Important SEO Strategies to Improve Organic Traffic In 2019

If you own a website, you have definitely heard of search engine optimization. It is commonly abbreviated as SEO. However, what is search engine optimization exactly? Well, you see, Google is a search engine. What it does is that it browses all the websites on the web and keeps a data. When someone makes a Google search, it has to show the most relevant and best quality content first. It basically creates a ranking. But how does it create this ranking?

 Google today has more than 200 factors on the basis of which it makes this judgment. These factors can be broadly classified in two categories. The first category is on page SEO. As the category name itself indicates, on page SEO has to do with the contents on the website. This means that you are dealing with the type of content that you are sharing, keyword density and what not.

Then there is off page SEO. Off page SEO is the offline marketing of your website. This revolves around link building and social media marketing. Search engine optimization is done so that websites can organically rank on search engines like Google. Content always matters when you want to improve your organic search engine growth. is the best platform for SEO professionals to find out any grammatical mistakes from the written content. Quality content means improvement in organic growth.

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Internet Marketing (SEM)

Lately, there is another internet marketing channel that has sprung up. It is known as search engine marketing. A lot of people get confused between search engine marketing.

You see, Google does not make any money by showing people the best content on the web. It makes money by advertising. So what this means is that the more advertisements it can show, the more money Google makes.

There are a lot of ways Google can show advertisements. The first is the advertisements that go up on the blogs. So whenever you open a website and there is an advert to the right or left of the text content, that is an advertisement that Google is making money through. Businesses feel the need to market on the internet and search engines is one of the ways to do that.

However, is that all? Google offers you the option to show advertisements outside a website as well. The advertisements go up on the search engine itself. Have you ever made a Google search and the first few searches that you saw listed has the a small ad title attached to it? This is because that website is paying Google to show you that advertisement for the Google search that you made. By search engine marketing, your website gets to rank first but you have to pay the price for it. For every click that is made on your website, you will have to pay Google and amount.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A lot of people ask if they should do search engine optimization or if they should invest in search engine marketing. The truth is, it all comes down to the kind of business you are in. If you are a blog, it is best to go after search engine optimization. If you are an e-commerce store and you have a lot to spend, search engine marketing is a good option for you. However, this does not mean that search engine marketing takes off the burden of search engine optimization. If you are looking forward to make long term sales through search engines, it is absolutely important for you to do SEO. 

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Guest Blogging – How to do it THE right way

When you do not know the purpose or goal or doing something, you would not do it in the correct manner. For instance, if you are unaware about why car cleaning is needed, you would not follow the correct procedures for it. Guest blogging is not writing a piece of text and submitting it. It is a mode of constructing online business relationships. There are some key guidelines which should be followed to submit the blog in the correct manner.

At times, guest blogs get rejected because the blogger does not follow the instructions. Every website to which the guest blog is sold may have a different set of instructions. Before you start writing the blog content, you should understand each regulation so that the post does not get rejected. A reputed guest blogging service firm is clearly aware of all rules.

The prescribed guidelines for a successful guest blog submission are listed below.

Get a clear feel of the website regulations

Every website has a different set of principles for accepting blog submissions. In general, it is necessary to submit 100% original content because plagiarism is not accepted under any condition. Hence, do not copy information published on any other website and use it for your own purpose. Make sure that the published information has been written from the scratch.

Reputed websites reject plagiarized posts on an immediate scale. Secondly, once you submit a copied post, there would be no second chances. It is always good to check the content originality before you send the blog for publishing.

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Content should be subject related

Understanding the domain of the website to which the blog is being sold holds importance. If you do not have basic knowledge of the domain, put in some research work. Other than that, present the blog content in such a manner that the reader finds it unique. Readers seek unique and exclusive blog content. The moment they find readability, they would visit the link to your website. This would serve the complete purpose of publishing a blog.