6 work from home online jobs for every housewives

I recently came across a quote while reading some online content and the quote aroused a very grave question in my mind. The quote was “All work and no pay, makes Jill a housewife”. The question immediately stuck my mind; why can’t housewives earn money?

The world nowadays is all bonkers about the taglines “Make money online” and “Work from home”. So why can’t these things make an awesome earning tool for the house makers? Of course they can!

In the succeeding portions I will be discussing a few options that can open the doors for a new way of living for all the non-working women out there.

Online work from home jobs for women 

Become a food blogger

Ladies love cooking and when it comes to housewives, they spent a majority of their time in the kitchen. Getting to know about new and different ingredients, trying out new recipes and such things delight them. Then a food blog is the right choice for you.

Go ahead and start blogging about various ethnic and exotic food items and also write your reviews on the various kitchen appliances.

You can use a few references from the website indianbloggers.org

If you are not aware how to create website and start blogging then just check our detailed post of How to start a blog and make money. You will surely learn easy ways and still if you have any issue in creating blog then just write us in contact us.

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Work from home online

If you have the basic knowledge of using a computer and know about certain Microsoft tools like MS Word and MS Excel, then you can surely opt to work from home and earn money online.

There are numerous online jobs like data entry, paid surveys, Ad posting,virtual assistance, online translator etc. Which are pretty easy to accomplish and do not require you to put in much time.

So you can surely take out ample time from the household chores to take up these online jobs. You can get this all type of jobs on freelancing website also with good payout.

Become a freelance writer/blogger

If you are skilled in any language, especially English, then becoming a freelance writer is the best choice for you. Just create your profile on a freelance website and start applying for suitable jobs posted there.

There are employers who pay as high as $100 per article; just imagine. You can even explore sites which pay huge money for guest blogging.

Just write them and once they accept then you will get money.You can also choose freelancing sites for getting writing content jobs.You can even search content writing page on Facebook and check if someone offer writing jobs.

Start your own cookery video series on YouTube

Every woman wants to learn how to cook new and innovative dishes. If you have the talent of making them yourself, start a cookery video series on YouTube. For reference just browse through YouTube for “Rajshree foods”.

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So next time don’t just cook an innovative dish and keep it to yourself; go ahead and show it to the world. You can also get inspiration from Nisha Madhulika, who earning thousands of dollar by just uploading kitchens video.

Online tutoring

If you love teaching but never got an opportunity to pursue a career in it, then online tuitions are your choice.

With the growing trend of working parents, the reliance on tutors for their children has increased. Also, parents prefer that the children stay home and study. Tutor.com  is a reliable website where one can register as a tutor.  So just go ahead and register at the website and you will be allotted students as per the demand of the parents.

It is a completely hassle-free option as compared to home tuition or classroom programs. You can also choose any platform from our list of  sites to earn money as tutor.

Sell your handmade products and earn money online

These days there are many websites like Etsy and many more that have options for selling exclusive hand made products. The product can be anything from embroidery to a handcrafted basket. You can even try out eBay and Amazon for selling them.

So next time when you are free and think of making exquisite jewellery or a handcrafted product, do log on to the handmade craft websites and try your luck. Who knows you may earn thousands of dollars from it.

Apart from the above mentioned earning techniques there are innumerable others. So go out in the competitive world and showcase your hidden talent; don’t just let it go in vain. Who knows you might soon be earning equal or even more than your better half!!