How one can easily earn money by writing reviews on

India is a country of reviewers. We love giving our opinions and reviews on almost anything and everything that we come across. Like the other day one of my friends said about my new phone- “Bro this mobile is not that good. It has lower resolution and slower processor than my phone”. Forget others, we ourselves feel so superior when giving our opinions and reviews on what others have purchased.

Here’s the secret; less than 10% of the people even pay attention on your so called expert reviews!! So why not utilize these skills into doing something that really benefits you and others.

MouthShut is a platform that pays you to write reviews about almost any and every product be it movie, books, electronics, shopping brands and many more.

Let us begin with the steps to install this awesome app:

  1. Get a referral link/code from a friend and install the MouthShut app
  2. Complete your profile and also upload the required KYC documents. Without verifying the KYC you cannot transfer the earned money to your bank account.

There is absolutely no complicacy in the review system at all. So let me give you an overview of how the whole MouthShut reviewing system works:

  1. The review should be of minimum 400 characters, there is no maximum limit
  2. You get 20 MS points for a positive review and 40 MS points for a negative review
  3. 1 MS point = Rs.1, so every positive review gives you Rs. 20 and every negative review Rs. 40
  4. You can withdraw your earnings only once you have 500 MS points in your account
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So now that you have an idea of what the entire MouthShut system is all about, here is a calculation to show you how you can earn handsomely in a month just by spending just about half an hour per day.


  • Write 3 positive reviews, Earn 60 MS points= Rs. 60
  • Write 2 negative reviews, Earn 80 MS points= Rs. 80

In case you have a huge friend circle, send your referral link to at least 2 friends in a day, earn 50 MS points each. So a total of 100 MS points = Rs. 100

So you can earn Rs. 240 per day, which in turn amounts to Rs. 7200 per month.

The easiest way to make earnings is through referrals wherein you do not have to write any reviews, simply send the Invitation link to as many friends as you can and the moment they get their 1st review approved, you get Rs. 50 immediately. Here is how you can do it…

Steps to earn signup bonus and referral earnings:

  1. Firstly, when you have written your first review and shared it on Twitter or Facebook, you will get the 50 MS points (= Rs. 50) of signup bonus
  2. Now go to the “Invite friends” option in the app. There you will find the option for sharing your referral code on almost all social media platform.
  3. Finally if someone installs the app with your referral code and writes the first review, you will get 50 MS instantly.

Finally here are a few tips and tricks to writing quality reviews on MouthShut and getting them approved instantly.

  1. Write a review of at least 500 characters so that it contain the minimum description of the product
  2. Write the reviews only for the products that you have used. Please avoid fake reviews because there are several costumers who might trust the fake review and spend money on products which are actually poor
  3. Upload original images, bills etc. if possible so as to prove it’s a genuine the review
  4. Follow the tips given by MouthShut on the right corner of the screen. For instance if you are writing a review for a movie, the review should contain points about the cast, plot, performances and cinematography of the movie. Please avoid spoilers although!!
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So go ahead, don’t let your expert reviewing skills go to waste. Join MouthShut and start earning big time!!