Top 7 Primewire Alternatives to know in 2019

Do you want to know the best 7 primewire alternative? Read on and you can watch your favorite movies without interruption. Finding an online streaming site that sticks – and does not disappear on you is quite a task. But after Primewire went down completely, scores of people have been looking for reliable alternatives. That is exactly why we have compiled a list of the best alternative sites to Primewire.

Top 7 Primewire Alternatives to know in 2019

1-Watch TV Series

Watch TV Series is a user-friendly site that is filled with helpful features that are useful and save a lot of time as well. This site works best with an adblocker in place. Once you do that, you can sit back and hit play on the movie you want to watch and just focus on enjoying it. You can easily find the categories you love and start watching them! New arrivals are quick to be found here and you can watch them comfortably. So the next time you are planning a series binge session with your partner or best friends, you can rely on this site to give you the best experience. 

2- Los Movies

Once to set up a good quality ad blocker, you can take all the benefits of using Los Movies. The site has an excellent range of movies and shows that you can take your pick from, with a user layout that is simply great. In case you are unable to pick which movie to watch or show to start, you can find one easily by using the trending feature.

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 3- Rainierland

This site is for people who have a love for old movies as well as foreign ones too. The site has a special collection of both these types of movies and you can access them easily free of cost. So whether it is for some college project or your own hobby, you can rely on Rainierland to let you watch your movies in peace with no ads and a variety of choices.

4- AZ Movies

AZ Movies is a class apart from all the other great sites on this list of 7 primewire alternatives for two specific reasons. The first one is that as the name suggests, the site is dedicated wholly to showcasing movies. So that means you cannot watch a series on it – but it also makes finding movies on it easier. The second reason is that the site is practically free of ads. Ads are quite a rare occurrence on there. But if you want to use an adblocker – you can, and then there will be absolutely no ads at all on the site.

 5- Popcornflix

Popcornflix is all about having fun while watching the content you love. For that very reason, the site allows you to create GIFs out of scenes easily, share the movies you love with friends and family, and also talk to others who enjoy the same things as you by commenting. The gif feature has still not yet caught up with other sites and that’s what helps set apart Popcornflix from others. The site is extremely vast and is home to thousands of shows and movies.

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6- 123Movies

123Movies is very efficient and practical. The site acknowledges that ads can get tiresome – but a minimal amount of advertising is required too, otherwise, maintenance becomes an issue. The site has a great number of movies, shows, and series that span across genres, timelines, and countries. When you pair that with the modern and sleek design of the website, it is clear to see that not many sites compare with its quality. Thus, it is a worthy primewire alternative that lets you binge watch anything non-stop.

7- SolarMovie

If you want to use a site that is honest about video quality and rating, this is the site for you. Sometimes, when a very exciting new movie comes out or we are looking for a very old and vintage movie, we are not that focused on quality. We just want to watch the movie and enjoy the plot! In such cases, SolarMovie is very helpful as it lets you watch movies without restraint. Apart from that, you just have to hover above the movie titles to find out how well they have fared under IMDb ratings.