10 free services to get alert if your site down

What we all usually believe that our website and hosting are completely secured and well-built and hence it’s never going to run into any trouble. But there are days when the servers do go down. We cannot check our website 24 hours; we all need to sleep as well. 

Hence, Automating uptime monitoring looks after your website after every 1-15 minutes depending on how frequently you want to monitor and will alert you in case of the website up or down.  However, the best thing is that there are ample of free as well as premium tools for monitoring service uptime. Today we will have a look at the 10 free services to monitor if your site down.

Uptime Robot – If you are looking for a completely free website down checker, then Uptime Robot is the best option to start with. This platform checks website status every 5 minutes and alert if there is any downtime. You can also switch to the premium version to avail the advanced features.

Uptrends– This free tool is suitable for those who want uptime information available to users rather than those alerts. Once you embed it, it will monitor your website after every 30 minutes and as soon as you will click the button, the report will be generated.

Site24x7– This free service helps you to monitor one website and checks it after every hour with e-mail alerts. It also renders services like Website uptime check, page load time etc.

Monitor.us– It is all in one solution to answer your question “is my website down”! It not only checks your website after every 5 minutes but also renders you the benefits that one cannot even imagine to avail in the free versions. Furthermore, you can monitor Server health, Network performance and Website uptime etc.

Montastic– Another tool in the list, if you are seeking for a free solution. This tool is basically helpful for the individuals and small businesses that are just looking to get alert when their site goes down or up. It will check in on your site every 30 minutes and will email you.

Are My Sites Up?– This tool is as interesting as its name. It checks your sites 25 times a day and hence, keeps you notify through notifications. You can also go for the premium services to open the access to iPhone app.

BasicState– This tool helps you to check unlimited websites after every 15 minutes and alerts you back via SMS or email. It also consists of daily report generation option with a 2 week backup of the history.

100Pulse– This free website down checker keeps you updated with the status of your websites and also pays extra features even in the free versions. Hence, with this tool, you need not waste time, money and resources.

Rackspace– Another way to get relief from the website up or down worries is using Rackspace tool. It not only keeps you alert for your website status but also keep you on top of things like updating, backing up data etc.

AppBeat– AppBeat can monitor for 5 sites with 5-minute interval and sends you email notifications during downtime.

The aforementioned services offer you an absolutely free way of knowing what’s up, what’s down and why so! These all portals are equal and hence, we can’t say which website monitoring service is better than the others because it’s contingent on what your requirements are. If you are just testing the waters, we suggest you try these and figure the best one for you.