3 Tips For Writing Blogs Geared Toward An Older Audience

If you’re writing a blog, be it for a business or for your own personal brand, it’s vital that you know who your audience is. But in addition to just knowing the type of people that you’re wanting to connect with with your blog, you also have to know how those people want to be connected to by an outside person or company. This can be the tricky part.

Luckily, if your target audience are people from an older generation, there are plenty of ways that you can tweak your content to resonate better with them. To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for writing blogs geared toward an older audience.

Writing Blogs

Prioritize Accessibility

When creating content that is meant to be consumed by people of an older generation, your main, underlying goal should always be accessibility. If your content isn’t accessible, then it can’t be consumed. It’s as simple as that.

To make your content more accessible, you have to think about what hurdles could be standing in the way of your content being read, watched, or listened to. When it it comes to blogging, you’ll need to make sure that the size of the font is big enough for people with vision problems to read, that it can be easily accessed by anyone with a device, be it in their own home or at an assisted living facility, and that icons for navigation and such are bigger and easier to click on.

Give Your Writing A Personal Touch

When it comes time for you to write the actual content that you’ll be publishing on your blog, one thing that can make your words really come alive for an older audience is a personal touch.

Older demographics remember when customer service meant something. Because of this, they often feel like they want to connect with real people when they are working with a business or a brand. Knowing this, you can make your content much more conversational and include details about yourself and your brand. This can go a long way toward helping your audience like and trust you.

Think More About Collaboration

In addition to giving personal touches relating to yourself, you should also be seeking to collaborate with your audience as part of your blog.

Older audiences love to feel the sense of community that comes from belonging to a group of people and being able to interact with them. So if you’re able to, try to ask for questions, advice, and opinions that you can then use in later pieces of content. This can help to boost your engagement a lot, too.

If you’re gearing your blog writing toward an older audience, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done.