100 ideas to make a YouTube video- First part

Are you looking for new  YouTube video ideas to help viewers entertain and return?

Or have you ever thought about starting on YouTube and you’re not sure about the best choice for your preferred  YouTube videos ?

If you want to know how to make a YouTube video, you are in the right place. I have listed the best YouTube video creative list to inspire you and keep your amazing content.

I divided all the ideas into sections so that you can go directly to the type of video you are interested in. However, I recommend that you review the entire list. You may find ideas that are more popular in some locations, but they may inspire you to adjust them to your own videos in a unique way .

  • The   first YouTube video idea
  • Fashion and beauty channel
  • Technology channel
  • Game channel
  • Education YouTube video
  • Funny YouTube video
  • Creative YouTube video
  • Closer to your viewer video
  • Popular YouTube videos in 2019

YouTube video idea – Choose Best video idea for youtube

I. The first YouTube video idea

I know how hard it is to start because you are addicted to the first YouTube video idea. That’s why I created a YouTube video creative category for beginners. Remember, there is no perfect first video. Just pick up an idea that you find very interesting and start recording. The most important thing is to start.

1. Make a welcome video

What will your YouTube channel be? Share with your potential viewers. This will also help you set a specific niche.

2. Introduce yourself

This is your first video. Why not let people know about you. who are you? Why are you on YouTube? This is a simple YouTube video idea where you can start using the channel.

3. Channel introduction

On your channel, you can choose to set up a channel description to show to viewers who are not yet subscribed. There is a best practice. You can start your journey with an interesting introduction.

There are more than 100 ideas on how to make a youtube video. There is always one for you.This is how the channel describes how to show to users who have not subscribed to the channel.

4. Advertising

If you’re considering advertising your YouTube channel , you can take a video ad. You don’t have to pay too much for advertising. The money you can invest in at the beginning of the bid to drive your channel.

5. Vlogging

Even though I don’t recommend focusing on video logs, they are very popular and perfect for new YouTube users who are used to video production. You can start with a vlog and mix it in the future.

6. Talk about what you know video ideas for youtube channel

If you want to know how to make a YouTube video, consider the topics you like and understand.

7. Share your opinion

Of course you have strong opinions on different topics. Share them.

8. How-to video

You often ask friends how do you do something? Explain it in the video.

9. Tips and tricks

Tips for providing information about what you know are one of the best first YouTube video ideas. You already have this information, and the video is easy to make.

10. Some DIYvideo idea for youtube

If you are a jealous person, this is perfect for you. DIY is a fun, simple and creative YouTube video creative. What’s more, the possibilities are limitless.

11. Be a video of a friend

If you are too nervous to take photos in front of the camera of the first YouTube video, then let your friends around you ease this difficulty. This is an interesting video of Jenna Marbles with an example of a friend.

II. Fashion and beauty YouTube video creative

Fashion and beauty are now one of the hottest topics on YouTube (may last a long time). I put them together because they go hand in hand. If you have a beauty channel, here is a list of the best beauty masters’ video ideas.

12. Transportation video

Do you know the videos of people sharing what they bought? These easy YouTube video ideas are very popular in the fashion world. The next time you go home from a shopping spree, take some time to record a video.

Ready to be with me

This is one of the most popular YouTube video creations in the beauty industry. Record yourself and prepare to share with the audience when you are ready to go to work/school.

14. Favorite products

There are a lot of beauty products out there, and their comments are always of interest. People prefer to read real product reviews, not just the description of the product. If you want to make money from affiliate links, reviews are also great YouTube video ideas.

15. Favorite clothing

You must have some clothes, you will not give up the price of your life. Let your followers know which items are the most precious to you.

16. Your basic knowledge

Everyone has some basic clothing items, such as white and black tops, which can be worn with any shirt, a pair of black trousers, and a white shirt for business use. Show yours.

17. Talk about your style

What makes you wear your way? What motivates you? If you have confidence in your style and have a purpose behind it, then your followers will appreciate giving them more insights. Here’s an example of Emily Lee talking about her style journey in time. Her followers were very excited to hear more about her style.

18. Style advice

If you are interested in fashion, you can introduce best practices to people. You can now talk about what is hot, which will bring seasonal interest. Or you can focus on the general style guide for evergreen content.

19. Talk about choosing colors, patterns and shapes

This applies to fashion and beauty. You can tell how to choose the color and shape of your clothes based on your size, or you can view the makeup rules for different types of faces.

20. Fashion history

If you are interested in the development of fashion, you can learn more about it and share it with your audience. This is a creative YouTube video idea about the beauty channel that can be turned into a series of short film education videos.

21. History of makeup

As with fashion, you can educate your followers on the progress of makeup or beauty products. When and how do you start waxing? How does the trend of eyebrow shape change over time? You can talk a lot about interesting topics.

22. DIY clothing

If you like to tailor, paint and adjust your clothes, this is one of the best YouTube video fashion ideas. Technology How your followers save old clothes instead of throwing them all away. See the YouTube video example below to teach you how to redesign your old T-shirt with Mridul Sharma.

23. Styles for different occasions

How to wear a wedding? How about going out at the bar? Give your followers an idea. You can make a series. Reward points if your unique style is perceived in thought.

24. Show your wardrobe

When people pay attention to people related to fashion, they are curious about seeing things hidden in the closet. Your audience will be happy to learn more about you.

25. Show your beauty products

What cosmetics do you use? How is body care? How do you keep their organization? If your audience appreciates your beauty skills, they will want to know how you can keep up with it.

26. Routine

Take care of your face in the morning and evening routines. Get used to keeping you healthy. How do you take care of your hair. Talk about your daily habits.

27. Buy clothes online

As you may know, if you are not careful when buying an item on Aliexpress, you can use a garbage bag gown instead of a wedding dress to wake up. One of the most popular YouTube video ideas is to buy cheap products and try them out on Aliexpress / Amazon. It may become very interesting.

28. Try other tutorials

Take a tutorial from other beauty YouTubers and try it for yourself (mentioned that you are trying her/his tutorial). If you choose a more difficult makeup tutorial, your video will become interesting.

29. Try the popular “hacker”

The internet is full of clickbait articles and videos, making it easy for beauty hackers. Try the craziest hacker you found and take it out with a tape. They are likely to fail, which makes some interesting YouTube video ideas.

30. 5 minutes makeup tutorial

For those girls who are in a hurry and don’t want to spend too much time preparing, these simple YouTube video ideas can be a savior.

31. Tips for dressing up

The scarf is used as a skirt. How to turn your shirt into a piece of clothing. Know some great tips and improvisations? Share them.

32. How to pack when traveling

During the trip, it is difficult for some of us to put all our clothes and products in a suitcase. If you are good at organizing, share your secrets with us.

33. Organizational skills

How to organize products in your wallet. The organization system of your wardrobe. How to fit your clothes in a small space. These are helpful to chaos people.

This is the first part of a big post so check here second part of video idea for YouTube.

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