5 Ways To Build Powerful Backlinks

Internet optimization is based on the fact that- more the number of people liking your page, more valuable and high ranked it must be.

Okay, let’s get to the bottom-line of it. You need powerful backlink search to gain exposure!

The only way out there to bring your site in the topmost list of google ranks is to build quality backlinks (and yes, lots and lots of them). Backlinks greatly contribute to your online popularity.


It’s quite clear that ways, but how do you actually build that high-authority backlink search?

That’s one tricky question that bothers almost everybody who wants to work on building a high search rank. At times, it is like climbing a mountain- you start the groundwork with a lot of enthusiasm but start breathing out in panic once you realize you have to maintain the same enthusiasm for days or even more!

This case is even more terrible for the owners of a brand new site. Just by creating high quality content or blogs, you can’t the desired popularity trust me. But guys don’t lose hope. There are ways.

Yes, there are ways to increase the traffic level on your website faster than ever. We’re going to talk about the guidelines that will help you in building good backlinks that are specifically tailored towards the new sites in the web world. And even if your site has been around for a while now, you must ensure that you cover these strategies now. Getting quality backlinks from different sites is a vote of confidence in the perspective of any search engine.

We’re not talking about those “internal links” that you show in your own website, but the links that other people use to bring attention to your blog or website. This can be done via blogs, online articles, social media sites and many more things. It is exceedingly important to have backlinks for getting huge traffic on your webpage, which will further convert to leads and sales.

However, let’s not get there for now. Let’s concentrate on the process of getting more and more backlink search for your site.

So, let’s get started with this. This is surely going to get your popularity balls rolling.

1. Use Infographics To Get High-Quality Backlinks


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Since they tend to get shared regularly on every social media platform, infographics have become the most important forms of online backlink builder content. These infographics attract a high number of backlinks. They are considered among the most linked content types on the internet space, according to a recent online study.

Incorporating infographics with a strong guest blogging strategy can help you in gaining a lot of backlink search. Certainly, guest blogging on a high-authority site will take up a lot of your time and effort to build some powerful backlinks but combining this method with some great infographics will make your struggle easier.

All you need to do is to search the most popular blogs available online on your website niche. Now go through the blog details and get an interesting infographic made on the same theme. Post that infographic on your page once that’s ready and embed it with ‘embed code generator’. Next, share this infographic with all those popular blogging sites using that embed code and wait to get some powerful backlink search for your site. This infographic is your possession for life, so you can re-use it as an online backlink builder in future.

You must offer the blog with a short description of that infographic to post online. Include that link in the short guest post provided by you.

But here’s the real deal. No high-quality blog will accept your guest post if it contains promotional links directed towards the home page of your site. Of course, you cannot expect them to promote your page on your blog with generic keywords like ‘Delhi web agency’. This is where most of the marketers go wrong. It can never work that way.

In order to gain links from the popular blogs, you need to build link-worthy content on your page. Only then you can use it as a reference in your guest posts. You can publish high-quality and relevant infographics on your page and market them with a lot of data references. A creative infographic can be used as a great online backlink builder.

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According to an online research, data heavy content gets more powerful backlinks in comparison to the generic content posted online.

You can use statistical data from various sites to post on your page.

The most popular sites providing a heavy statistical data are Statista and Pew Research. Put snapshots, pictures and segments of your infographic in your guest post to make it look attractive to the readers. The heavy data posted on your blog page will surely get a lot of backlinks in this manner.

REMEMBER: Storytelling builds trust and credibility of your site. Almost every site has been using images for sharing posts on their page. Therefore, it has become boring for the viewers to repeatedly go through similar images posted online. Visual marketing campaigns are failing a big time nowadays.

Sharing something new immediately catches the attention. Infographics and content heavy posts are a great way of getting the eyeballs concentrated on your page. You can further make the content appealing by implementing some storytelling strategies. Story telling makes the reader feel connected to your post and hence, it gives them a sense of reliability.

More interested the viewer becomes in reading your post, more likely it is that the viewer would want to stay updated about new things on your page. In this way, you not only promote your page and direct a lot of traffic but also build a level of trust among your followers. Developing this leap of faith can help you in gaining a lot of links and becoming popular on web in no time.

2. Give Testimonials And Use Broken Link Strategy To Build High-Authority Backlinks


Do you like getting testimonials?

I’m sure you do!

Similarly, everybody likes to get testimonials about their products and services. If you are using any web hosting services, email marketing application, designing tools or anything else for that matter, write them a free testimonial that they can display on their website.

Most of the times, these websites provide a link of the person or webpage that has written the testimonial to ensure that it is coming from a genuine source. A simple google search to understand how to write an effective testimonial and it will show you a series of online testimonials for different sites.

You can even consider using a service if they show testimonials on their site and give source links to it. You must find some really high rank sites to go by this approach. This is a simple yet effective way of building some powerful backlinks in no time. This approach can be used as a free backlink builder for your site.

Aweber is the most common email marketing tool used by the bloggers and marketing experts. Use Aweber to design a feedback or a testimonial for a particular blog site and mail to them.


Do you know what is the best part of using Aweber?

You might not be aware of this, but Aweber has a PR6 website. That means if Aweber showcases your feedback post or testimonial on their site (as businesses love to portray honest and sincere feedbacks), you get a PR6 backlink.

You can also use the broken link strategy to gain some high-authority backlinks.


Okay, let me explain this.

There are a huge number of websites that were once a high authority resource, but for some reasons they are no longer in use or have shut down their services.

But remember, there are still a thousands of links connected to those sites. And yes, you can take advantage of it. Create a similar source or a blog based on a similar niche, reach out to the sites connected to the outdated resources and share your link over there.

Let take an examples, Topy- a popular social analytics site- has been acquired by Apple now. Their services do not exist anymore. But still, there are thousands of links connected with their site and any company with a similar service can take advantage of those points to build some powerful backlinks.

You can always look for the broken links in your niche on various search engines and make efforts in creating some powerful backlinks by using the outdated resources. Even if you manage to do so with 5-7 high-authority sites which are no longer in service, you can be sure of getting a lot of traffic on your page.

Quite effective approach of creating backlinks it is, most definitely!

3. Use Online Sources To Create Powerful Backlinks

Popular online platforms like Haro, MyBlogU, Quora and many more have a robust database of sources to create high-authority backlinks and gain traffic online.

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It is an easy way to build your network. You just need to spend a few minutes daily to answer the questions on these powerful platforms. Journalists and media experts post a lot of questions on these sites whenever they need to research on a specific topic. Haro and Quoara re specifically designed for such purposes.

You can simple answer those questions and gain free coverage on important sites like Huffingtonpost, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc.

Similarly, MyBlogU is a popular site where content curators and business experts come together to crowdsource the content and build their network online. You can participate in brainstorming sessions and online discussions where the blog owners post a question and ask for valuable inputs on the same. This is another free backlink builder tool.

If they find your input worthwhile, they might post your suggestions on their blog page and give you the credit for it by providing a link to your webpage. This will help you in creating some high-authority backlink search for your site as more and more viewers go through your suggestion posted there.

Many business sites have gained some powerful links using this free backlink builder approach.


Quora is yet another important platform to participate in online surveys and contests. Many people, researchers and marketers post their queries on Quora. If you succeed in giving them a meaningful input about the same, you are sure to generate some good backlinks.

Just don’t forget to embed the links of your site in your posts. These links will further create backlinks as more and more people click on your website link.

You can also choose to submit your content to round-ups and link parties. Look for blogs in your niche that run monthly or weekly round-ups. The round-up sessions are basically the ‘best of the week/month’ kind of posts where the blog owner shares links from different blog posts.

Simply search for such round-ups and submit your content to them. If they like your post, you will definitely get a lot of backlink search.

Another great online source that can be used as an online backlink builder is the website feedback service and web backlinks. If you do it right way, you are sure to get high number of backlinks, whereas if you go wrong, google will easily catch you for violating its algorithms. So be cautious while going for this option.

Some of the popular websites you can use to create quality backlinks are:

WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, Weebly.com, Blogger.com, BraveSites.com, Beep.com, Yolasite.com, WebStarts.com, SnackWebsites.com, Jigsy.com and EduBlog.com.

You can find quick and easy backlinks by submitting your site links in the review columns of these sites. But again, don’t forget to do it in a smart way!

4. Claim Your Links And Use Relevant Content To Gain Backlinks


Find your unlinked mentions and claim them immediately.

This is a great way of gaining backlinks. Sometimes, people mentioned your site name wrongly or do not provide links to the data copied from your site. If you reach out to such posts, the chances of getting backlinks become really high.

There are many influential bloggers who share your post and mention the wrong link with it by mistake. If you see something like this, you shouldn’t miss out on it. In fact, immediately ask them to correct their mistake and provide your link in that particular post. Doing so, will help you in getting the attention of all the viewers who go through that post.

Various tools are available online to help you in finding out such mentions. BuzzSumo, Ahrefs and Mention are some examples of it. You can also set up google alerts for your blog name or brand name.

This way whenever you get a new mention, you can check if it has been linked properly to your site or not. If not, you can reach out to the blogger and ask them to provide the right link in their blog. Just be polite and appreciate their efforts while saying that. Now, let’s talk about the part where you can use relevant content and content your niche for gaining backlinks.

Wondering how to reach out to the bloggers in an effective way? An online research has proved that more you link your page to other people’s content, more backlinks you will get. Therefore, make sure to link with at least 4-5 relevant outside sources in a week. You also need to enthusiastically reach out to the bloggers for doing that.

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Well, there are number of ways to do that.

#You can write tweets mentioning about the popular blogger or blogging site. If they like your tweet, they will immediately retweet it and you will get a lot of backlinks in this way.

#Another way of doing this I by writing an email to all those you have mentioned in your blog post. Tell them that you have mentioned about them or you really like what they are doing. This will make them feel overwhelmed and they might tweet about your little effort which can help you gain huge number of backlinks

#You can even send personal messages to the bloggers and the blog owners regarding this. This approach work better than sending out emails to them as they feel more related through the messages.

Now, let’s discuss the fifth most important way of building some powerful backlinks.

5. Leverage Social Media Platforms


Most common and still the most efficient one!

Even if it seems pretty simple and generic, you must not ignore this one. Social media sites are an imperative medium of generating powerful backlinks.

Yes, everybody does this but it still works. It really does. Use social podium as a free backlink builder. You can start by providing a link in the about section of your social media profile. That section is observed by everybody who visits your page. Nowadays, there many social media sites which are doing well, but let’s prioritize the 6 most popular sites first:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

As we know, these social media have a great value in search engines. While Pinterest and Facebook allowed only one link to be included in the bio section of your profile, LinkedIn allows you to use 3 links in your about section.

Instagram, and Twitter on the other hand allow you to put number of links- taking care of the word-character limit so that those links do not look spammy.

Social media world is quite diverse. Mentioning about your blog or website in the bio section is extremely important, but other than that you can also provide links to your blog site on the social media profile pages. It can be done through the content you post, images you share, status that you update, captions that you provide for a video, comments that you make on others’ page shares and in a lot of more ways.

The more word you spread about your site on your social media profile, the more backlink search you can expect. We all are on social media and we all go through pages and blogs we like to explore. So, even if this is one common medium used as a free backlink builder or doing online marketing, it is still very effective. Social sphere is extremely influential and we must not forget that. Not in anyway.

An important piece of advice: Most of the social media sites have this ‘no follow’ tag. This is done to prevent the spammers out there. If the ‘no follow’ tag wasn’t there, spammers would make unlimited number of social media profiles just to create backlinks and then spread their site link on the Google search to come on the top of the rank page.

But remember that it is a fallacy that social media sites implement this ‘no follow’ tag strategy. In fact, there are many sites that provide awesome opportunities to build powerful backlinks. You just have to figure out such sites. Those sites are approved by google for optimization. Let’s anme a few such sites- Google Profiles, Google Places, Reddit, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Squidoo, Digg, StumbleUpon, Yelp, YouTube, Ezine Articles, listings.local.yahoo.com, Hubpages, Dotpoch and many others.

And this is all about it!

So there you go.

There are ample of other ways to build powerful backlinks, but the points mentioned above should give you a solid start.

DO NOT forget the fact that building quality backlinks take time. Sometimes, a lot of time. Nothing happens overnight. It’s an effort-making process that requires a lot of time, patience and consistency.

But again, that’s the only way out there to achieve the topmost rank on Search Engines. Therefore, all the efforts and time you devote to an online backlink builder is absolutely worth it!

Yes, it can be quite frustrating to build backlinks for your site, but if you use these tips you can be sure to get authority backlinks. If you maintain the pace constantly, your blog or website will certainly get enough fireworks- in form of backlinks- to stay at the top of the search engine rank game.

Are you using any other powerful way of building backlinks?

We would love to hear out from you. Post your suggestions and remarks in the comments section below.