjunction

Scholar’s Junction believes in taking a systematic approach in their homework help services which helps them building the best academic foundation for each student.

They had answered more than 700,000 answers, which itself tells the story of their efficacy. They deal in assignment writing services also.

Scholarsjunction claims that their material is completely exclusive and most comprehensive in the market.

 Now working now


The website was founded in 2003 with a motto, “Post Questions, Get Answer” and indeed is a great avenue for students to seek help. The website operates worldwide and offers a joint platform to students to ask questions and get best answers in response.

The website is based on user-based operations. Each student, wishing to use the site, needs to register on the website. With due registration, the student would be assigned a username and password that will allow access to the website.

Now working now

12. Studenthelpmate

This is a relatively newly launched website that came into existence in 2010. The website operates on the theme “Online Tutoring Made Easy”. The website is not only a great platform for students to seek academic and assignment help, but it also helps tutors to earn a respectable income. 

The website offers a user-friendly platform to start. The student can start with typing their questions, selecting the tutors and settle on a price. Almost all the questions are answered instantly.

13. Assignmentmakers

It is one of its own kind portals in the stream of online assignment writing service. Assignmentmakers has a pool of experts for the writing of qualitative, tailor-made assignments. Time bound deliveries put them forward of all of their competitors.

They themselves generate a report for the plagiarism. The website exhibits a widespread service line where reports, articles, essays, discussion papers, thesis, dissertations, disquisitions, coursework etc. all types of assignments are catered with perfection.

Assignment and essay writing help in Business Studies, Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Medical studies etc. is a unique feature of Assignmentmakers .

Visit Assignmentmakers

Hope you like this post and start doing homework help online and making money. So please start with one of above given website and get success then move on other sites.


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