How to Write & Get Backlinks from Press Release

The lack of any real guides about link building via press release or Press Release for SEO is what makes it difficult for people to understand. As a result, many prefer better-known ways such as blog commenting or guest posting.

Although still, Press releases are one of the most unique and profitable ways of link building for any site which does not require you to spend any money, only if you know how to pull it off correctly.

That’s why today we have brought you this guide on Press Release Link building which should help you in understanding the concept of Press Releases for SEO and the basics of Link Building by using them:

What is a Press Release?

A press release is basically a news story submitted to a site which allows people to send news to them and they publish it if they find it worthy enough.

While browsing you must have seen many sites who have a dedicated page for sending a story such as ‘Share a news tip’ Or ‘Send Us News’. Such sites are considered Press Release sites although there are some other sites as well which are specially made for this purpose.

How can you build links with Press Releases?

The most important question of this guide and probably the one you came here for is how you can build links with Press Release. The answer is actually pretty simple.

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Whenever you submit a Press Release to a site, they want you to refer one or two trusted sites as a source of the news which they also link while publishing that story.

What you can do is publish the story on your own website first and then cite it as one of the sources of the news. This way, there are more than enough chances that your site would get a link if the story gets approved.

Although the whole process is not as easy as it looks. Whether or not your story gets approved depends on the quality of the press release you write which is not a very easy process.

How to write a good Press Release?

The first and probably the hardest thing you need to write a good press release for SEO is, of course, finding a newsworthy story. But this doesn’t mean that you can pick up any news story and hope to get links.

You need to keep in mind that most of the sites accepting press release publish news on their own and have people looking for news stories every time.

So if you want to build links from a press release, you’ll need to keep yourself up to dated with all the new things happening in your niche in real time.

Once you think you have found a worthy news story, you need to check if has already been covered by the sites you are targeting.

If the news story is already covered by about 50% of the sites then it wouldn’t be a wise choice to go with. It’s likely that by the time you’d be ready for your Press release it would have already been covered by the masses.

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Instead, you need to choose a story which has been covered by lesser sites. Once you have one such story, write an article about it on your blog. Make sure you cover everything you know so far and update it in real time for at least a few hours since submitting your Press Releases.

Once you have the story live on your blog, it’s time to write a good press release for SEO. All press Releases are mostly written in a specific format which is called press Release format and looks something like this:

Headline – the headline for the news should clearly indicate what the news story is about and shouldn’t be intended to gather user attention wrongfully (I.e. no click bait)

First paragraph – The first paragraph of the article should answer all the basic questions about the story like what. when how and where.

Body – the rest of the body of the article should be intended to cover the news completely with past facts regarding the story. You can also add any other related stories which don’t overshadow the original story but strengthen it in maximum 500-600 words.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid using first person reference (I, me, we) unless it’s a quoted text or is absolutely necessary. You should also keep your personal views out of the story and try to be unbiased and politically correct.

Other important information- At the end, you should include links to trusted sources for your story including but not only your own site. Also, don’t forget to add any link to important resources such as a media content related to the story.

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If you still find writing a good press release hard then there are many Press Release templates available online or you and while it’s definitely not necessary, you can still hire a professional to write the news release for you.

Best press release sites for SEO

While we suggest that you should find sites which accept Press Release in your own niche using the Guest Posting footprints (Google “Your Keyword+ Submit a story or similar phrase”) you can still use these free press release sites to submit a press release for SEO:


Wrap up

This was our guide for Press Release for SEO or Link Building purpose. Although you should still remember that at the end of the day, your intelligence in using Press Releases for Link Building is what will help you most than anything else.

If you still have any questions or request. Feel free to ask them in the comment section and we would be more than happy to clear your doubts.