Top 5 Most Used and Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Backups, in simple words are Plan Bs’ which mostly comes in actions when something goes wrong. We never know what is or what will be around the corner.

From the beginning, every website developer was taught one thing “Create backups”. You never know what is going behind your back. What is happening to your precious hard work which took a lot of time while developing that? Your masterpieces are at risks.

WordPress Backup Plugins

Backing up your data can add up extra lives to your contents. Backups give you a sign of relief and can save you from any unforeseen situation, There are various backup plugins available on the web. Some are free and some can create a hole in your pocket. 

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Why Are backup Plugins must?

Giving your best hours for documents can be a stressful task. It will be more stressful when it will be eaten by some malware and your best work pieces are at risk. You need plan B. Unexpected things can happen anytime. For such wars, you need to build your army, backups can give a sigh of relief that, your content is safe and you will not lose something which took your nerve breaking time.

One more benefit of having plugins for backup is that most plugins are automated and you don’t have to take some extra time from your schedule to do it. Many WordPress plugin hosters do offer backup services but they are limited and only  focus on certain things and on another hand, they can be expensive too. Plugins are beneficial at times when your web servers crash and your server settings are not backed-up.

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Best WordPress Backup Plugins

1. Backupbuddy

Backupbuddy justifies its name. It is the most used and popular backup plugin for WordPress. It allows scheduling your data monthly, weekly and on daily basis. Storage is automated and it goes automatically to your Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Rackspace cloud.


  • The best thing about Backupbuddy is that it is not a subscription-based service. So no burning holes in your pockets.
  • backupbuddy  can be used for a number of sites.
  • it offers 1GB Storage for your backups.

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2. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a free backup plugin which allows scheduled and on-demand backups. It also provides you with a complete backup of your WordPress into storage and even you can download and store it on your desktop too.


With Updraft Plus, you can choose between which files’ backup you need.

It automatically uploads backups to your Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

You can upload your backup even to your email too.

3. BackWPUp

Backing Up With BackWPUp is quite an easy task. It is  one of the easiest plugin which provides free services. It also allows you to store it in cloud. With BackWPUp you can even store your backup to your emails too. It automatically creates scheduled backups according to your site’s updating statistics.


  • Easy restoration of data.
  • BackWPUp pro version allows you to store your backups to your google drive.

4. Backup WordPress

As the name suggests, backup WordPress is a complete solution to all your databases and files which are at risk. It comes with scheduling support. It comes with scheduled storing and even allows you to create different scheduling for databases and files.

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  • Backup WordPress Does not allow you to store your backups to your clouds storage for free.
  • For storage, you need to buy pro extension
  • you can buy the one you need or you can buy the whole kit.

5. Duplicator

With Duplicator, you can duplicate your precious databases and files

Duplicator is the most popular in terms of usage. As the sides of a coin, with pros, come the cons. It is mostly used to migrate your files to WordPress by following less complicated steps


  • Does not allow Automatic scheduled Backups.
  • Not an ideal solution for regularly maintained sites.

With Such plugins, you are safer than ever before. Without any worry, you can walk a long mile. These plugins somehow promise to keep you out from such catastrophic situations and save time, your databases and files too. With Such plugins, your databases and files are no longer under the umbrella of losing your masterpieces.