How to Earn Money By OLX Buy And Sell

I know how disheartening it is to see that favourite dress getting old, or your best cycle just getting wasted in your home but what if I bring you an offer? You may make other’s happy and earn some bucks in return. This is what Olx is made for. Fulfill your needs while helping others. You get paid for things which are of no use for you now, and similarly if you are on the buyer’s side you get what you wish for, at a very low rate. You may even sell things made at home, and earn money. Or you may bring whole sale lot and sell your products. It is just about how much you give in, to get paid, Sitting at home. Well there are always some creative ideas you can implement to make the best benefits. And I am giving you some below:

1. Newly Entered

If you are new to olx or even online sites, you must have a valid online account at olx and also an account to make valid transactions. It is your choice how you want your products to be paid. For this, you need to have a valid bank account too. PayPals the best online account for such transactions.

2. Choose smartly what to sell

Next comes the choice of the product you are going to sell on olx. It can be something you are bored, or something branded or something attractive or maybe sometimes which is not needed now. To increase the no. of buyers in the beginning, you may start with your best products, so that people start trusting you, and keep on searching your profile to look for the best.

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3. Effective Pictures


To make your business grow, the most important thing is how to advertise it! So, the choice of pictures on an online business proves to be the most important thing. Make them as attractive as you can, adjusting lights of your room and the angles. Don’t just click a picture and upload it, you need to have an appealing background, and it should be in best looking condition.

4. Brief Descriptions


Well, to make a growing business you need to have a description which is appealing as well as genuine. Otherwise your buyers will lose interest in your products. Describe its benefits more efficiently. And do tell the actual condition of it. It will help you the most. It is not in very good condition and bit damaged, state it clearly.

5. Sponsored Links


These are the links which provide you the information you are searching for. Olx is provided by sponsored links through Google ad words. So, all you need to do is, make an account on google AdWords and use them for your products.

6. SEO


Well, just putting your product on the website won’t make it famous, you should be very proper about the keywords to be used, so that it will be visible to in more and more searches. The more buyers you have; more money you can make. Just remember to keep those words about which people search the most. And add them somehow, between your text. And you have done the work.

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7. Research

If you desire to be a profitable dealer, you should be aware of what people need more or what they search for.  Go through websites and see for things which are more popular. What do people need more? And once you are done with this, start uploading your products. You may also make some lists and earn good amount of money.

8. What about the market?

It is the most efficient and important thing you need to do to attract your buyers. Efficient market is what makes your business successful. But, nothing to worry about, just market your product wherever you can, and specially with those which are good centres. Do keep in mind terms and conditions of olx.

9. Selling price

You need to state a reasonable selling price. Your product should not be very costly, as it will decrease the no. of buyers. With that, it should be profitable to you as well. So, decide properly what should be the cost of your product. You may initially keep your price low at initial points and increase them with time as your business grows. And don’t forget to make a proper bank account.

10. Delivery and mode of payments

Don’t forget to make a proper delivery. You need to be very particular about it. Make it as soon as possible. To attract your buyers, you may make your shipping charges free by adjusting them in your total price. It’s just how smartly you work. Rest about the payments, it your choice how you want it to be done. Online transaction is the most common mode used. To gain trust during initial days you can even provide cash on delivery, so that people can free minded order your product.

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11. Time

Your business is a waste, if you didn’t understand this concept. Have you ever heard about a person who became rich overnight? If you believe you are good at it, keep doing it. Work hard. Learn more. Try to find out where did you went wrong and don’t forget that dedication and patience are the best gems any person can have. You need to stay focused. Keeping researching on the ways by which you can improvise each day. Just keep up the hopes and keep running in the race.

Hopefully these tips are going to be beneficial for you, and you can start looking at things in a better way. More good you are at your skills, more they are going to earn for you. Keep a business mind, develop new strategies, and no one can stop you. With being heard working, learn smart work too. It will earn you more with less input. So, it is up to you how you are going to make yourself successful. But just don’t forget the desire to better than whatever you are today.