Platform to create and sell online video courses

If you have good knowledge or skills of any subject, technology, process, marketing, tools, designing or anything then you can create an online course of how to use and do the things. Create and sell online video courses is one of the great way of earning. Just create a course once and can sell it for years. you will also become the authority and earn as royalty of each video.

Online course is the very systematic approach to reach out to audience as compared to other video uploading websites like YouTube, Vimeo and it also gives you lot of audience in free of cost without marketing.

So before knowing about platforms where we can create online course let’s know what all benefit we can have by creating such courses.

  • Work from home
  • make a Living Online. Fast
  • Sell it for years with no more effort
  • Become a known person in your niche
  • Lot of audience at one place
  • Marketing your course in free of cost
  • Help lot of people world wide

Create and sell online video courses & start making money 

1. Udemy

This platform is joined by millions of students and instructors in the worldwide and become one of the largest online learning marketplaces.

Udemy caring main motto “teach what you know and what you love”. Udemy has a lot of audience so it is easy to sell any course here.

Just for your information top 10 instructor earned more than $17 millions till date.

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Inspiration: As per marketing VP of Udemy  on an average 25% of instructor on Udemy is making more than $10k.

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If you have passion to share your expertise and knowledge with the world then Lynda is one of the best platforms for you. Earning on Lynda is totally depends on the topic, skill level of the course, Quality of the course and the amount of time that the course is current in the library.

Lynda course used by many top companies and colleges.So if you want to become instructor here then you need to make sure about the quality video other wise Lynda would not accept your course.

Lynda has more than 1 million paid member and more than 50 million unique visitors so without much marketing effort it is easy for your course to get viral.

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3. Teachable

You can easily create online video course within 5 minutes using teachable powerful tools and reach out to more than 5 million students.  

You can start now and turn your knowledge into a profitable online course. You have to Focus 100% of their effort on creating and promoting their amazing courses, rest of work handle by teachable platform.

Other Platform for creating and selling online course

Your earning on all above sites depends on

  • Demand of your course
  • Your and platform promotion effort
  • How you are giving instruction means quality
  • What your product rated by audience
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Hope you like this post and surely willing to join any of the above video course platform. I am sure once you upload video series then you realize how much you can earn here.