What is Profile links? How to build a quality profile link?

Profile links may not be the most powerful or the most impactful types of links when it comes to improving your search engine ranking, but they are still an essential part of a link profile for almost any blog.

Profile links are used to give a variation to your link profile and help people from various sites to reach your website. They are also considered an important part of the link building strategies for micro niche blogs.

So if you are also looking to learn more about what profile links are and how to build quality profile links, then this guide will answer all your questions regarding it.

What are profile links?

Profile links are basically the links coming from the profiles you make in various sites.  When you create a new profile on any website and then add the link to your site in the section given for adding your website, it’s considered a profile link.

It’s important to note here that profile links are different from directory submission links. Directory submission links come from websites created mainly for containing links of any particular of all types of websites.

On the other hands, Profile links come from sites whose main objective is something else but they also let you link your website to the profile you create.

How to build a quality profile link?

Profile links are one of the easiest types of links to build since they don’t require much effort. You don’t have search the right blog to comment on or find a blog owner who is ready to accept your guest post.

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Instead, all you have to do is go to any of the sites which allow you to link your website to your profile and then create a profile. Although there are still a few things you should keep in mind to create a really good quality profile link.

The first one is to fill up all the necessary fields such as your name, about and description columns. It’s important since if the web page containing your link would have little to no content then it would look suspicious.

You can also use your keywords in the fields such as description or bio which will help the link look more contextual which can be a major factor if you are trying to rank a Micro Niche Blog.

The final thing you should keep in mind is the link frequency. You shouldn’t make tens of profile links in a single day since it will look suspicious. Instead, try to build one link every day or two to make it look more natural.

Top sites to create profile links

Since now you have learned enough about profile links, we know you would want to create some. So here is a small list of top sites to create profile links. Most of them offer a no follow link, but they still matter:

Final words

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