Website Speed Test – Amazing Tools to Verify Your Website Speed

Website speed play a great role in success and failure of any website.

Do you agree?

If you are not then tell me when you have waited a minute for a website to load?

Probably not in this year!!

Every one want to visit website which take less time in loading..Not only user, Google also don’t like your site if it is taking high time in loading.


Visitor left your site and move to other website while Google down your ranking.

And if you are doing personal blogging for making money online or running any business website then you need to take care for both User & Google.

If you are not sure why your website is slow then you can read our guide on why my website is slow.  or if you want to analyse and check whether your website slow or not then you can use online website speed testing tools.

Website speed testing tools not only check speed of your full website but also you can check speed of individual pages on website and provide suggestions on how to improve your website’s overall speed and performance.

Loading speed also increase your SEO ranking and decrease bounce rate of your website. So let’s see list of all tools which help us in accomplish this task.

Website speed testing tools

1. Pingdom

One of the best tool and I always prefer to test my webpage. This tool test your website from 5 different location and give you information of all below things.

  • Your website loading time
  • Page size of your website (If more than 1 mb then you should work on images and other component)
  • compare with other websites of world and give rank.
  • Detail analysis of performance and where it exactly slow.
  • Under File requests option you can arrange by size and check which file taking more space.
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Test on pingdom

2. gtmetrix

gtmetrix provide analyse your website and provide you actionable recommendations on how to optimize it. This website used by many hosting company to show their customer what makes their website slow.

Below are few key feature of this tool.

  • Provide page speed and recommendation .
  • Detail about page load like time, size, Number of request.
  • Test your website from 7 different location.
  • You can setup monitor alert on gtmetrix and many more.


Test on gtmetrix

3. Google insight 

Owned by google so you can think how accurate it would be. Google insight give you performance of your site for mobile devices and desktop devices.

it give you point out of 100 and also provide you all suggestion which you can follow and increase your site performance.


Test on Google insight 

4.  keycdn

Keycdn help you in your website speed testing from 14 different location so you just need to select any one of the location from drop down list & click on Run.

By analyzing data you can also find which image or page taking more time in loading. You can also check performance testing of your website.


Test on keycdn

5. uptrends

Uptrends allow you to test speed of any web pages from 35 available global checkpoint.they have use different color element to show status of your page component like image, script or other.

Here you can check size of images and if you find any image more than 100 kb then you can compress using online tool or use plugin to get compress all images.

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Test on keycdn

Hope you like this post and use any of the above tool to test your website speed. All tools have something extra and different then other so you can use all tools and get a summery of your website performance.