Top Must Have Android Apps for Employees

Being an employee is a tough job to do. You not only have to keep balance between your personal and professional life but also be a useful and productive employee for your company in order to truly achieve your career goals.

Thankfully, in today’s age of technology, there are plenty of apps out there which can help you in getting your work done faster and make you much more productive than you thought was possible.


So today we have brought you a list of the top must have android apps for employees which will help you in becoming the best employee and elevate your career to the next level:

Top must have android apps for employees

You may have heard or used some of the apps of this list and some of them may be completely new for you, but one thing is assured that all of them aim at helping you to make the most out of your day and become a better employee. Wasting no more time let’s start our list of top must have android apps for employees:

1. Microsoft Office

There is no denying that Microsoft Office is the best Word Processing tool available out there and since the company has also launched the official Android App for it, you don’t really need to look anywhere else for editing MS Office files on your Android Phones.


Without a doubt it’s one of the must have android apps for employees. The app includes all three of Microsoft’s basic Word Processing Tools, namely MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

All three of these apps are also available separately so if you use any of them more frequently, you can download it separately for easier access.

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Download Microsoft Office

2. Locale

It’s really embarrassing when you are in middle of something important in your office, perhaps having g talk with your boss and your phone rings, making you look like an unprofessional ignorant.


The locale is a small, but very very useful app for people like me who forget to turn their mobiles on silent whenever they are in an important place and get embarrassed because of it.

When set, it automatically switches your phone’s profile based on your location, meaning that you can set it once and then forget about it and save yourself from getting embarrassed in critical situations.

Another great thing about the app is that it supports plugins, and there are over 500 additional plugins in Play Store which can help you in getting the most out of Locale by adding features according to your needs.

Download Locale

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Over 80% of the computers today run any version of the Windows operating system, and if you work at a position where you do most of the work with a computer, than there are more than enough chances that your computer also has windows operating system installed.

So it’s a great idea to have a remote desktop client on your Android phone so you can access your PC from anywhere and everywhere.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop app is the official remote desktop app from Microsoft which packs features such as simple UI, and a wide range of features making it one of the best android apps for employees.

Download Microsoft remote desktop

4. Google Keep

I have been using Google Keep from more than a year now and I have to say that it’s the quick note taking the app out there. Not only that, it also lets you create To-Do Lists, Reminders and for some reason hand drawn notes as well.

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It’s one of the must have android apps for employees. By installing Google Keep you make sure that you never forget things you have to do by instantly making a note of them.

You access all your notes online by going to its official website which means even if you forget your phone; you won’t forget the work you need to get done.

The fact that you can use Keep with existing Google account makes it only more useful as it means one fewer account credentials for you to remember.

Download Google Keep

5. Rescue time

If you are a person like me who goes to YouTube for watching that one video and then watch tens of more unrelated videos after it, only to regret that you wasted your important time once again, then rescue time is the perfect app for you.

As an employee, it’s really important to know how much time you spend doing different activities on your phone. Knowing it helps you in reducing the time on unproductive activities such as checking Face book, or playing games, helping you to get the most out of the day.

And rescue time is the best android app for employees for doing that. The app runs quietly in the background and notes the time you spend on different activities which you can check later. You can also set notifications which will alert you if you use a certain app or do an activity for more than a certain amount of time.

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Download Rescue time

6. Uber

Being an employee, you must know about the importance of being punctual and reaching everywhere on time. However, luck is not always on your side to find the right travel options at a certain time.


However, even one late appearance is enough to break your image in front of your boss or the customer and a number of such cases can do lethal damage to your job.

So by having the official app of world largest ride-sharing service, you can make sure that you are never late for any important place you need to visit.

Download Uber

7. Skype for business

Many video calling apps have come and gone but Skype has stayed in the business successfully despite all the competition it faces, and the unmatchable service they give is the primary reason behind it.


Skype for business takes the video chatting to the next level by allowing addition features such as group call with up to 250 persons, enhanced security features and more.

If you are an employee who has to travel a lot or has to stay connected with your colleges all the times than Skpye for business is the best android app for employees to do so.

Download Skype for business

8. Nimble

Last but not the least, Nimble is one of the best android apps for employees when it comes to managing contacts and setting reminders for meetings or other important appointments.


It’s unique features such a contact based Do To List, reminders for follow-up notes after meeting and much more will take your relationship management skills to the next level helping you to have a better relationship with all your clients.

Download Nimble

Wrap up

Which one of these apps you found the most useful? What other android apps do you think are essential for every employee? DO let us know your thoughts in the comments section