Qmee: Paid For Searching the Web

There are hundreds of ways to make money online  these days from freelancing to online teaching, writing, blogging and many more but one of the simplest ways which I find is earn by searching the internet.

You must be wondering on how one can pay you for searching any thing on internet and  what thing encourage them to pay you for such task.

Yes!! I was Even surprised when I heard about site Qmee.com. which Pay you for searching any thing on as usual site like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

So in this post I will show how you can make money and what steps you need to take to make money by using qmee. I am sure you are also eager to read about this articles as after all every one want to make money without much effort and it’s free money actually!!

So before start steps let’s know what Qmee actually is?

Qmee is just a browser app which shows some paid search ads on your left side of browser of major search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, & eBay. So firm pay Qmee for advertisement of their product and  they pay us some part of their earning. It is  a personal online shopping & saving companion that puts money back in your wallet!

Note: Qmee is currently only available in the United States and the United Kingdom only so if you are belongs to these countries then the only register. If you belong to another country then also no worry, soon this program available in your country also.

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How much can you earn?

There is no limit actually!! Qmee provide cash reward for participating in survey and also provide coupon  and offers, and displaying price savings when they  find you a better deal.

As per one of the portal, you can make somewhere $0.50 to $1 dollar on per click but you will not get for each search. Its depend whether Qmee have any advertisement related to your search term or not.

You can also earn by referring your friend or relative. So by that way also you can make good money.One of the best thing in making money online by Qmee is, you can request  to be paid instantly via Paypal means there is no minimum amount required . So even If you just earned 5 cent then also you can take out. If you do not have Paypal account and not aware about it then you can read How does Paypal work.

In short !!  Qmee Help you in below things.

  1. Get Coupons & discounts
  2. Earn cash rewards
  3.  Find the best price

Great way!! correct? Now allow me to show you how exactly it work.

Qmee: How it works practically

Initially, you need to register on Qmee.com. You can also use social media like Facebook and Twitter account to sign up. Once you register then you will get a verification link on Email and also get a link to download the Qmee extension.


You can also directly install the chrome extension from here. After installation of the extension, it automatically starts working.

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So now you search something in Google, Yahoo or Bing which you normally do then Qmee runs in the background and search for advertisement, products or any coupon related to your search term. If Qmee finds something related to your searching term then it starts appearing in left side of your search page. Click those links and as per the award decided by Qmee on clicking link will be deposit in your Piggy bank.

For example suppose I am searching the term “Tv player” then Qmee check if something they have related to Tv player and If found then show in left side like below.


In above picture you can see 4 link shown by Qmee so If I click on 1st one(ODEON Cinemas) then 8 pense(UK Currency) would go into my account and this amount for each ad click you will find in the upper-right hand corner of each listing.

Similarly If you open any website like Amazon.com and then search something then it may show coupon related to site or product in more cheaper rate. So this website not only help you to get money but also help you in getting other options. sometime you will also observe that all ads not show ads. sometime qmee does not have ads related to your search term also.

You can cash out your Qmee amount any time using PayPal.


You can use it anywhere and everywhere by using mobile apps for android as well as for iPhone. You can download app from below link.

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Benefit of using Qmee:

  • No special cost you need to pay.
  •  Simplest way to earn money without any investment.
  •  Built in price comparison tool.
  • No minimum withdrawal limit like most of sites.
  • Work with all browser and no extra effort is required
  • Website like Google, Bing, Yahoo,  Amazon, Tesco, Walmart, Ebay, Best Buy compatible with Qmee

So hope you like this article and surely start using Qmee to get some extra money. There are many ways of making money online but by this way you can earn without any extra work. You just need to do what you regularly do.

Thanks for reading.