5 things one should do after publishing blog post

Millions of post written everyday and go online but do you know how many post get viral after published?

Hardly 2-3% post and reason is very simple.. other blogger they feel  that work is complete once published.

But I think only half of work completed and half of work still remain.

So here we are writing you what important steps one should do after publishing any post.

1. Share on social media

First and most important thing one should do is, share post on all famous social media platform. This task not only help you in get traffic on your post but also help Google in knowing your content originality.

You can share your post on below social media platform to get more traffic.

  • Google plus Profile
  • Google Plus Page
  • Facebook Timeline
  • Facebook page and group
  • Pin your post to Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Submit your blog image to Flickr

2. Write post related answer on Quora

Do you what Quora is?

If not then I will tell you in simple words “Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users” .

You just need to choose your niche and write answer related to your niche, If you doesn’t find any question related to your post then you can create Question by yourself and write answer.

You are sharing on Quora means you are actually sharing with targeting user as whoever read your answer already following the same niche.

3. Write guest post and get back link

Guest post consider as a best way to get traffic as well as backlinking. If you want to know more about guest posting then you can read our complete guide on guest posting.

If you are guest posting on same niche with High PR site then chance to increase rank and traffic would be high.

4. Write answer on niche forum

Forum is nothing but  an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. So if you have some doubt then you can ask expert and get result in short time.

Niche forum is for discussion on particular niche topic like if your site on SEO then you can join SEO forum and write answer on asked question by people.

You can give your site name as reference or signature to get backlinks as well as traffic. Check out our guide on forum link building.

5. Answer all comment and comment on other site thoughtful

Conversation between people create trust and in blogging also this thing considered true. When people comment on your post then you should answer each comment so they motivate and keep vising your blog.

Also search all post related to your newly published post and comment on the same with your post link so you will bet backlinking from there.

Check out our guide on top blog commenting site.

6. Email the world

Most of blogger consider email list as main source to get old user again. So they prepare email list form different source and mainly from email subscription popup. 

See also  10 free services to get alert if your site down

If you are wordpress user then you can check top wordpress popup plugins  and collect email from your blog.

You just need to use tools to schedule your email so it automatically send emails when you publish new post.

Hope you like this post and follow above tips after publishing blog post. If you are doing something else then please write us in comment.