Top 10 Effective & Easiest Get Rich Quick Schemes

Who does not want to get real rich, real quick, putting in minimum efforts? “The poor want to become rich; the rich want to be richer.” We hear many real life stories of people who have gone from rags to riches and want to follow their footsteps to attain the same milestones. So here are the greatest get rich quick schemes examples that can help you to fulfill all your monetary desires and become rich, real quick.

Get Rich Quick Schemes that work for free

1. Develop your innovative ideas into a working product:

If you have a brilliant idea in mind which can transform into a successful product in the market, put in all your efforts to shape that product.

The most well-known example is the young and dynamic, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of “Facebook”.

Mark was so determined to put his idea of a social networking site into play that he dropped out of Harvard University so that he could completely invest all his time and resources. Today he has a net worth of $50 billion. The whooping amount isn’t it!!

Not only Zuckerberg even steve jobs are also one of the biggest examples of it and if you are Indian then hopefully you will know Lalit Modi well and better understand that how he had dreamed of IPL and generating millions of revenue each year.

2. Become a travel blogger:

If you love exploring new places, then why just spend money on travel; why not earn money from it? All you need is to gather some knowledge about the place and a camera. Take random shots and videos of whatever interesting you see and then compile it into a blog.

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I recently read about a famous couple, Jarryd Salem and Alesha Bradford who left their hometown in Australia to travel from Thailand to South Africa. They did not take a single flight just traveled by roads. Later they converted their experience into a blog and since then they have been earning around $5000 a month, just imagine!!!Travel blogger - Get Rich Quick Schemes

If you want to explore what all ways of earning then read our post of some interesting ways of making money while traveling.

3. Become a YouTube sensation:

If you are an interesting and creative person, pick up your camera, shoot a video and upload it on YouTube. The video can be as simple as that of your pet dog playing around in your home.

Get inspired from Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a youtuber who earns $15 million per year. He left his engineering studies to concentrate on his YouTube channel named “PewDiePie”. He took a huge risk but followed his interest and today the world is talking about him.

Even a lady name Nisha Madhulika earning millions of dollars by just providing veg kitchen recipes and one of the most inspiring thing is, she has started her youtube career at age of 56.Let’s know about her and get inspired.

4. Deal in real estate:

The requirement of land is ever increasing. So if you have got a property at a very prime or strategic location, it can fetch you money in numbers you cannot imagine. 

For instance, accumulate some money and buy a small property at a location which you suppose will be in demand in near future. Constantly monitor the rates and when they reach a peak, sell it off. Keep a portion of the profit and re-invest the remainder in buying another property. You can check Forbes magazine post on how to become Millionaire through real state.

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5. Discover your hidden talent:

Many a times your profession does not earn you that much as much as your talent does. Take the example of Chetan Bhagat, the well-known Indian writer. Who would say that an IIT and IIM pass out could pursue a career in book writing. Today he has a net worth of around $16 million, definitely inspiring, isn’t it?

Few thing come with luck and below are the way which you will get by luck but once your luck positive with you then you will be surely become rich.

1. Win a lottery:

It is human nature to gamble on chances, so why not put these skills in winning a lottery. Most people think that winning a lottery is just a matter of luck but that is not the case. Just analyze things carefully and you can be a repeated lottery winner.

I recently came across an interview of a person named Richard Lustig. The chance of winning a Superbowl lottery in America is 1 in 175 million but this man has won it seven times; yes you read it right, seven times. He has even written a book that is available for purchase at Amazon. Inspiring, isn’t it!!

2. Find a wealthy spouse

Sometimes people get a very rich spouse and become a partner of whole property without doing any hard work. There are so many examples available in each country and even your around you will get such example.

Life gives us ample opportunities to succeed but only the one who is able to estimate oneself the best, is able to succeed.

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So next time if you are ever depressed by repeated failures and think of doing something stupid, just keep in mind that options are infinite, you just need to have the courage to explore them. Finally as they say, sky is the limit!!

Do you  know any other Get Rich Quick Schemes? If yes then share us here.