Step by step guide to know how to choose a domain name

This is second post of our series How to start a blog and make money. In first post we have seen how one can find suitable niche to start blogging.

Choosing a right domain for any blog or website is one of the important step for success.

So in this post we will share you few different ideas to get a perfect domain name for your blog.

So I will start with few simple suggestion to come up with a good domain name

First one, Easy to remember

So the question come in our “Why you should think about easy to remember in choosing blog domain name? Why not any word” , as keyword will rank and our blog get success.

But the reason is You will never create a brand if you choose which no one can remember. Your domain name should be stand our in readers mind.

I was also not aware about this thing so choose domain which hard to remember but other then this domain I have choose which any one can remember.

Your domain should be easy to pronounce and spell otherwise if you share someone then you need to either give by message or you need to type on browser.

Suppose your domain name is then it’s easy to type  but instead of this domain name you choose or then it’s hard for people to type while someone pronounce this site. You need to explain each time it’s ‘2’ not ‘to’.

Tips: Choose domain having one word and if not suitable then 2 maximum.Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. So any one can remember. If possible find dictionary words.

That’s why big brands like Amazon, Uber, Google, ebay, Walmart choose singe word domain name. Otherwise if big name give them any value then they would have name like, or

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You can see distribution of .com domain as per length of domain.

distribution of .com domain

Second, Matches with your brand or niche

If you choose domain which are matching with your niche or brand then its people easily remember that. As they can correlate your domain with your work.

So main point is, you should choose domain which when heard then visualize any image on your mind.

If you hear stuffonix then no image will be created in your mind as its not related to any thing.

But if  you hear domain name like or, Getting some image. Right? So it match your actual work with your domain name.

Tips : You can choose any synonyms or related word of your niche in blog.

You can share this post with your friend who want to start blog but not aware how to pick a domain name perfectly.

Here in question answer format, I will give few more clarification on how to choose a domain name.

So adding the point points, you can choose 3 different type of domains.

  •  Branded – You can take any single word domain and make it brand like flipkart, amazon.
  • Niche specific – You can use niche specific word and create domain like Bloggingpassion, androidauthority.
  • Keyword rich – You can add your keyword in domain name as well like,

Is it good to have keyword in domain name?

Yes, I will support this point. Keyword play a great role in ranking for that particular niche and the reasons are simple.

First user can correlated with blog and easily remember.

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Second, Its help in getting better rank on google, As it indicate this site particularly for this purpose.

Let’s see example of booking.comhotel booking domain

If you don’t choose keyword in domain then also it’s not bad, you can create a brand value of domain and it start ranking. You can see and below.

For online marketing keyword, Neilpatel website is ranking and reason is simple, They have authority on this keyword, they are brand for online marketing and their post is ranking with online marketing word.

similarly for SEO keyword, Moz site is ranking.

You can also listen what neil patel says about this topic.


Should I choose .com domain extension or I can choose other ?

You can choose domain extension as per your requirement.

For example, you are running business in India only or any city in India, so there is no use to take .com domain. you can take .in domain as well and it help you more even if you choose country specific domain for your business.

Like you will rank better in your country, easily available and cost of domain will be less as compare to .com

But if you are running any blog that share general ideas like health, blogging, art and craft, education or technology then you should choose .com domain otherwise it will not rank on other country and you will get user from your extension country only.

You can see below graph, maximum percentage of people using .com extension.



How to find good domain name suggestion?

There are many domain name suggestion tool that help you in getting domain name ideas and also give information about their availability.

  • Namemesh
  • Lean domain search
  • Instant Domain Search
  • Panabee
  • Domainsbot

I will show you how to search domain name with lean domain search tool

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Before you start searching on this tools, Let’s choose one keyword which you want in your domain related to your niche.

Suppose my niche is technology so i choose “techy” word should be in my domain. So will search using techy and here is the result.

3973 domain you can find using one word. So you can choose 2-3 words and get many ideas.

Now in order to check availability of domain, you just need to click on domain and you will get below screen..then you can buy this domain.

Just note down this domain name and buy from Godaddy site as it’s most trusted place to buy any domain.

Similarly to above sites, if you want to search domain name with more than one keyword (like techy,techno, tech )at a time then you can use bustaname.

Can I choose domain name with using branded domain name like,

Before choosing any domain name, you should check trademark issue with domain name. If you are not aware about trademark then check wikipage related to trademark.

You should avoid trademark word in your domain name and reason is very simple.

If you buy domain name with word facebook like and one you get success then Facebook can claim that domain as they have trademark of Facebook word and you need to transfer that domain to facebook.

You may also need to pay penalty for the same. You can check upcounsel for more detail idea about domain trademark.

Best place to buy domain name 

You can buy domain from any site as all site use same database. still here i’m sharing list of few best sites.

Apart from all above point, few more thing you should keep in mind before choosing domain name

  • Check spelling before buying domain like and have big difference.
  • Avoid hyphens in domain name
  • Leave room to expand
  • Avoid double letter from domain
  • Buy quickly before someone else buy
  • Avoid number in domain

Hope you like this post and now understand how to choose a domain name. Still if you have any question then you can write us in comment..We will surely give reply ASAP.