Gadgets that help Bhuvan Bam in his success journey

If you are an Indian and watching YouTube a lot mainly comedy, then you surely know one of the most famous Youtuber in india “Bhuban Bam” 

Hmm…”नाम तो सुना ही होगा ”

Few people know this man with his Youtube channel name “BB ki vines” and some with his tagline “Bhen cho” 🙂

If you don’t know this guy, then you should watch his YouTube video at least once. I am excited to write about his that he is one of the most popular YouTube celebrities and recently cross  10 million subscriber.

And just for information “This much of subscriber not only make you celebrity but also millionaire”

He use to to play in bars before starting YouTube channel.  debuted on YouTube in June 2015 and since then never looked back. May be other Indian not thank to any Pakistani but he always thank them, as His early fans came from Pakistan and mainly when his video get viral in one of the Pakistan university. Now number is rising in India too.

He creates video with target audience is above 18 years. As he added few common vulgar words in every video.

If you watch his video then you will find he himself acts a couple numbers of charterers and some of them are Bencho, Sumeer, papa, ma and  himself.His video mainly satirical, making fun of people or situations.

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Let’s check Bhuvan Bam wiki

  • Education       Shaheed Bhagat Singh College
  •  Residence      New Delhi
  • Subscribers    9.56 million
  • Total views     1.23 billion

He had also get opportunity to sing few song.

Year Song Release date
2016Teri Meri Kahaani     2 August 2016
2018Sang Hoon Tere    January 12, 2018
2018 Safar June 13, 2018
2018Rahguzar  August 29, 2018

Bhuvan Bam’s Awards – Most Popular YouTube Channel  at the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held in South Korea.Also felicitated by the Hindustan Times(HT) at the first edition of their Game Changer Awards.

“YouTube Is The Future Because It’s Free” – Bhuvan Bam, BB Ki Vines

Similar to Bhuvan, Most of the people who think to start YouTube channel but don’t know which camera use or what tool one should use to start YouTube channel. So here we are sharing What phone or computer or editing software he uses? 

He used this equipment in past

  • Mobile : Nexas 5 (Front camera to record videos.)
  • Computer : Windows based Computer
  • Video Editing Software : Windows Movie Maker

He currently uses this equipments

  • Mobile : Google Pixel
  • Computer : Macbook Pro
  • Video Editing Software : Final Cut Pro & Sony Vegas.
  • But he uses Iphone 6s for his personal work.

Also check out his video

After knowing so many thing about Bhuvan Bam …Do you want to meet Bhuvan Bam?

Not personally but you can surely attend his show.

  • You can meet him in YouTube organizes fanfest and creater meet.
  • TedEx talks  – keep motivating people
  • On different tour of cities.
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Now question time

Is Bhuvan Bam biggest youtuber in India?

Yes & No both. Yes because he is one of the biggest youtuber as individual and no because many other YouTube channel have many more subscriber as compare to him.

Why people like his video

Because they can relate his video with them( mainly Indian)

How he do the marketing for his YouTube channel?

Actually not..He is so popular that he don’t need any marketing. His YouTube channel having huge subscriber that watch his video in millions. His content are good enough so people orally and by their social media do marketing for him.

interview with bhuvan bam 

As per

Bhuvan’s next venture, a web series for Happii-Fi, the YouTube channel of SABGROUP (Sri Adhikari Brothers), is called the Bro Court and is currently on the post-production stage. The series will hit the internet late December or early January.

First Video by Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan’s first video was “The Chakhna Issue”  though ‘The Chakhna Issue’ didn’t gather many views when he uploaded it on his page, it gathered around 10-15 views but this thing couldn’t stop his journey and started moving on at a good pace.

Success Never Come Easy Way

Do you think that it is just a matter of a day? Do you think that it is so easy to make videos and getting likes?

Nah, it isn’t. Bhuvan faced criticism at first from his own friends, at the initial level, his friends initially told him that all he makes is dramatic things and people won’t accept it.

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Criticism failed to stop him and he continued making videos and uploaded them on Facebook. Getting 15 likes was an “Aww” moment for him.

The next one titled “I am Feeling Horny” crossed 15,000 views and went viral in Pakistan. This was the major changing point in his career.


Bhuvan’s Ultimate Goal

Bhuvan’s ultimate goal is to make people laugh which he is doing with his videos. He is more focused towards making people smile because spreading smile is what he loves and want to do till his last breathe.

He currently makes videos on his own. Not a single video has been rented or outsourced. For private events, concerts and shows he is available when the video he shoots is on a pause.

Bhuvan wanted to test the front camera of his newly bought phone. So he made a short video called “The Chakna Issue” where he recorded himself playing 2 roles. After that,in May 2015,he started a Facebook page with the name “BB KI Vines” where he randomly uploaded such short videos where he himself played different roles. One of his videos from his page then went viral,and a lot of people then started re uploading his vines to YouTube in their own name.