Learning Gets Exciting with The Highlight Reel App

At most times, teaching on online platforms becomes boring for many students. As much the teacher tries to make their students enjoy the classes, many lose interest and keenness, thus, making teaching a waste of time. What teachers and students need is a lively avenue that can make the learning experience enjoyable and full of content. At the Highlight Reel mobile Application is the only place that you will make all the lessons fascinating and easy to follow along.

Features highlighting how the Highlight Reel App enhanced leaning

  • Fun; Your students cannot wait to watch videos of the lessons that you have prepared for them. Every teacher using the Highlight Reel App will get a humble time to create fun lesson plans of their choice.
  • Versatile; Highlight Reel App allows the teacher to make an outstanding introduction of their lessons by using various available features like emojis, captions, GIFs, verbal instructions, and many more.
  • Share: It is so easy for a teacher using the Highlight Reel App to share with their class and keep track of daily lessons easily.
  • CTA; A teacher can finish their video with a call to action like informing the time of the class of their next class session.
  • Links; After creating a video of the class, the teacher can now attach the links to zoom, online content, or any other place using the Highlight Reel App.
  • Offline; This is amazing. Do you know that access to this app does not require internet access? Your students have a long way to save on the monies they use on other online platforms.
  • Easy Updates; It is so easy to update content on the Highlight Reel App.
  • Scholarships; For the students desiring to acquire educational scholarships, Highlight Reel is the only way to go. There will be scholarships worth $1000000 every week for the students of 2 to 22 years of age. Any parent, kid, or family member, who wishes to get a scholarship, will do is to post a creative video and share the link with other people to vote for it. The video with the highest votes will win the scholarship.
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Additionally, Highlight Reel App is so easy to use. You need to create a video, load it in the app. Based on your subscription, one can edit using various available tools. To ensure that we meet the need of everybody, the Highlight Reel App has three subscriptions that include: Free Premium Plan that is free of charge. It provides you with one user basic-editing platform and 5GB of storage space.

Also, there is a premium plan that goes for $2.99 per month and allows three people from a single household to use it. Its storage space is up to 50GB, and it contains additional tools like emojis, animations, GIFS, Film filters, and frames. The final plan is the MVP plan. This MVP plan costs $4.99 every month. Five users in a single household can use it, and it has up to 200GB of storage space. Astoundingly, this subscription plan includes free premium and premium plans and additional features like external videos, external music, sound effects, visual effects, highlight shadows, and slow motion.

Why don’t you get a touch of real class sessions with the Highlight Reel App? Students, teachers, and parents download the app and choose your appropriate plan to reach higher heights in learning.