Ways to Exhibit Your Paintings Online and Start Making Money Now

Are you a painter? Why are your paintings lying silently in your house? Common, this is time to give them a voice.

Have you heard about selling the paintings online?

No!! Not till now?

Listen !! The days are gone by when the painters had to visit the stores or art gallery to sell their paintings. The digital world has opened its arms for the extraordinary talent.

You may be asking “Is this your personal experience?” My friend, Priya had a great experience of selling her art online. Not only appreciation but she also got a great exposure to the renowned world of art and paintings.

I believe that art is not a piece of art but an expression of emotions. I guess art is not what you have created but what you have shown the world through it.

Just try it once! Give your emotions and ideas an exposure to the world and see what magic the color of your paintings bring.

Make a first step to sell the paintings online, and then see the whole world is yours now.

I guess you are not sure how it should be done. Here I’m going to tell the ways to sell your art at the best price:

How to sell art online – Check out here best sites

1) Artoreal –

How would you like to reach out to art lovers across India, to sell your paintings, photographs or digital art?

Artoreal, is your go-to online portal. A great place for Painters, Photographers or Digital Artists, Artoreal has products across various categories such as: landscapes, wildlife, portraits, monochrome, abstract, etc. The e-commerce platform welcomes all artists; not only well-known professional artists, but self-taught or amateur artists as well. Artists can sell their paintings for a price fixed by them and photographers and digital artists can sell their prints for a royalty.

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Artoreal showcases works and artist’s work through virtual exhibitions of their work on Artoreal for a fraction of the cost of a physical one, and catch more eyeballs than the footfalls they would have got at a conventional, physical event.

Customers love the range of products at Artoreal and appreciate the hassle-free, one-stop selection-to-wall that Artoreal offers. In addition to the array of artwork, the site also offers many choices in Print Media and Frames with Augmented Reality facility to visualize before buying, which ensures an immersive experience.

Visit artoreal site – www.artoreal.com

  1. Register your account
  2. Select your 5 favourite artworks for approval.
  3. Upload your artworks
  4. Set pricing accordingly
  5. Sell your art online easily and earn.

2) Fine Art America:

Interested in selling your art? Then Fine Art America (California) is the right place for you!! Fine Art America is the world’s largest online art marketplace for buying and selling original art, paintings, home décor and more.

All you have to do is to follow these easy steps:

  • Go to this link: fineartamerica
  • Open your account.
  • Upload your images there.
  • Select the products you want to sell.
  • Set your prices
  • Sell your art online.

3) Art2Arts:

Passionate about showing your original artwork to the world? Then a visit is must to Art2Arts UK.

Art2Arts is a unique and special platform of bridging the gap between the public and artists to sell artwork.

They give a chance to the artists to share their passion and love for art with new and original ideas.

Willing to register? Go to the link art2arts

Just a few clicks more!! Register yourself on this site and taste the recognition of your art to the world.

4) Fizdi.com

Do you like to paint in different styles and different subjects? Then Fizdi.com (India) has a lot of online channels to promote your art.

Fizdi is a platform where the customers look for art for decorating their houses so it welcomes decorative paintings as well as deep art.

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Fizdi sells only 100% hand painted art. If your art is original, then it’s a great chance for you.

  • Visit this site www.fizdi.com
  • Register yourself.
  • Upload your paintings by choosing the link “Upload New Painting”.
  • Fizdi.com will arrange a pick up from your home.
  • After 15 days, you receive your payment.

Yah !! It’s that easy!! This best place to sell art online.

5) Ebay:

I am sure everybody has heard about eBay. eBay ( USA) is a place where anybody can sell almost anything. eBay collects the artworks like antiques, paintings, arts, and other collectibles.

eBay is also worth keeping up with if you are active in the marketplace.

Don’t make a delay, this opportunity is for you.

  • Just go to the site: www.ebay.com
  • Craft a title.
  • Add your paintings.
  • Compose a general overview.
  • Choose a selling formal.
  • Determine a shipping price.
  • Accept the payment from Paypal.

6) Redbubble:

If your paintings are with awesome designs and inspirations, the Redbubble ( Australia) art gallery is open for you!!

Redbubble is a free marketplace that helps thousands of artists reach new audiences. gives you the chance to make your designs more amazing.

Let’s see how it works:

  • Go to site: www.redbubble.com
  • Upload your painting.
  • Leave the rest on Redbubble like packing and delivery.

7) Art Web:

If you aspire to get your work into public collections , then you don’t need to wait.

ArtWeb( London) is a  place where you can quickly take the control of selling your artwork, sell your work directly to buyers with no commission or middle man. Just do this once :

  • Register.
  • Upload at least 15 images.
  • Free domain on artweb.com
  • Start selling art online.

8) Mojarto:

Try Mojarto (Indian) !! Mojarto- A pioneering art entity in the country.

It brings artists, galleries and collectors together. They encourage artists to use their platform. The best thing about is that it will give you the chance to promote your art in your own way.

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What is the benefit of Mojarto? See below:

  • Go to the site: mojarto.com
  • Sign up
  • Get Personalized Login ID and Password.
  • Uplaod as many works as you want.
  • Set up the price for your artwork.

9) SaatchiArt:

If your dream is to sell your art to a global community of art lovers. So SaachiArt ( California) is the right place you have come.

This is the world’s leading gallery.

It represents artists’ work in 100 countries. It holds 18 International shows and fairs annually.

Grab this opportunity to get your artwork acquainted worldwide.

Follow these steps only:

  • Create your free account on saatchiart.com
  • Photograph your artwork.
  • Upload your artwork.
  • Complete your profile.
  • Start selling.

10) Gallerist:

Have your tried Gallerist.in (India)?  Then go and try to sell your quality artwork.

The registration for this site is free and here you can choose your own price.

In addition to this, Gallerist supports an artist to sell art online by various methods including social media marketing and google search.

Just as above you have to create you account here and start selling your paintings on www.gallerist.com

11) IndianArtIdeas:

If your art speaks a language that reaches to senses, then you should register yourself on IndianartIdeas( India).

This site is for making indian art popular in all corners of the world.

Theme based, full of imagination and full of the emotions artwork is welcomed here in IndianArtIdeas. Just do this :

Don’t leave it for tomorrow. Just start it now as the world is waiting for your art with open arms. This is only you who can give the voice to your paintings by showing them to the world.

I hope all the information I have provides you will do a lot for making your cherished dreams alive in this modern world. This post covers most of the information related to how to sell art online.

This is all about your passion for painting and many doors are open here online. Go to these sites and get a wonderful experience of selling art online in the world of art.