Planning a Blog or Website? HostGator is the Best Hosting Platform

When I wanted to start my own website, I consulted a lot of web developers. I knew I wanted to use WordPress for site development, but I was unsure about which platform to choose between GoDaddy and HostGator.

The above two are the leading two giants when it comes to web hosting. GoDaddy is the top one when it comes to being the registrar of domain names, HostGator is the leader in providing hosting platform to a website. So which one to go for since I am getting the name I want on both the sites.


After much research I have decided on HostGator for my upcoming website, since it convinced me to be the best hosting for WordPress​. How? I explain below:

1. Cheapest Hosting Platform

Believe me even basic clothing comes way more costlier than HostGator. All with basic packages start around $4 monthly for a three year contract.

2. Speed Test

Speed is the most important factor that decides which web host to be chosen. HostGator takes just few seconds , not even more than 2.5 seconds to load a new site, which is the fastest I have known from the various web developers I consulted.

3. Quickest Uptime 

If you are working on monetizing your website, then even a fraction-of-a-second of downtime costs you revenue. The best feature of HostGator is that it comes with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime, which helps you target building your audience more effectively.

4. Easy-to-USe C-Panel

HostGator uses cPanel which is by far the best and most used control panel. So what’s unique is that you don’t need an IT expert to help you use it; it provides all tools you need along-with a user friendly interface.

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And to all newbies like me these one-click script installers are a boon. For instance you can make new email accounts, set up WordPress and transfer files all by yourself, you don’t need a tech expert for help or intervention.

5. Customer Support & Reliability

Customer support is as important in virtual world as in a retail market. Better it is, better the reliability. First of all since Hostgator has crossed 9,000 hosting so far already with minimal grievances, as per my contact list. And if some customer has it for some reason, HostGator provides you superior round-the-clock support.

All your complaints get sorted out within the least possible time whether it is via the ticketing system or the email or calling. I tried to test them through someone else’s domain and I must say they have been as quick as APPLE in their customer service.

6. Unlimited Everything

HostGator’s plans offer everything unlimited, except the Hatchling Plan 1. In short it means:

  1. Unlimited databases: Meaning you can have as many WordPress installs as you need.
  2. Unlimited domains (on Baby and Business plans): Literally unlimited websites on 1 plan
  3. Unlimited bandwidth: You can upscale without worrying about number of visitors (well, even the front page of CNN news will crash if a million visitors come all at once, but then you aren’t creating CNN website, right!

Also there are unlimited subdomains & FTP accounts which means any number of people can be given a secure access.

7. Most Effective SEO Tools

To ensure that a website’s content gets ranked in search engines if the biggest concern always. And several satisfied customers of HostGator inform me that its has the most effective tools that will make SEO simple for you, so much so that for certain basic needs you will not need to hire and SEO expert.

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8. Supports Numerous Programming Languages

With CGI, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP and more aboard, HostGator supports all the trending and major programming languages that one needs to make a stunning website. My close friend who is a web developer since 2008 recently moved his own website as well as a few others to HostGator and he calls it the best hosting for WordPress​.

9. Online Tutorials

HostGator provides you more than 500+ video tutorials and 680+ help articles to steer forward in competition without any help from an external source. What more do you need? No wonder its users call it the best wordpress hosting platform.

10. Discount Coupons

Yes, you heard it right, HostGator understands the pulse of a retail customer moving to be a virtual customer and serves you multiple discount coupons for HostGator hosting. For instance take the help of WPBeginner which has a full entire page dedicated to help you how to get the best deal cracked with HostGator.

11. All-time Server Monitoring

HostGator has 24X7X365 server monitoring to ensure your website is better protected and more secure. You can also check black Friday deal here HTTPS://MEDIUM.COM/@WEBHOSTINGEXPERT/BLACK-FRIDAY-WEB-HOSTING-DEALS-31B5B0F8170D/

12. Free Website Builder

Although I will be using WordPress’ management system to construct my website, but those of you who cannot afford it in the beginning DO NOT WORRY. HostGator has a simple website builder for you.

13. Transfer Service And QuickInstall

Now after so many good points about HostGator, are you feeling the urge to transfer your website from some other hosting platform to HostGator? No you don’t have to do it manually. Yes, you heard it right. Friends who vouch for this platform tell me that it is the best wordpress hosting platform since they transfer your entire website for you. All you need to do is sign up, give your tech details, give HostGator as couple of hours and BAM!! Your site will move to HostGator. Isn’t it cool? And it costs you nothing. Yes, the hosting plan comes with free Wwebsite transfer, MySQL transfer, script transfer as well as domain transfer!

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14. Money Back Guarantee

Yes, though you will not need it, HostGator is as of now providing 45 days money back guarantee on their service.

So what are you waiting for, rush like me, my website will be up there soon! Hoping yours will give company to mine! Cheers!

©Mahima Sharma