Most Essential Free Apps for Kids – Every Parents Must Have

In a time where smartphones have become first love of the newborn babies, you can not keep your children away from technology. Given that the world is only getting more getting more dependent on technology as each day passes, it only looks right that children get familiar with technology as soon as possible.

However, many experts and parents have concern over their baby using a smartphone or any other such device and rightfully so, because it can affect your children’s growth.

So what can you do? Well, the answer is simple. You can not keep your child away from the latest technology, so why not make it their teacher instead?


There are lots of apps available out there which can help your child learn the basic things which are essential for their growth. and today we have brought you a list of such best apps for kids:

Most Essential free apps for kids

From basic alphabet learning to some advanced things, this list of best free apps for kids includes many free kids educational apps which you can use to teach your child all the basic things, Wasting no more time let’s start out list of best free apps for kids:

1. Kids learn to read

Kids learn to read is a free and simple education app for your kids, using which your kid can learn to read and spell simple words such as �dog’ �ball’ and �sun’.

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There are plenty of different modes in the game such as Magic Letter Bridge, Skateboards and Helmet, Word Ball and more where kids learn words by helping  Tommy the Turtle in various tasks.


Install Kids learn to read

2. First Grade Learning Games

It’s good for your kid to be familiar with the basic things he is going to learn in his first grade, before going to school so he can be familiar with everything and will not be left behind.

The first Grade Learning Games is one of the best free learning apps on the play store which includes 12 mini-games to help your child learn all the first-grade lessons.

Due to multiple games, your kid will not get bored easily and the app will keep him busy for long while also teaching him. There is also an app for the second grade but it is a paid one and you can buy it if you find the first one useful enough.


Install First Grade learning Games

3. ATM Learning Simulator Free

without a doubt, it’s a useful one because learning banking system is no longer an optional process.

Today banking has become a daily part of our life, but any mistake while handling bank related things such as ATM can get you in a lot of trouble. So it’s good for your kid to be familiar with the basics of the concepts of it.


ATM Learning Simulator is a free educational app for kids which teaches kids how to use a debit card such as registering for a debit card, managing a bank account, and then go to the toy shop to use the money you have withdrawn.

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Install ATM learning simulator Free

4. Coloring Pages for kids

Apart from casual learning apps such as alphabets and numbers, another important thing your kid should learn in his early days is coloring. It allows kids to use their imagination power and understand the different between various colors practically.


Coloring Pages for kids is a simple but useful learning apps which include more than 600 figures, which your kid can use to fulfill with not only color but his imagination as well.

Install coloring pages for kids

5. ABC Kids Tracing & Phonics

ABC kids a very basic but very useful apps for studying. With it, you can make your child learn about different alphabets and the difference between uppercase and lowercase letters.


The app has a colourful UI and includes funny animations to keep your toddlers busy and not getting bored easily. Ther are also audio practices which makes this app one of the best educational apps free for the children of age group between 0-5.

Install ABC kids

6. Learning Human Body Part

Again, learning about the different parts of our body such as toe, neck, chest stomach and more is a basic but important process which every child must go through.


With the help of Learning Human Body Part app, you can make sure that your kid not only learns about the names of different body parts but their function as well, which again makes it one of the best learning apps.Install Learning human body part

7. NASA Science Investigations

probably an outcast in this list of best learning apps and best apps for school, Science Investigations is a great education app that comes from the biggest space agency in the world itself.

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In Science Investigations, you are a member of the International Space Station and your task is to familiarize yourself with the station, help out with the plant growth experiment.

This app can help your kid in learning the basic concepts of space and help him understand how things work outside of earth. This is also one of the best apps for school as it can help teachers in elaborating the concepts of gravity and space to pupils through demonstration.

Install Nasa science investigation

8. Animals Puzzle Zoo

Last but not the least, Animal Puzzle Zoo is a free and fun learning apps which help your kid in getting familiar with different kinds of animals and their voices.


The app as the name suggests is a block Puzzle game with four different levels which will help your kid learn about various kinds of animals in a fun way.

Install Animal puzzle Zoo

Wrap up

Which one of these mentioned apps you liked the most? What other educational apps do you use to teach your child? Do let us know in the comment box