Denver Search Engine Optimization – A Smart Choice for Local Business

Every business that desires growth (and this should ideally include all businesses) must have a serious emphasis on two major things. First, maintaining a top natch quality of its products and service. Second, effective business marketing or advertising.

There’s a famous saying that never gets old “Doing business without advertising is like winking in the dark. You know what you’re doing but no one else does.” That’s always true right? While we may not be able to tell everyone in Denver how to improve their respective products and services, we can at least help with the marketing aspect. This article here provides more insight on the importance of advertising to a business.

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it refers to a set of practices aimed at improving a website’s ranking and visibility on search engines. SEO is generally broken into two groups – on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

On-Site SEO

This covers activities that take place on the business’ website examples of which include: site optimization (responsiveness, easy navigation, site map etc.), content creation, keyword optimization, outbound links etc.

All of the above and others not mentioned are done to improve user experience and also gain good ratings with search engine bots.

Off-Site SEO

This covers those activities that occur outside of the website. Some of these include guest posting for inbound links, social shares, listings on directories and more.

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Both the on-site and off-site activities need to go on side by side for best results. When this happens, the search engine bots begin to rate the website as an authority site with quality resource for a given set of keywords. The higher the rating, the higher ranked the website will be on search results for related keywords.

We will explain this better below…

How Can SEO Help a Business in Denver Grow?

So how do all of these help the local business owner in Denver?

Here’s the thing! SEO is a very broad term. But to bring it home to the business owner in Denver, we will be looking at an aspect of SEO known as Local SEO or Local Search. You may also hear it referred to as “Near Me” Search. It’s still the same SEO, but this time the targeted area is much smaller.

Local SEO is just right for that local business in Denver and we will see how every business in Denver can benefit from it. Click this link to know more information at how powerful local search is today.

Let’s assume we own a flower shop based in Denver. Our target audience is strictly comprised of folks in this area and not those outside it. We want either of two things to happen. We either want them to come to our flower shop or to place an order for flower delivery.

If we did a keyword search volume, we will find that the keyword “flower shops in Denver” recorded about 1000 searches in the last month. We will also find that the keyword “flower delivery Denver” recorded 3,600 searches in the same period.

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What this means is that about 1000 persons searched for flower shops in Denver while about 3,600 persons searched for flower delivery Denver.

Here’s why Local SEO is really important. Research has shown that a site ranked 1 in a search result will get about 33% of the clicks. The site ranked 2 will get about 18% while the site ranked 3 will get about 11%. It continues to drop as you go lower.

This means that if our flower shop’s website ranks 1 for the keyword “flower delivery Denver” we will be expecting about 3,600/100 X 33 = 1,188 clicks. These are almost 1,200 ready buyers coming to our website.

For local searches, we have what is called the Google 3-pack. These are three top results that appear in a box at the top of a local search. Sites that appear here record even better results than what we showed above. The importance of local search should be a bit clearer to you now.

The aim of every local business owner should be to appear in Google’s 3-pack for a couple of related keywords.

How to Get Started

Having seen all the benefits that a local business in Denver can enjoy when it embraces SEO, the next important question to ask will be how do I get start?

Truth be said, SEO involves a whole lot of different activities. There is the keyword research that is necessary before you even begin to optimize. There are the difference on-site and off-site optimization steps that will need to be taken. All these can be too much for a newbie or small business owner.

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To make this entire process easier, you will be better off engaging an SEO firm to help you. To choose a suitable firm, check out this website and see if it looks like they know what they are doing. Any firm that claims to understand SEO should ideally have a well optimized site.

When you find and engage the right SEO service, your website will be properly optimized and you can begin to see results within a short time. This will also allow you to focus fully on your business without having to worry about search engine optimization.

Still want to know more on local SEO strategies? Read on this page to get more tips.

Do not wink in the dark. Let everyone see and know what you are doing.