Ultimate guide to Publish Your Book with amazon kindle direct publishing

Books are your best friends, Some realize this while reading books, some realize the same while writing them. There are many novice writers who have hit the gold with their brilliant narration, choice of words and sequencing capabilities. They inspire many amateur writers who dream of writing at least one book.

For such aspiring writers, Amazon is a wonderful platform where people from all over the world can buy digital books, download them on their Amazon kindle device and read it in leisure. Wondering to know how and why? Here you go:
Amazon kindle books
Publishing book using Amazon Kindle

Amazon is the numero uno portal where numerous digital books are released for one to read and enjoy. Their unique Kindle helps the user to enjoy a reading experience which is quite similar to holding a book on your hand.

Any writer who has a great thought and the ability to convert into good content, can hit the bulls eye with Amazon’s self publishing feature where they can quickly publish their writing to the outer world in four simple steps. These steps are outlined here for you to get inspired to publish your book.

Write the stuff

For first time writers, the most difficult aspect is to convert their thoughts into words. You might have to go through a serious thought process transformation before you get the hang of what you are writing. In general, you will have to:

  • Write an initial draft which is not in sequence but has every information that requires re-organization
  • Organize the first version according to sequence into fine chapters
  • Proof read for spelling and typographic errors. Check the punctuation’s and also the tone of the writing so that it remains consistent.
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By the time you reach the third version your draft becomes worthy a release.

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 Arrange for a cover page

book creative cover

“Do not judge a book by its cover”- but unfortunately many check the cover before surfing through the summary. Hence, get a graphic designer and design your cover page’s first look. Consult with a publisher to know their comments and improvise the cover page.

If you are including a picture then get a nice aspect ratio so that it is visibly attractive for online users. There are professional cover designers who can do a wonderful job.

Publish via kindle

Self- publishing via kindle is such an easy process that you can go back to your beauty sleep soon. Once your content and cover page is ready, you should do the following steps namely:

  • Format the content and writing according to Kindle.
  • Log into kdp.amazon.com and create an account for your self. Below are step to complete this process.

1. Register your self by clicking sign up as below screen.

amzon kindle signup process steps

2. Click Agree button with terms and condition.
3. Click on create new title as below .Then you would  be redirect to another page.

amazon book title

4. Provide all relevant book detail like Book name, description, Contributor, Book publishing rights and select target customer.

amazon kindle registration process5. In same screen choose book publish option (whether you want publish now or avail for pre-order) then upload book cover and upload your lovely book 🙂 Once upload process done then click on save and continue. 

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amazon registration steps

6. On next screen select your publishing territory,Set your pricing and royalty(choose from 35% and 70%) . it set price different for different country location(means as per currency price).

amazon kindle registration steps

7. At last click on save and publish button to confirm. Once confirm then time for enjoy… 🙂 your book get published on amazon kindle.

amazon kindle publish

Thus your book is available for viewership and good read along the world within minutes of publishing.

 Launch the book

Once your book is published, get on to the social media and promote it to the maximum level so that readers are interested in your work. You can inform your friends personally or send an email to share your joy with them. With quick publishing and equal global distribution, your books can be reviewed by renowned authors and you shall get the feedback.

Also you can offer an incentive or choose complete payback if the book is returned which makes it even more popular. Work on social proofing and crowd sourcing technique to increase viewer ship of regular shows.

launch book on social media

Also to accomplishing this feat, you can refer to the kindle publishing guide from Amazon website which is very useful for the beginners. So, start with your endeavor right today and publish your book with Kindle Amazon.

Benefit of launching book on Amazon kindle

  • Publishing take no more than 5 min .
  • Book appear in kindle store worldwide within 24-48 hours.
  • Earn up to 70% of royalty on sales.4
  • You can make changes in book any time.

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