Forum Links building complete guide

Among all the free link building techniques forums links are on the lesser used side of the list. Although if you do it correctly, forum links can not only be used for SEO purpose but also for driving traffic on your blog.

That’s why today we have brought you this guide on link building through forum links. It should not only help you in understanding the SEO value of forum links but also help you in building them:

What are forum links?

We’ll start this guide with the very basic question people new to SEO always ask which is what are forum links? 

Forum links are basically the backlinks you can get for your site from the forums made by various blog owners or from forum sites.

Like other links, forum links can also play an essential part in achieving you desired search engine ranking but only if you choose the forum to work correctly and then build the links carefully.

How to build forum links         

Coming to the most important question of this guide which is how to build forum links. For this, you first need a forum to work on, but we’ll cover that later in this guide, let’s first see how you can build forum links once you have found a forum. 

Forums basically offer links from two different places, first from the signature meaning that you add your site link to your profile and you get a link every time you answer a question and second is from the actual thread which you add manually every time you write a post or an answer.

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Generally, the links from the actual thread are considered better but both types of links work fine. Since today we are covering the topic of forum link building, you should only care if the forum allows you to build a backlink or not and whether or not it’s do follow. However, if you also intend to drive traffic the number of active users will also be a matter of concern for you.

If you are looking the answer for the question how to add a link to a forum post giving a link, then let me tell you, most forums will either give you an option to add your link from the editing menu which looks like a clip and some others would let you edit the source code of the answer, from where you can add your link.

Although you still need to remember that the quality of the page and the site you are getting the link from matters very much. So while getting a link is what you are working towards, you should be careful how you do it.

For instance, you need to be sure that whenever you answer a question or create a new thread in the forum yourself, then it’s grammatically correct and covers the topic in detail instead of pitching a one liner reply. The DA and PA of the forum’s home page should also be considered by user before building links depending on the toughness of his niche or keyword.

List of best do follow forums for SEO

While we have given a list of best do follow forum below in this article, we still encourage you to find forums related to your specific niche and subject by searching on Google or by interacting with people who work in the niche.

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Searching from Google is very simple.

  • Your Keyword + forum
  • Keyword + “discussion board”
  • “Powered by vBulletin” your keyword

Although while doing so, you should keep in mind that you should only choose genuine forums which have a significant number of users for the best results. Generally, you shouldn’t use any forum which has less than 1000 members or the same amount of posts in it.

You should also check a few posts manually before starting and if you find spam links made by any bot or the same answer being repeated by a person over and over again, then you shouldn’t use that forum or it will do more harm than good.

Finally, here is a list of 10 best do follow forums which you can use to start forum link building for your blog as you have learned through this guide:

List of DoFollow Forums

Affiliate-marketingAffiliate marketing
v7n SEO & blogging
DigitalpointSearch engine,digital marketing and buy/sell
SiteownersforumsSEO-make money online,Buy/sell/trade
Photoshop-designs Photoshop and designing
windowsforumWindows /computer support forum
AffiliatefixAffiliate Marketing Community
mysql forumMy sql query & doubts
WarriorforumDigital marketing
HtmlforumsWeb technology like HTML, CSS
FilezillaFileZilla Support
Ubuntu forumsUbuntu Support
Android supportAndroid developer support

Wrap up

This was our guide on forum link building or the use of forums for SEO. If you still have any questions left, fell free to ask them in the comment section.