How To Remove Copied Content From Google Search Using DMCA Complaint

DMCA is a law that focuses on controlling digital marketing copyright infringement. Generally, duplicate content can be posted by organizers who do not have much digital marketing experience or content writing experience will collapse the rankings of the site with original content. It will affect the SEO and the site owners can find low traffic on their sites due to copied content. So one can approach through DMCA complaint to get rid of this risk and report to Google upon the site which used their content to get SEO results. Follow the guidelines of Google while trying to report about the infringement.

1. Validate the copied content by experts:

It is better to have confirmation before claiming, one can contact the experts or use SEO tools to calculate and evaluate the percentage of duplicate content. One can even try sites like Siteliner to just paste the URL to check the uniqueness of website, also they can try to differentiate with their site and other sites, a detail report on copy scape matter can be generated. This helps the web owner to issue a report on competitive site to the Google. A valuable evidence is necessary to bring into the notice.


2. Fill the request form of DMCA:

After finding the duplicate content, copyright infringement can be reported through a DMCA request form. The process is quite simple, one can visit the Google legal help browser and can fill up the request form this is to provide a detailed data regarding the Google product on which the webmaster  recognized the duplicate content or copied content. Also, have to explain kind of issue about which they would like to report.

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3. Select the Type of issue:

Once the product either related to blogs or web search either of the product has been selected, select the issue which is describing the violation of copyrights which was found on the Google site. This page will help the Google to investigate the customer complaint and take necessary action upon the opponent. Google will help the web owner to protect his content and will not divert their SEO results to the copyscaping writers.

4. Notify the Opponent:

The form which will be registered in the Google legal help will reach the other website owner about the issue which is filed against them. So one should provide proper information regarding the dispute. Unless and until there is a perfect evidential report Google or legal owners cannot help the webmasters to resolve their problem. Provide with all the necessary links that can be referred, also they can add other sites of the web owner which has the same difficulty with SEO results due to a copywriter.

5. Accept the terms and conditions:

The page will ask to accept the terms and conditions to proceed the investigation against the site which tried to copy the content. There is a high possibility to get punished in case of abusing the other participant. Also, the other participant can file a counter case if there is misinterpretation about their site information. So it important to make sure about the submission of copy infringement report . Also, one need to provide complete information in order to take action quickly.

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6. Report the content:

Copy the URL of the participant whose content has been copied. Provide short note regarding the content authority and rights on the content and which type of information has been copied from their site can be shortly described in DMCA form, which allows the legal owners to understand the issue and resolve it. Add all the URL’s which have been copied to their site along with SEO tool report. It is to give reference of the content to cross check against the original content.


7. How do Google take action against it:

The Google will help the web host to restore their original copyrights, they will either block the site or will remove copyrighted subject. As per the DMCA, no one can copy the information without prior notice approval of the owner. There are certain guidelines that Google has instructed to the webmasters and in the case of violation, one can report it so that they will a legal approach against the sites which infringed the information. Once the report has been filed, they do route cause analysis and help the web owner, as per the business timings the action will be take and the content will no longer be available on the search engine.

To conclude Google has certain filters that will not allow showing the duplicate content in Google for a particular search engine, but there are certain black hat SEO techniques followed and manipulated by certain owners, in that case, one can check the SEO results how they are affected because of the stolen content site and proceed with legal action against them.