9 Best WordPress Security Plugins

A few months ago, WordPress had its tenth anniversary. Yes, it’s been ten years since WordPress opened the doors to their reliable platform. From the past ten years, WordPress has been dominating the whole market and become the number 1 choice for bloggers and various other businesses.

What if I tell you, WordPress currently runs more than 66 millions websites ranging from niche to niches.

It has become such a popular platform that thousands of people are even generating cash from their WordPress sites. How cool is that?

Sites are your bit of land in the Internet, and like any profitable property, you need to guarantee that it’s protected from hackers and robbers. This is the reason there are a considerable measure of plugins that offer guarantee for sites, incorporating those worked with WordPress.

WordPress itself has a strong and secure system, yet this doesn’t make it safe to programmers. Easy passwords are only one of numerous variables that lead to a site getting hacked.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through some of the best WordPress plugins that will act as an antivirus for your site. Let’s have a look at them:

Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. WordFence

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This is one of the best security plugins which not only protects your site from suspicious activities but also makes your site run faster by 50X. It has both free and paid versions.

I tell you what, the free version of this plugin is more than enough to secure your site from threats. It uses a technology “Falcom caching Engine” which makes your site run faster than before.

It starts it’s functionality by making a deep scan on your site to analyse if it is already infected with any malware or virus.

In the premium version, you are given priority support system, direct SMS feature, Brute force attack prevention and many more exciting features.

If you are serious about your business and site, I would tell you to go for the premium version.

2. Sucuri Security

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here

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It is the second best in the list of security WordPress plugins and is also a free plugin.

It performs various security functions like blacklist monitoring, firewall for WordPress site, effective security hardening and malware scanning.

One of the unique qualities of this plugin is it tracks all the changes made on your site and also activities done on your site after you login.

3. Bulletproof Security

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Bulletproof Security provides your site full end security with one click. This plugin secures your site from injection based hackings like SQL injection, XSS, etc. (I know you haven’t heard of these before) Don’t worry, you don’t even have to learn about them. The plugin handles it for you.

Just like the WordFence plugin, this plugin also scans all the plugins and code of the theme installed to check if there is malware injected in the code. Man, this one is such an important feature.

One of the beautiful aspects of this plugin is it frequently updates with new kinds of vulnerabilities hacker can use to takedown your site.

  • It alerts you when a suspicious code is found on your site.
  • It also emails the activities to your personal mail addresses

Wait! There’s more. It even has a maintenance mode option which puts up “503 under maintenance” while you work on the site.

4. Ithemes Security

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here


This is a very robust plugin which can be used by any novice. With only one click installation, you can stop the attacks on your sites.

It has an excellent user interface and can be used by anyone. Apart from all these, it also strengthens your sites’s security by hiding the login and admin pages. This feature is very essential because it removes the pages which hackers try to access.

Below are few more amazing features of this plugin:

  1. Takes regular backup of site’s data which helps you to be on safe side in case you delete any important file of your site.
  1. Blocks certain IP address which tries to bruteforce your WordPress site
  1. Tracks the data after logging in
  1. Provides you with more than 30 ways to secure your WordPress site.
  1. Forces the admins to use secure passwords as per the roles

5. All in One WPSecurity & Firewall

WordPress:- view here


This one is another to the list of Best WordPress Security Plugins. It provides similar features as compared to the above ones.

It is an excellent plugin for beginners too as it has a simple interface for them to operate.

It has a meter on the dashboard indicating about how well your site is secure.You can improve this score by using additional security options.

It has an inbuilt security scanner which scans the files inside your WordPress system and notifies you about the changes done.

6. WP Security Audit Log

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here


As the name of the WordPress plugin itself indicates, it maintains a record of all the things happening on your website.

It tracks the suspicious activities in your site easily before it turns out to be a major problem.Security plugin generates the alert when there is any change in the role of the user or when a new user has been created.

It also creates alerts when the user also makes or modifies the post or changes anything within the site (like installing a new theme or deleting the existing theme and when a number of login attempts are failed).

7. Acunetix WP Security

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here


It is a free and simple to use WordPress security tool which suggests apt measures to secure your site from malware and codes which the hackers try to inject in your site.

It regularly checks your WordPress site for vulnerabilities and gives apt measures to remove that malicious code and secure your site.It suggests changing your admin and other roles passwords, eliminating the META Tag from the core code and many more apt measures.

8. Bruteprotect

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here


As mentioned for the above plugins one of the common ways to hack or enter into your site database is to use bruteforce attack which most of the hackers use.

To protect your site from such Bruteforce attacks this WordPress plugin has been developed.

To explain what is a brute force attack in short: It is a method of sending automated bots onto your site to try random username and passwords till they crack the access to your site. As it is a bot lot of combinations can be made by it in a short amount of time and your site can be quickly taken down.

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They can hack your site even if you setup a secure username and passwords too.To protect your site from such bots and activities, this Bruteforce plugin has been developed.

When those bots try to access your site, it overloads your server by trying to unlock your login credentials.In this process, your site may even go offline.

Bruteprotect blocks all the ips and countries and bots from where these bruteforce attacks are taking place.

For example, from one ip if many attempts are being done to unlock your login credentials then this IP is blocked.

9. Security Ninja

Website: view here  & WordPress:- view here


It is one of the best plugins in this list. It has most of the industrial experience combined into one plugin. It checks for vulnerabilities and sites loopholes.

One of the pro’s of this plugin is that it provides “zero-day exploit attacks” and also provides with the code snippet for a quick fix of issues.

Whatever scripts the hackers try to use this plugin can easily give the counter attack to those scripts with its high-end security.


So that was it. 9 best WordPress Security Plugins that’ll help you secure your WordPress site from hackers.

I would recommend you to go through all of their official sites and choose the one you like. It really helps a lot when you do some extensive research on your own and then begin with the selection.

That being said, all of the above plugins are equally trusted and effective.

In case you’re not acquainted with how a WordPress site may be operated, it’s imperative to find out about it now. The more you know, the more you can use these plugins to work for your site.

With an expanding number of hacking assaults, it is important to have security in your WordPress site. The security plugins mentioned above will help you with that. For people who don’t know to code,, plugins are the most ideal approaches to secure your online business. The vast majority of them are free, safe and effectively usable.

However, continuously stay up with the latest updates. Upgrade your WordPress at the earliest opportunity if there is any new WordPress update. The majority of the times, hacked sites are those which are utilizing a lower version of WordPress.

In case you’re utilizing some different WordPress security plugins, please suggest it to us in the comments. We’ll be happy to learn about it.