How To Get More Views On YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms of the world. If playing with video is your passion and you are looking to make some cool passive income, then probably there is no better place than Youtube to start with.

However, while you can easily turn the views on your Youtube videos to money, getting youtube views is not as easy as it used to be 10 years ago.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

Then you could have just put together any video, upload it and get a lot of free youtube views. Nowadays you need to do a lot more than that. So today we have brought a list of points you should keep in mind if you are looking to get more youtube views:

How to Increase views on YouTube?

Getting views on youtube is a science and it requires a right mix of ingredients to increase the number of views on your youtube videos. There are a couple of basic things you always need to get right and then there are advance tricks to increase youtube videos which you can use according to your intelligence.

We have mentioned both basic and advance tricks in our guide and you can use them according to your needs. Wasting no more time, let’s start our guide on How to Increase views in YouTube:

1. Proper SEO

You may have heard it dozens of times before but doing proper SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a step, without which you can not succeed.

Doesn’t matter how good your video is or how much hard work you have done while making it, a nonSEO optimized video is similar to being invisible online.

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So every time before uploading your video, do proper keyword research. Google Adwords has a free keyword research tool which is the perfect place for you to start with.

What you have to do is put the main keyword/phrase your video is about and the tool will tell you how many people search for that keyword every month and it will also provide a large number of related keywords alongside with their approximate search volumes.


You should note down the keywords which match with the content of your video and arrange them in the order of high to low search volume.

Once you have done your research and have a number of keywords add your main keyword (the one with the most searches) in the name of your video. Then, use other related keywords in the video description while making sure that the description looks genuine and is readable instead of just being a collection of keywords.

2. Share Your Content

In today’s world, marketing is one of the most important aspects of business. Doesn’t matter how great your product is, without the power of marketing behind it, it will hardly sell and YouTube Videos are no different.

Sharing your videos on different social media platforms is one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube. So whenever you publish a new video, you should definitely share it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more to get free YouTube views.

One common assumption about social media people have is that you will need the fortune to spend on ads in order to get a considerable amount of YouTube views, but that’s not the case.

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While having a budget is a good thing, you can also increase views on YouTube through social media without spending any money.

If you don’t have any money to spend, you can try posting your video links on relevant Facebook groups and Google Plus communities and you can expect to get a good amount views from there.

Plus, Google considers links coming from social media sites as an SEO factor so sharing your videos can get your content a small SEO boost resulting in better rankings and increased view count.

3. Make a playlist

If you have a channel where you upload videos similar to each other then arranging them into a playlist can help you in getting more views on YouTube.

For example, if you have a cookery channel and you post videos of different recipes, then arranging them in a playlist can help you in getting more views.

Chances are that the person who comes to your channel for watching any specific recipe will also be interested in watching other recipe videos.


So making a playlist will help you in attracting any such person to watch multiple videos once he lands on your channel resulting in free YouTube views for all your videos involved in the playlist.

4. Use annotation

If you have been using YouTube for long enough you must have heard about annotation. Annotations are the small texts containing links which appear somewhere on the screen during the videos.

While most YouTube channels use this feature to remind people to subscribe to their channel, if used correctly, these annotations can also help in getting more views on YouTube videos.

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You can link your less popular videos to more popular ones and attract views on your less watched videos. Or you can make a playlist of related videos uploaded by you which are less popular and then link that playlist to your viral videos using annotations.

This way, you can use this small but useful feature to increase views on all of your YouTube videos that too without spending a penny.

5. Follow the trends

I have seen many YouTube channels which are running solely on the basis of trending videos and most of them get a considerable amount of views and earn good money out of it.

Doesn’t matter what subject your channel is about, if you are not following the trends then you are missing the opportunity get a large number of free YouTube views.

For example, if you have a channel in the music niche and you post videos teaching how to play different songs on guitar, then you should keep an eye on what songs are in the top charts.


Then, you can upload videos on songs which are trending and share your video on different platforms. Just like Google, YouTube also likes fresh and trending content and if you do it correctly your video will easily rank.

This way you can not only get a large number of free YouTube views in very less time but you can also drive that traffic to your less viewed videos using previously mentioned techniques and enjoy a boost to your overall views.

Wrap up

This is the end of our guide on How to Increase views in YouTube. keep in mind, that Youtube is an always changing platform and unless you do the basic things right and experiment with the advance stuff, you can not succeed with it. Do let us know your experience with the mentioned techniques in the comment section.