Top 10 Best Place to Buy Domain Name Cheaply

A domain name can be your most precious asset and it is important to have the right domain key. Many people also choose their domain names from the same company that host their websites. Make sure that you choose a good domain provider to can help you to get started. This article would talk about the top ten domain names

1. iPage

Website: Host here

When did it start doing business– iPage has been a leader in domain hosting services since 1998.It provides fast, reliable and unlimited hosting services with free domain name at an affordable price.iPage was previously owned by iPower web since 2002.

Have customers all over the world – iPage is an USA based company that has customers all over the world. They also claim to have around half million domains on their system along with 1 million websites in their data centers.

Advantages–  iPage is one of the most cheapest and affordable domain hosting providers that can help create your site at a very affordable budget. It offers an assortment of services including free site lock security, free toll free numbers, Free Yellow Pages, Daily Spam and Malware scanning, Continuous network scanning, and Internet marketing that is free up to 200 $s.

Why is it so good– It has an easy to use web builder along with an anytime money back guarantee and Instant account activation option. It also has server upgrade options for its customers.

Disadvantages– The disadvantage of iPage is that it has a high renewal price than its competitors.

Cost of iPage domain– The domain prices of iPage are not fixed and it can cost you more than a hosting service. The domain prices have no fixed price, and the price is determined by a variety of factors and the domain extension that is used as well as the keywords. You can sign up for their hosting services for a price that is less than $2 a month.

2. Blue Host

Website: Host here


Why should you buy Blue host– Blue Host is one of the best domains that provides excellent customer service.Blue host does not offer you month to month shared hosting options. You would need to sign up for an annual plan and accordingly get discounts for the same.

When did they start a business- Blue host started business in 2009 and in 2010 it was acquired by Endurance International Group.

Customer interface– Blue host is one of the greatest companies with over 20000 customers joining every month.

Cost of the Blue Host domain- Blue host offers lucrative services at $ 3.95 per month. This is a great offer considering that you stay for a long period of time. The Starter shared hosting package starts from $5.99 per month with a one-year contract and includes a free domain name that you can keep as long as you use Bluehost,

The advantages of the domain– Blue host offers customers a wide host of domain options. It is known to have an excellent uptime in testing and also has an easy to use interface. The software used for this site is weebly.

The Disadvantages of this domain– This domain lacks Window based servers.There are no monthly shared hosting plans and you have to opt for a long period at a stretch.users also need to install add-ons to work on this domain. It has an aggressive upselling pattern.

The final verdict- Though this domain has some positives and negatives, it has an excellent uptime and intuitive website building software.It is really functional and user friendly and had stable pages for your business. It lacks a few features compared to competition domains, but overall, it is a good domain.

3. Hostgator web hosting

Website: Host here


What makes Hostgator so common among customers– Hostgator is a reliable web hosting service that is very easy to use and offers an assortment of easy plans for consumers as well as small businesses? It is one of the best for amateur webmasters.

Pros- This domain has excellent shared and web hosting plans that are useful for Weebly site building software. They have extremely good customer service.

Cons-The domain lacks Window based VPS hosting. Word Press cannot be imported in one step. Email also does not comprise of extra security.

Verdict-The domain is packed with a host of exciting features that offers you the tools to create a number of functional websites. The interface also requires plenty of queries for finding out what you need.

4. Go Daddy

Website: Host here


When did Go Daddy start business- Go Daddy is into the web hosting business since 1997.It is a comparatively new company that has been doing pretty well. It is one of the biggest companies to acquire the domain marketplace and domain parking services. It has been since then growing in size and has a million customers and domains in its name.

Why is Go Daddy one of the best domains – Go Daddy is one of the most well known website domains as it offers a variety of features. It has economy plans that make it easy to monitor. The plans also offer unlimited bandwidth and parked domains. Go Daddy also allows you to cancel your package at any time during the contract and gives you a 45 day full refund on everything apart from the URL purchase. The domain is free for a year.

The advantages- The C Panel is very user friendly and easy to manage

The disadvantages- The number of allowed email accounts and the SQL databases is lower than their competitor.

Final Verdict- Go Daddy is one of the most competent services with features that make it worth the money.

5. Site ground web hosting

Website: Host here


How many customers does the website domain have- Site Ground is known to have tons of customers with 450,000 domain names worldwide, with data centers across the United States, Europe and even Asia.

The Cost of buying a domain from them– Web hosting services start from $3.95 per month and cloud hosting services start from $60 per month.

Pros– This website domain offers integrated Cloud flare for improved performance and high security. It has an automatic backup system. The domain can also choose server locations with support materials. The domain has an excellent customer service.

Cons- The plans do not offer too much storage space or bandwidth. There are no month to month shared hosting plans and no windows server options.

Final verdict- Site ground is one of the best technically integrated sites with good security, customer service and tutorials. This also makes the Web host friendly for small business and amateur webmasters.

6. Host monster

Website:Host here


When did they start services- Host Monster has been providing web hosting solutions to a number of business and personal web sites since 1996?

Why is Host monster good – Host monster also gives you a good saving option if you opt for their two year plan. The domain has its own pros and cons though. Host monster has a number of customers as it offers the best hosting at the lowest prices and superior customer service as well.

What does the consumer need to pay for buying their service – The Host monster is a Linux based starter shared hosting package that starts at $6.95 per month with a one-year contract

Advantages- Host monster gives you very good customer service and at the same time very good uptime while testing.It is one of the most useful sites building softwares.Domain transfer is free and there are an assortment of useful add-on in the domain.

Disadvantages– The entry level options are really expensive. It does not consist of monthly hosting plans. The competitors have a really long money back guarantee. The software lacks Word press.

Final verdict– Host monster is definitely one of the best softwares that are useful with various features and tools that can get your website up and running.

 7. 1 & 1 Web Hosting

Website: Host here


Why is 1&1 web hosting services so famous –  1 & 1 is an affordable web hosting service that is rich in features and an assortment of packages including shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Pros- It has very good uptime in testing along with good customer support. It also offers basic as well as advanced hosting packages along with windows and Linux based servers. The website is easy to use with a lot of creative tools. There is no fee for setup.

Cons-The competitors have longer money back guarantee periods. Website Builder plus tier is required to add code to the site templates as well

Final verdict- 1& 1 is an affordable web hosting service that comprises of a rich variety of website creation tools. It also has very good support system and impressive uptime reliability during testing.

8. Fat Cow

Website: Host here


Why is Fat Cow one of the best domains – Fat Cow is one of the best domains that have a variety of features. It is an impressive website that features on pride and simplicity. It is a great alternative to technical and overwhelming world of web. It meets the requirements of potential customers and this domain has various annual plans as well as monthly user friendly payment plans.

Prices you need to pay to buy a domain– the domain prices are not fixed. It depends on the features and the extension used.

Why is this a good option- This is a perfect plan that offers near about every feature. It is easily comparable to most of the packages. It offers various domains and sub domains under one account. You can also get unlimited disk space,  and personalized email accounts.

Advantages-Fat Cow is known to have a lot of features for retail sites.

Disadvantages- Customers have to wait for a long time for live chat options.

Final verdict- Fat Cow can still improve itself, however, it still remains to be one of the best web hosts that are available.

9. In motion Web Hosting

Website: Host here


What makes In motion one of the best – If you are searching for a domain that helps you create professional and personal websites, in motion web hosting is the best in line. The domain shares virtual and private servers as well as different e commerce tools.

The web domain has a number of customers in its name at the moment.

Pros– in Motion have a good uptime with excellent managed word Press options. All the plans offer unlimited email services. It has a lengthy money back guarantee.

Cons– The domain lacks windows servers. The basic web builder creates dated looking sites. You would need to create separate logins for all add-ons.

The final verdict- The domain consists of a variety of features with free tools for building a website. It is one of the best Word press hosting sites.

 10. Liquid Web Hosting

Website: Host here


Why is liquid web hosting services good– Liquid web hosting services has a number of Word Press themes with virtual private server and dedicated server packages. It has enough flexibility to power the likes of ESPN and MTV.

Pros– The domain offers Linux or Windows based servers. It has an excellent VPS and dedicated hosting plans with prorated VPS plans. They have high end specifications as well.

Cons– The domain is relatively expensive with underwhelming shared hosting package.

Verdict- This is a flexible feature packed online host service with really good customer service, and dedicated VPS hosting plans. Though they are worth a try, it would pinch your pockets.

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