What is the “SIM not Provisioned” Error?

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a small card which consists of all the data like names, telephone number, area, contact list, passwords, and messages. This little chip helps you to connect with other users by connecting to the network provider and helps you to make calls and connect to the internet.

SIM not Provisioned Error

The message ‘SIM not provisioned’ appears when:
• The SIM Card is new
• SIM Card is not activated.
• Contacts are being transferred to New SIM
• Placement of the SIM Card is not proper

If this message appears in your old SIM, then there’s some issue in your current SIM Card, maybe it broke or could be some other possible cause.

Use the following steps to fix “SIM Not Provisioned Errors.”

1. Examine if the SIM Card is broken.

When your phone shows the notification as SIM Card not provisioned, check whether your SIM Card is broken or physically damaged in some way. If the SIM is broken, then it would be difficult for your phone to read data from the SIM Card.
Pull out the tray which has SIM card to check the condition of your SIM Card. Remove SIM from the tray and inspect it carefully. Ensure there is no sign of scratches or physical damage.
If you see any such sign, you need to get it replaced. If there’s no such sign keep reading further to find a fix.

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2. Verify whether the SIM is inserted properly.

Frequently people insert the SIM Card inappropriately when in rush, which could be because of the excitement of a new phone or some other reason. If the SIM isn’t inserted as needed, the phone won’t be able to read data from your card.

When the phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card, it can’t communicate with the carrier thus the error occurs.

How to check if the SIM is inserted properly?

  • Switch off your phone.
  • If you have an old version of the phone, remove the battery of your phone from the back panel, and the sim card would be hidden there in the back.
  • With the new version of phones, i.e. with irremovable batteries you’ll find the SIM card slot at the side of the handset. You’ll be provided a small tool when you’ve purchased the handset, if not you have to find a tool and eject the tool to open it. Find a tiny hole in the side of your handset and push the tool a bit to eject the SIM.

NOTE: Don’t get confused between the SIM card and micro-SD (memory card).
When the SIM card is removed, give a blow and clean it with a cloth. It would wipe all the dust.
Read the manual properly and follow the instructions to place the cleaned SIM card properly.
Switch on your phone after inserting the SIM card. The error should not appear.

3. Is your SIM Card Activated?

The major cause of the error shows up because the sim isn’t been activated yet. When a new SIM is registered it takes at least 24-48 hours to get activated.

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Try out the options mentioned below to enable activation:
• Call the automated number
• Send message
• Log in to the activation page of the network provider.

4. Contact your network provider

Contact your network provider and tell them about the error you’re facing and measures taken by you.
In the activation server, there would be some issue running which can be the cause for SIM Card deactivation and thus, showing up the error message “SIM not provisioned”. If the issue lies with the activation server, it would take some time to get SIM activated.

5. Reboot your phone.

Sometimes simply switching off your phone and restarting it will solve the SIM not provisioned fault.
When the phone is restarted you’ll see the error no longer exists, and the SIM card is activated.

6. Insert SIM Card in some other device.

To identify if everything is good with your SIM try inserting it into some other phone you may have.

Insert the SIM card in another phone and try making a call with it. If the SIM is working a call will take place and if it won’t then there’s an issue with the card.
By this, we’ll know whether the issue lies in your SIM card or your phone.

Depending on the situation there might be some other SIM error messages appearing. For example, when the SIM card is being locked to a particular phone and if you try to insert it into some other phone there is a possibility you’ll see a “SIM not valid” message.

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If the above things didn’t work, then simply you need to contact your network provider and ask them to provide you the new SIM card.