Why Google Bots Are Not Crawling Your Site

If you are familiar with Google bot, then you must know what the terms like indexing and crawling means and how does it affect the optimization of a website. Firstly an important point t be noted is that, once a webpage is created, Google does not mandatorily index and save every webpage in the internet.

To make sure that your webpage is saved and indexed inside the Google search index is to make sure that the quality of your webpage is maintained and is true to the purpose of the webpage. The more Google bots come to your page the more indexes and higher the page ranking you will get.

Google Bots Are Not Crawling Your Site

Then let us first understand what a Google bot is, and what does crawling and indexing means and what the difference between the two is.

What are Google Bots?

A Google bot is a search software that Google had created to collect all the information regarding documents on the web and send them to the main server to be added to the Google’s’ searchable index. Google bots are the main entities that are responsible for the crawling process.

What exactly is crawling?

As mentioned, crawling is the process that is done by Google bots by searching from website to website to find out any changes or any new and updated information. These bots then reported the collected information to Google.

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Google bots use links to crawl through each website. One of the main specialities of Google bots is that, they do not require any human workers to help them to crawl through the websites. Google bots carry the crawling process through an algorithm. This algorithm is based on the number of back links and rank of the page.

Also, for an effective crawling, it is necessary that the sitemap of the web page should be submitted. The sitemap gives the Google bot an idea about the contents of the webpage. Make sure that the sitemap is placed at the bottom portion of the website for better results.

What is indexing?

Indexing is the process of gathering all the information by the crawling process and all the collected data is processed and analysed. Once processed, they are added to the main searchable index of Google where the webpage is checked for quality. The Google bots does the quality checking by searching through each word present in the webpage and also analyzing the title tags ad attributes present in the webpage. Sometimes during the indexing process, Google may not accept some of the webpage. These might be because of the following reasons:

  • Duplication of internal data
  • Duplication of external data
  • Irrelevant information
  • Contents might be weak

For effective indexing, it is necessary that the webpage should have content that is original and should not be copied from others resources for currently existing content.

Why Google bots are not entering your webpage?

There are many reasons why Google bots do not come to a website. These might be as follows:

  1. The web page owner may not have submitted a proper sitemap of the website. The XML sitemap is necessary to direct the bots on to the webpage. It functions as a GPS for the bots onto the website. If you are not aware then you can go through How to submit a sitemap to google.
  2. The code for the website might not be of good quality. If there is any bloated code or if the code is not up to the W3C standards, then the Google bots won’t enter into a website. Because the main reason being that such websites will be trashed by the bots thinking that it is spam material.
  3. To have a good bot population in your website, it is necessary that your webpage is shared over a variety of social networks. This is because Google bots tend to rely a lot on the back linking from social network sites such as reddit.
  4. Providing bad links can also affect the indexing process of web pages due to Google bots. Try to provide good quality links if you want to have a higher page ranking and a good index position in the search list.
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Duration for getting indexed by Google:

In reality, Google takes a considerate amount of time to index a webpage using Google bots. The amount of time depend s on the contents of the webpage ad also the information that is included in it. Moreover, it also depends on how much interlinking is done in the webpage. Also, for faster indexing it is required that the webpage should be constantly updated. For a newly formed website, it might take weeks or even months for proper search indexing.

How to be indexed faster by Google Search?

For newer websites, Google search indexing might take a bit of time. To have effective indexing it is necessary that you should keep in mind about the various factors that Google notices during indexing. These include the frequency of update for the website, the number of back links etc.

If the Google search is indexing any other older WebPages, make sure that you do not have any external or internal duplication. Also, try to make sure that the older WebPages can be searched through normal links.

Having a good knowledge about the indexing parameters is a great help for business professionals to expand their business websites and also for e-commerce websites who want to popularise their brands.