High Quality vs Low Quality Links – How to Know the Difference

If you are new to blogging, or even if you have had some experience with it, you must have heard that two things are the key of ranking any blog – Great Content and High Quality Backlinks.

While there are tens of guides available on how to write the perfect article, no one really ever talks about how can you know if a link is real of high quality.


That’s why today we have brought you this guide which will help you in creating high-quality backlinks for your site to help you increase your rankings

High Quality vs. Low Quality Links – major factor

There are a number of factors which determine the quality of a link, you may have read about these factors separately, but this is the first guide explaining all these factors on a single page

1. DA-PA

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are two of the major factors in determining the quality of a link. DA and PA are a number given by Moz, a site which offers a large number of SEO related tools.

These numbers are given on the basis of the quality of incoming links for any domain and few other factors. While these numbers are not always accurate in real time, they are certainly helpful in comparing between two blogs or web pages.

These numbers are given from 1 to 100 and the higher the number is the higher the quality of the link coming from that web page would be.

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2. Contextual

The second major factor in determining the quality of the link is the contextuality of the website compared to your site.

A link coming from a site in the same niche is considered to be of higher quality compared to a link coming from a site which is in a completely different niche.

For example, if you have a website based in the technology niche then a link coming from a different web sites based in the same nice would much more valuable than a link coming from a site in sports or any other niche.

3. Content around your link

If you want to rank a specific page for a specific keyword then the content which surrounds the hyperlink is considered a very important factor.

And even if you are building links for your homepage, having your main keyword in the content around your link, or at least tin that web page is essential.

4. Outbound links

The number of outbound links is a very important factor in determining whether the outgoing link is seen as a high-quality or low-quality link.

If a web page is linking to 20 other websites including yours, compared to a web page which has only 2 or 3 outgoing links then the link coming from the second web page would be considered to be of higher quality.

5. Frequency

The final factor in determining whether a link would be a high-quality link or low-quality link is the outgoing link frequency the site has or the number of links it gives to other sites in a definite amount of time.

If a site gives links to many sites on daily basis then each outgoing link contains lesser value and is considered low quality compared to sites which give fewer links to other sites.

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Final words!!!

While all these factors are essential in determining the quality of the link, they are relative and the overall ranking of you site actually depends on the toughness of the keyword you want to rank for. Do let us know if you liked this article via comments.