How to optimize blog ads to make money easily

For most blogs out there, advertisements are the primary way to earn money, whether it be Google Adsense, Infolinks any other less known advertising service. However, most of the blog owners fail to reach the maximum potential of their blog, or even reach close to it, for that matter because they don’t know how to optimize their ads. While whatever ad network you are using, does its best to show your user the ads based on his interested, it’s you who understands them the best and hence you need to optimize blog ads personally to make the most money out it.

That’s’ why today we have brought you this guide in which we’ll explain you various techniques to optimise your ads better

So you can make the most money out of it.

How to optimize ads to make most money from Blog?

Making money from your Blog, that too through ads is more like an art which has various aspects in which you need to work and each one of them, affects your income directly or indirectly.

We have mentioned the various ways to optimize the ads on your blog below, suing which you’ll be able to increase your income and earn the most money from your blog:

1. Put Ads on right places – It’s a common sense that unless people see and more importantly notice your ads, you have no chance of making money through your blog.

Although most people, who have just started with blogging, make the mistake of putting ads in places where people won’t see them and hence they reduce the potential of making money from their blog.

For instance, above the fold ads or ads which are in the upper half corner of your blog have more chance of getting seen compared to the ads on the lower half or below the fold.

Also, ads which are closer to the main content of the blog such as just below the heading of a post or in between the text are more noticeable than ads which are sitting on the sidebar.

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Overall you need to use your mind and think which places are good to put ads on your blog. If you find it confusing then you can take a look at Adsense Heat Map which shows you the places which are the best and which are worse when it comes to ad placement on your blog.

2. Less is more – While it’s okay to use ads from two or more ad networks simultaneously, it’s defiantly not good to stuff your blog with more ads than a user can handle.

In the short term, more ads unit will give you a better exposure and it may even increase your income for a while, though in long term it may become too irritating for the users.

After a while, many users tend to shift to other sites and the ones who stay, start ignoring all the ads which will only decrease your income further.

So unless you don’t really care much about the reputation of your blog, it’s a wise idea to use fewer ads on your blog and make them noticeable instead of filling it with too many ads.

3. Use right keywords – Everyone who has read even a bit about SEO knows the importance of using the right keywords in their blog posts for achieving their desired SERP.

However, what most people forget that Adsense or all other contextual ad networks use the same keywords for showing ads to your visitors as well.

This means the keywords which you in your articles are used in determining the ads which will be shown to your users and further play a role in determining the CPC you get.


Let me explain. If you have ever used Google Adwords you know how it works. You bid for showing your ads on pages which contain a specific keyword.

Since the ad spaces are limited, the more people bid for a keyword, the higher the price for the ad unit gets and this is where you have the opportunity to optimize the ads and make the most money.

Adsense works on a profit share basis means you get a certain percentage of money it makes every time a user clicks on an ad.

This is the reason why some ads give you much higher CPC compared to others, what you can choose is the keywords which have higher competition and have higher bidding price to use in your blog posts.

This will increase the number of ads which are of higher CPC on your blog and you’ll make more money on every click which will help you make the most money from your ads.

4. Block Ads – Blocking ads is one of the best features Adsense offers which many people have absolutely no idea about and hence they miss the opportunity to make the most out of their blog.

Adsense was previously used to focus on showing ads related to the keywords to your blog, however, since they are always changing things around while ago they introduced a new feature which lets you show the ads which are of the user’s interest.

This doesn’t mean that they have stopped showing ads related to your content entirely but a large part of the audience sees ads based on their interest.

For example, if you have a tech blog but a user has previously visited sites related to health and fitness he might see ads related to the same while visiting your blog too.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this can help you in increasing your CTR which further improves your income.

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However, this can bug you if you are targeting really high CPC keywords as Adsense might show ads with lower CPC on your blog which decreases your earning possibilities.

What you can do is open your Adsense account and use the Allow and Block Ads features to choose which kind of ads you want to block on your site.

If you just want the audience of your blog to stop seeing ads for certain categories like gambling then you can simply block those categories.

Though if you want AdSense to show ads only based on the content on your blog, then you can turn off the option to Show user based interest and it will start showing more ads based on the keyword of your blog which.

This would optimize your ads and help you make the most money from the ads on your blog with a similar audience.

5. A/B testing – Finally every blog is different and their audience has its own interest and taste and unless you understand what they want, you’ll never reach your maximum earning potential.

For this, you can try A/B testing which is a technique where you create two versions of the same webpage and serve each to half of your audience to see which one works better. You can read post to know detail about A/B testing and also check google adwords test skill if you hiring someone for this task

This way you can understand what things work better for your audience and what changes increase your earnings. Then you apply those changes steady and reach the maximum earning potential of your blog.

Wrap up

This was our guide on how to optimize ads to make the most money from Blog. Do let us know your thoughts on it and what next you’d like to read in the comment section below.