Most popular top 10 youtubers in India

Indian people love to use internet for almost everything, you have a doubt just ask google and you are sorted !! You want to know any pub near by, just Google it and done..

Similarly student preparing for competition exam or job seeker looking for interview topic then search video on Youtube and get many option to learn.

People also use internet for earning online and Now a days YouTube is most demanding option for earning.

The internet is flooded with options but there are only a handful of ways to make bucks without investing a single penny and once such option is to become YouTubers. top youtubers in india

There are many talented folks who are comedians, musicians, chefs, doctors and have become a millionaire by just choosing YouTuber as a career. They are not only earning from YouTube but also a Famous personality in India.

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Top 10 YouTubers in India who got famous with their talent

Let’s start with one of my favorite and also favorite of Pakistanis 🙂

1.  Bhuvan Bam – Comedian top youtubers in india

This guy is one of the famous & top Indian YouTuber, hugely popular for his 18+ comedy video. His channel BB ki wines have millions of subscribers and the best part is, it is growing each day. 

People from India & Pakistan are the main subscribers of his channel. Bhuvan Bam is a 22-year-old Delhi guy. He started the Youtube journey in 2015. As target audience are majorly 18+ people so his early fans came from Pakistan. You will be shocked to know how much money he makes via YouTube.

 Bhuvan bam - best indian youtuber

  • Subscribers: 9,296,803
  • Views 46,596,685 
  • About BB ki vines:  BB Ki Vines is about BB and some funny instances happening around him & his family.
  • Monthly Income : $16000-$60000 monthly (approx)

Check BB ki vines

2. Nisha Madhulika- Chef

Age is no bar when it comes to making money online, especially Youtube. Nish Madhulika started her career at the age of  56 years. She is popular for sharing  Indian vegetarian dishes with very simple steps. Moreover, she is also an inspiration to those who think age is a bar to start any work.

At age of 54, In the year 2007, she started a recipe blog and then after  2 years. created a Youtube channel Now she is one of the famous Youtube chefs and also won the award for Youtube Top Chef India in the year 2014. The best part is, Google CEO also praised her for her youtube channel. 

You can also check Nisha Madhulika post on indian express, she is author there and write on different recipes.nisha madhulika - top indian youtuber

  • Subscribers: 5,082,748
  • Views 340,415,727
  • About Nishamadhulika channel:  Nishamadhulika makes vegetarian Indian recipes that are easy to cook and good to eat. 
  • Monthly Income : $5000-$30000 monthly (approx)

Check Nisha Madhulika videos

3. Tanmay Bhat – Comedian top indian youtubers

This chubby guy is the co-founder of top YouTube channel All India Bakchod (AIB) and in the list of richest Indian Millionaires. He is one of the famous YouTube stand-up comedians and got popularity by always being part of some or other controversies. AIB also features on Forbes India’s 2015 list of top-earning channel.

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Really they are actually bakchod and they do bakchodi in every video….but Indian people like more bakchodi so they are become famous.

  • Subscribers: 1,876,404
  • Views 193,119,384
  • About AIB channel: Make sketches, podcasts, web shows and other things for the internets validation.
  • Monthly Income :$120,000-220000 (Approx)

Watch AIB

4. Shahil khattar -Humor

He is the person behind  Being Indian videos channel and working with Multi-channel Network called Culture Machine. 

  • Subscribers: 1,119,508
  • Views: 184,968,923
  • About Being Indian channel: Daily dose of humor and much more. It is one stop shop for all things Indian.
  • Monthly Income :$9000-40000 (Approx)
  • joined youtube: 2013

Watch Being Indian channel

5. Sanjay Thumma – Chef

Another famous chef like Nisha Madhulika but he is famous for creating non-vegetarian recipe. He is popularly known as Vah-Chef and also has a website.H e  is a graduate from top Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad.

  • subscribers: 1,119,508
  • views: 398,285,143
  • About Vahchef – VahRehVah channel: This channel provide  Indian cooking skills & knowledge
  • Monthly Income :$6000-35000 (Approx)
  • joined youtube: 2007

Watch vahchef

6. Shruti Arjun Anand – Fashion & Beauty

Started YouTube channel when she was working in Washington DC, US and stared upload video weekly on tips for skin &  beauty products.

If you are searching for any suggestion related to hair and makeup then just open YouTube and search for her videos and tutorials. You will get all solutions in one place. She started with very less YouTube equipment. Now, her techie husband left his job and is with her in building a YouTube channel. 

She is one of finest and best youtuber of India..Girls is big fan of Shruti and watch day and night her video to keep her beautiful.

  • Subscribers: 724,754 (May 2017)
  • Views:136,263,735
  • About Sanam channel: Expert Advice on Fashion, Beauty, Skin Care and many more
  • Monthly Income :$1.7K – $26.9K
  • joined youtube: 2010
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Watch shruti video

7. Sanam Puri – Musictop 10 youtubers in india

Sanam is an Indian Pop Band based in Mumbai & Sanam Puri is Indian playback singer & lead vocal of the band. A college drop out and 24-year-old guy now a famous YouTuber in India. He never received any formal training in music even though won many hearts by his soft voice.

  • Subscribers: 2,084,326
  • Views:391,621,179
  • About Sanam channel: One of the best music band in india
  • Monthly Income :$6.9K – $110.1K
  • joined youtube: Aug 2012

Watch Sanam

8. Kanan Gill – Stand-up comedian

A stand-up comedian who brings a smile to millions of people’s faces with his perfect timing. He is mainly famous for reviewing Bollywood movie in his own comic style. One of the inspirational thing about Kanan that he was  also software engineer and now living life in his own way..

  • Subscribers: 458,538
  • Views:39,896,471
  • About Kanan Gill channel: you will find here best stand up comedy 
  • Monthly Income :-
  • Joined youtube: 2008

Watch Kanan Gill

9.  Ranjit Kumar – Product reviews

Ranjit is actually the solution of all techie questions. From smartphone to headphone & from Amazon to Flipkart, you will get the best solution and advice for purchasing the electronic device. 

If you want a review of any gadget then you do not need to search anywhere on the web, just come here and get honest reviews. Good communication using simple English is one of the key features of his videos.

  • Subscribers: 864,690
  • Views:189,125,923
  • About Geekyranjit channel: Expert Opinion on Tech – Reviews on the tech product
  • Monthly Income :$1.8K – $28.4K
  • Joined youtube: 2011

Watch geekyranjit

10. Vikram Yadav indian youtubers

A doctor by profession and provide various medical and surgery-related information on his channel. He started this channel to help the medical student in performing surgery and other medical related tasks. if you have any disease then you can watch Vikram’s video and learn the right solution.

  • Subscribers: 307,035
  • Views: 406,807,014
  • About Dr. Vikram channel: enhancing the medical education  worldwide
  • Monthly Income :$1.5K – $23.5K
  • Joined youtube: 2009

Watch vikram video

In India, we not only have top 10 youtuber but now we are increasing in number everyday and many of them become brand them self.So let’s check few more famous youtuber..

Other famous Indian YouTuber 

11. Arunabh Kumar – Entertainment   – Watch TVF

12. Zakir Khan – Stand up comedian (my favorite) – Check Zakir video13. Siddharth Slathia – Music  – Watch Slathia video

14. Chef Harpal singh – Chef  – Check Harpal singh15. Scherezade Shroff Fashion & Beauty16. Love Rudrakash – Vlogger17. Shirley Setia Music  18. Kenny Sebastian – Stand Up Comedian, Musician and Filmmaker19. Mumbiker NikhilTraveller & Vlogger20. Sejal Kumar – Fashion and Lifestyle Video21. Danish ZehenLifestyle22. Aakriti & shaurya– Fun, Drama,  Hauls, Fashion updates, Gossips and Beauty tips23. Ajey Nagar  – Troll People 24. Sandeep Maheswari Motivational Speaker

25. Abish Mathew Stand Up Comedian & works with AIB26. Manish KarnatakFun & Comedy video

Hope you like this blog post and get know Most popular top 10 youtubers in India and also start create your own YouTube channel.