140+ ideas to make a YouTube video- Second part

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III. Tech YouTube Video Ideas

Now that all the innovations are happening, it’s no wonder why the tech YouTube channel is so popular. From real technology enthusiasts to amateurs to keep up with the world’s development direction, people want to know the direction of technology development. If you are one of the tech addicts, you can find a video tip for your YouTube channel below.

34. Check the product

Device reviews are a hot topic. Especially if these devices are new to the market. You can check your laptop, PC or phone first.

35. Show your computer

Technology enthusiasts are interested in finding other gear specifications. Show yours. This is the easiest first YouTube video idea in the tech world.

36. Talk about specifications

What is the best specification for the game? How to edit photos? Show your knowledge on this issue and teach others how to choose their computer based on their needs.

37. Performance Overview

Test the performance of your computer in different applications and games. This is how other people compare their computer performance to computers of other specifications.

38. Favorite gadget

Have you bought a piece of equipment that will change your life? Talk about it in the YouTube video.

39. Technical News

In the tech world, there is always innovation. Keep up to date with news and share your thoughts.

40. The latest hardware / processor / graphics

Technicians are always interested in knowing what is the latest version. Especially if they are players and you are talking about graphics cards.

41. Computer components

The mouse you bought is the best thing that happened to you? Or have you bought a disappointing over-praising keyboard? Spread its words.

42. Transport video

You can see this more often in a world of fashion and beauty, but it is not limited to this. Going to buy some popular tech works? Why not show your thoughts to your technology enthusiasts?

43. The latest beta operating system

A beta version will be released before a new operating system version is released. If you have access to the beta, you can make a video before lunch. This type of YouTube video is very popular in the Android distribution.

44. Predicting the future

There are so many rumors about future technology that everyone has his guesses about the next step. Talk about your intuition (make sure they are based on reasoning).

45. Teaching newbies

There are a lot of people who don’t know much about computers, but they want to know more. Look for an engaging way to create a beginner-friendly video about technology concepts. If you come up with a creative YouTube video idea to educate people, technology enthusiasts will come to you.

46. ​​Answering questions

Of course, people have a lot of questions about technology. You can find interesting questions that attract a lot of curiosity. Answer them as much as you can.

47. Computer tips and tricks

They can be as basic as MAC/Windows keyboard shortcuts, or you can drill down and discuss applications that maximize productivity when working on the desktop.

48. Programs and applications

Do I need to say how many people like to learn new apps and make their lives easier? Or about interesting programs?

49. How-tos installation

For non-technical people, installing Windows or more complex programs is difficult. With these YouTube video ideas, you can help a lot of people, and best of all, you don’t need a camera to do this.

50. Computer assassination

People like to watch these YouTube videos. You basically fill your computer with a virus and destroy it. Or your body dies violently. If you have an old computer, you can make a fun and engaging video.

51. Original material

The original material that shares your gameplay is not as appealing as the edited material, but someone is watching it. This is easy to do and you don’t need to do any work. Just play, record and share.

52. Game Review

People are looking for reviews before buying something, and so is the game. Teach the audience about the features, strengths and weaknesses of the game.

53. In-depth review

Contrary to the typical comments for people who have not yet purchased a game, in-depth reviews are designed to provide as detailed a game as possible for those who are playing.

54. Comparison of matches

One way to compare games is to use two different versions of the same game. Another way is to compare two games built on the same idea but built by different creators. Take the ring theme game as an example. Which one is better? why?

55. Walkthrough

Teach people how to play certain games and how to deal with different challenges. You already know how to play various games, so this is one of the easiest YouTube video ideas.

56. The story of the game

Before starting to play games, people are looking for something about the game. You can do the cutscenes and show the story. If you’re looking for the best engagement, stay tuned to the new version and play the video as fast as possible.

57. Advanced Skills Guide

You can make good use of the skills you master. Train regular players with more advanced skills.

58. Speedruns

It refers to the game that completes the game as quickly as possible. This means skipping the level can quickly reach the final level.

59. Game trivia

There are many interesting facts to find about the most popular games. Russia blocks The word is a combination of two words do?

You do encounter interesting events when playing games. Cut out the recordings with lively moments and add some interesting comments. These are all interesting YouTube video ideas that can be mixed.

61. Customized tutorial

For games that support adding custom items, you can teach others how to use it and do it for yourself.

62. Teaching graphics

For gamers, graphics are very important. Teach the audience how to choose the best graphics for their setup.

63. Professor simulator

This is a hot topic in the gaming world because you need a simulator to play games for the console. Teaching your audience to different simulators based on the user’s capabilities.

64. Game settings

Gamers always want to improve their settings. From their PC specifications to the keyboards and chairs they use.

65. Game Reaction Video

You are already familiar with PewDiePie. He is the one who makes the game so popular. Since many people follow the path of PewDiePie, the competition is fierce, but if you find the real voice, you can give it a try.

66. Highlight your skills

Monster killing? Evil disease? Cut out these clips, add some music, even some cool comments, and make a video. You can mix them in a creative way.

67. Game News

Talk about new changes in the game field. When is there a future version? What happened next?

68. Find interesting game ideas

There are a lot of crazy game ideas that have not been put into practice. Tap, find them and share them with the world.

69. Game failure

I am having trouble playing and recording? They can create a fun YouTube video idea that can be put together.

V. Education YouTube video creative

70. Career video

Talk about how you started your career. Give some advice and teach other skills related to your career.

71. Interests

As with your profession, teach other skills that are relevant to your hobbies. Do you like to ride a bicycle? Talk about your experience, your favorite bike parts, how to find an awesome riding path.

72. History of your career/hobby

You can talk about the history of your career/hobbies. Or maybe you are passionate about the history of another topic. Take art history as an example. Have you gone in? If so, why not share what you have learned with others?

73. Science

If you are passionate about science, you can talk about different scientific concepts, such as how electric cars work. Or what is the latest discovery? When you aim at science, many great video ideas will appear.

74. Mathematics

Do you have math skills? If so, there are many people out there who can help with your teaching. With a math tutorial, you can specifically target high school students.

75. English

There are many non-native English speakers who want to improve their skills. If you can provide great tips and educate people on how to use grammar correctly, then this great YouTube video idea is for you.

76. Trivia issues

You can find a lot of facts and discuss them in more depth. They can be fun, scary, or exciting. There are a lot of great YouTube video ideas that you can get from the Trivia question.

77. Book review

If you read a lot, this is your chance to talk to other book lovers about your passion. Sailor J goes one step further and combines book reviews with drunkenness. Needless to say, her video is very interesting.

78. Author

You can talk about famous writers from the very beginning, and after you have successfully cultivated a decent successor, introduce more unknown writers that you love.

79. Social behavior

How does culture affect our career choices? What makes people act in some way in a social environment? Look for interesting questions and answer them.

80. Principles of life

Everyone lives under the guidance of their own principles. Talk about what drives you.

81. Daily life skills

You can teach people how to do something around the house they might need. How to replace the oil in the car, how to clean the heater, how to repair the broken cable.

82. How to use tools

You will be amazed at how many people don’t know how to use basic house tools. The next time he doesn’t know how to hold the exercise correctly, make a demo video and help others.

83. Interesting tips

Can you use your mouth to make raindrops like sound? Teach others how to do it (maybe I can finally learn how to do it). There are many creative YouTube ideas for you to brainstorm.

84. Planning skills

Do you use Photoshop or Fruity Loop? If you have a program that you are proficient in, record your screen and share it. You only need a screen recording application to do the job.

85. Tips and tricks around the house

How can you use lemon juice around the house? Do you have the skills to clean up the wine stains? These are some popular examples, but maybe you have more tips that are overlooked. People are always eager to learn the skills that make their lives easier.

86. DIY furniture

If you like to build something around the house, build it on the camera. You can make a project from scratch or show the finishing techniques of old furniture.

87. What DIY reuses

There are many awesome things you can do from changing items to the item. Furniture on the tray, armchairs for the tires, clocks on the silverware. If you’re creative and love making things, this creative YouTube video idea will make you stand out.

88. DIY gift

Making your own gifts is usually cheaper, and if your budget is high, DIY is a more personal gift. If you have craftsmanship, these DIY YouTube video ideas can be hit hard.

89. Science Project

Do you like to play with different substances and make amazing projects? Why not make some science-based series on your YouTube channel? You can create projects that adults can try and have fun, or you can target kids and create educational videos for them.

90. Breaking the myth

You may know gossip, are you? You may know how interesting and fascinating this show is. If you like adrenaline and you are eager to blow something in front of you, this type of video may be a good fit.

91. Education environment

Even if we like to think about it or not, climate change is a problem we are dealing with. If you are interested in this topic, you can educate people on how to reduce waste in their daily lives.

92. Latest news

Not a common breaking news thing. Instead, you can find news that you can discuss in an interesting way by citing science. The downside is that most of this content will not be evergreen.

93. Movie Review

You can talk about your favorite movie. How are they made, stories, what you learned from them.

94. TV series reviews

If you’re a fan of a TV series, you can start making a commentary about them and your personal opinions.

95. Music Review

As with movies and TV shows, bring your favorite songs or albums and view them in the video.

96. Artist Biography

You can make a biography video of a musician, actor, and painter. Talk about their work and evolution in a timely manner.

97. Organizational ability

Are you trying to keep your life between work, family and personal life? Teaching others how to do this is a good idea for YouTube videos because many people keep up with the time management in today’s busy life.

98. Business growth

Are you running your own business at home? People will appreciate videos that teach them how to start a home business. You can provide a lot of advice based on the mindset you need, physical investment or planning tasks.

99. How to save money

If you are good at saving or investing, I am sure people will be happy to receive good advice from you. Everyone is looking for ways to save money. In today’s society, what you are bombed to buy, saving money is a real struggle.

100. Personal advice

You must have experienced different life experiences, made mistakes, and learned how to deal with them. You can share your experience and help others. How to deal with breakups. How to overcome burnout. If you have experienced something, share your experience.

101. Psychological traits

If you are familiar with certain psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, terrorist attacks or panic attacks that you have experienced personally, you can share valuable information with others. Either talk about how to deal with existing problems or teach others how to take care of those who struggle to solve problems.

102. Animal recommendations

Do you have cats, dogs or tarantulas? Talk about how to take care of them properly. There are many tips and tricks for cats and dogs. If you know more about the “mainstream” animals, this is a great content for YouTube videos.

103. Ask your followers to submit a YouTube video view

If you don’t have an idea, why not ask your audience what they want to see from you? After all, they are the people you make the video.

So how’s video ideas till now?  still many ideas remain, lets check few more in third part of video ideas for YouTube channel

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