Top Sites to Get Expired Domains List

With the increasing importance of virtual world, it’s getting extremely difficult to find a place in the Internet Space.

Buying an appropriate domain name for your website has become quite a task nowadays. More and more companies are competing for the proper exposure and limelight in the cyber world, making the concept of registering yourself more imperative than ever. Domain names basically provide you with a credibility and authorization over an Internet Space that is optimized by your website. Your domain name also proves your validity and distinctiveness. Therefore, it is significant to choose the right domain for your website.

After all, it creates the first impression about your brand in a visitor’s mind. It reflects a lot about your website or blog genre.

Your authenticity is marked once you are registered in the online space!

These domain names can be both generic and personalized ones, depending on your budget and personal preferences. More attractive the domain name, more traffic drawn to your website.

First, let’s understand how it works.

Domain Name Subscription And Expiration

We already know that payment is involved in buying a new domain name and monthly subscriptions are made for the same. Once your subscription gets over, your domain name is terminated.

The domain holders are usually cautious and wise enough to renew their subscriptions. However, there are times when the website holders are not attentive towards making the monthly payment. It commonly happens out of insincerity, lack of finances or no willingness to continue the subscription. In such cases, the domain name expires.

The maximum allowance time provided to renew the deal is for 30 days. If the deal is not renewed within the given time period, a new bid starts for that domain name. This is where the professionals step in. These professionals are usually marketers or business experts who are looking to buy the recently expired domains.

Benefits Of Buying The Expired Domain Names

While most of the people out there prefer to buy a new domain name and get a clean cover for their website work, people who are well worsted with the SEO and marketing strategies know that buying recently expired domains help in boosting the business in no time. With the expired domains list you get a decent search engine ranking and credibility for your website, which is extremely important and takes time to develop. Also, if you’re creating backlinks to direct traffic on your page, it will be easier for you to grow your reach as most of the hard-work is done by the previous owner of that domain name. Buying recently expired domains can bring trust and assurance for your site.

And this is not all.

Domain expired are not as expensive as the new ones. They’re more affordable to buy, profitable to use and require lesser marketing work on them. There are sites which can even help you in evaluating the potential that recently expired domains could bring to your site. There are some parameters for doing that. You can check the original page ranking, spamming percentage and the number of linking roots for expired domains list using some online domain filters.

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A few sites post misleading content about the search engine ranking and backlink acquisition of a domain expired just to sell it to a new person. Therefore, you must keep a check on that!

However, not all recently expired domains are as advantageous as it might sound. Expired domains list on the sites are there as the previous owner did not renew the subscription and after that the domain expired never went for auction or even if it did- nobody bought them.

Henceforth, not all domain expired can be worthwhile but if you’re smart at calculating the potential of a domain name, you can find some real gems in the expired domains list.

Now, let’s go through the list of most popular sites that provide the expired domains list to create a space over the internet. These are the most prominent platforms by far to purchase the used domain names with utmost convenience.

Then there are sites where you can buy the dropped or deleted domain which need a new registration and can be pickup on a normal subscription fee from your preferred domain registrar. We will discuss that later.

Here is the list of top sites to get recently expired domains and tips you should follow while buying a domain expired on these sites:

1.  Expireddomains


This is undoubtedly the best site to buy an expired domain name for your website. It was also claimed as the best site to buy expired domains in 2015.

You can easily choose a suitable domain for your upcoming website using the search filters mentioned on this site. These search filters will provide you information about the Google page rank, Alexa Rank, Backlink, SEO work and Traffic details for a particular domain. These details will help you in selecting the best domain for your new site.

Check expireddomains

2. GoDaddyAuctions


This site makes it easier for you get a domain that you have been looking for. It provides a long list of some valuable domains that are expiring and have been put up in the list for auctions.

This platform lists almost all the relevant information about an expiring domain including the number of bids that have already been placed for it. It further provides you with the market price, traffic information, credibility and a box where you can submit your on bid for that domain.

It’s quite uncomplicated!

You just have to click on a domain expired, a several details about it will appear on the page, place a bid if you find the name suitable and if your bid gets approved, you might get a reputed domain name which was no longer in use.

Check GoDaddyAuctions

3. FreshDrop

freshdrop is definitely worth mentioning in the list of top sites for buying an expired domain name. This site makes the process quite easier.

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There are times when you need to scroll through various features of a domain expired before buying it. The easy search and filter options given at top right corner of this site helps in defining what you need and get a list of recently expired domains according to the details that you have specified above.

Finally, you can choose the domain which suits you the most.

Check freshdrop

4. SnapNames


This site offers you with daily auctions, premium auctions and also the domain brokerage services to help you find the right name.

You are presented with the list of auctioned domains, domain expired and deleted that are already registered.

SnapNames understands the user requirements quite well, unlike other sites. You can even access this site through your mobile phone for buying an expired domain name, making the process simple and reliable for the users.

Check SnapNames

5.  NameJet


Proposing the most desired domains that have expired; this site is yet another important platform to buy a reputed domain name that is no longer used by its previous owner.

It gives a huge list of recently expired domains and helps you in choosing the right one according to your needs. Not to forget, NameJet uses an impeccable technology to bring the best user-friendly medium for users to take part in domain auctions, backorder appeals and management of the account information.

Undeniable, this is one of the most dependable site to invest the money for buying an expired domain name.

Check Namejet

6. DomainPeel


For those who are not much aware about this industry or those who are still new to it, this is the best place to buy an expired domain. It provides a list of spam free domains and you are sure to get some authentic information related to that domain name. The newbies can feel safe while buying a domain here.

Whether you want to buy a domain for investment purpose or for building your new website, this is one place you must surely consider!

Check DomainPeel

7. Dropping


Interesting and useful.

This site primarily focuses on the classification of buyers. Once you reach this site, it will prompt you to specify your need for buying a domain. Yes, you need to list whether you want it with a motive to invest, for SEO/SMM expert or as a website owner.

It will further guide you down the line, offering you expired domains list according to your specified category and purpose. Exciting, isn’t it?

You will certainly love the experience of buying an expired domain from this site.

Check dropping

8 ValueDrops

Yet another useful site to buy putative domains!

This site tries to collect valuable expiring domains on a regular basis. More than 60, 000 domain names are dropped every day and many reputed ones are a part of it. Therefore, this site uses contemplative algorithms to check the vast list of expiring domains and offer only the most valuable ones to the users.

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While it’s extremely difficult to make this procedure a great success, most of the domains mentioned on this site are worth the investment. If you hand register any of them, the cost beared upon you seem to be minimal.

Also, allows you to search the domain expired on the basis of their page rank, search engine quality, authoritative ranks, domain age and other valuable features. All these factors make the process of buying domains from this site nothing less than an incredible experience for the visitor.

Check ValueDrop

9 DomCop


As they claim, they have got a bucket load of metrics to help you find really good domains in few minutes.

You might not have heard quite a lot about this site but it offers more than 40 different metrics to research well on a domain of your choice.

Domain page rank, Moz rank, Domain authority and page authority, SEO trust, Citation flow, SEM rush rank, Traffic details and similar web ranks are some of the important filter criteria given on this site.

This one is a good platform to research well on a domain before buying it. This site might not have gained much limelight due to its less experience in the industry in comparison to other sites, yet it is a power site for buying some good domain names that are no longer in use.

Check DomCop

10 Flippa

Right from the list of expired domains to the dropped ones which will expire soon, you can find everything on this one site. It also provides you with extensive details about the domains wide list of domains mentioned there.

Not to miss, you will also be assisted by some great blogs to understand the working of domains on the internet space and how to choose the appropriate for yourself. Once you click on a domain name mentioned on this site, you will land to page giving all the necessary information related to that domain.

As they say, they are one of the best platforms to provide expired or expiring domain names for sale. They also provide you a list of websites, mobile applications that have been dropped by their previous owners.

Check Flippa

11 DomainMonster

Serving exactly what it stands for, from domain registering to expiring well ranked domain names, this site offers everything under one umbrella. After you have chosen a domain name, you are directed to page which provides all the necessary information related to it and even the price to make an order for it.

The experience of buying a domain from here is quite simplified, unlike other sites.

Even if you are new in the business of buying and using a domain name, this information will definitely help you in choosing a right platform to buy a domain for yourself. You can make an integrated search about the domain parameters listed above before making a purchase.

Check DomainMonster

So go ahead and consider this list while buying an appropriate domain for your website to give it the right exposure that it needs.

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