A strategy guide of Flipping websites – Buy and sell websites

Ever heard about making huge chunks of wealth through the websites  flipping business? We’re sure you have!

Real Estate and Stock markets are the best-est examples of the flipping businesses. Actually, it all started from there. Picking up an old house at discounted prices, revamping it and then selling it after few months at huge profit rates is one of the best examples of flipping.

And If done rightly on a regular basis, it becomes one of the best sources of high-incomes that you can have.

Coming to the modern times, website flipping has become top most way of earning money and many pro-marketers are using this technique to amass huge amount of wealth on a regular basis. But there are few strategies that any pro-entrepreneur follows before buying a website and planning to flip it for profit.

Steps Involved In website Flipping Business

Let’s discuss the steps involved in website buy and sell (in detail) and understand how to buy a website actually to make huge profits.


You might think that this is the easiest thing to do, but it’s really NOT. This is where most of us get wrong. Searching for a right website to buy is a strenuous task.

Also, you must read some tips on buying the right kind of website to flip for making profits. If you do this step wrong, you cannot expect to sell the website at huge profits or in some cases any profit at all.

Some of the basic elements that you must take care of while buying a website are that it must have good traffic and good content on it.

You have to find websites that have strength to do well but due to some reasons the marketer or the website owner is not doing the right kind of efforts to make it a success (it can be SEO related efforts or something else).

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You can then work on the required things to make the website popular and successful and sell it for after few months at a huge profit rate.

Please don’t consider good alexa rank means site has good value but  getting alexa rank is different tricks. You can read how to boost alexa ranking  and get Alexa ranking easily but please consider quality as main criteria while buying any site.


After you’ve bought a right kind of website, make sure you add some value to it. You can choose to make changes on its SEO operations, social media marketing strategies or something else that increases traffic or helps in generating more revenue. In order to increase traffic you can read our series  on how to increase blog or website traffic.

Enhancing either or both of these factors significantly will almost guarantee you a huge profit margin when you sell the website. It’s always preferable to work on both traffic and revenue instead of working on just one thing. This is an important aspect that you must consider before planning to sell the website at a higher price.

Remember that more the traffic and revenue, more the profits. After all, who wouldn’t like to buy a website that has a vast database of targeted customers and is also effective in generating good revenue? 

It will get you better clients and higher rates for selling the website. Once you do this appropriately, the next time you know which websites you should choose, how to enhance them and sell them with a good profit margin.

Therefore, make sure to enhance each and every component of the site before selling it.

See below list of what exactly every buyer expect from your site and if you fulfill their expectation then you will get what amount you are expecting from them.

  1. Good Google PR
  2. Quality backlinks
  3. unique visitors
  4. Moderate revenue
  5. Good alexa ranking
  6. Professional look
  7. Quality content
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Here comes the final and most important step- selling the enhanced website with a profit margin! It’s usually advisable to sell the website at the same place you bought it as the market value that determined the price will remain the same there.

So, any enhancement or value added to the site, in theory should get you a higher market price and profit rate while selling it.

However, if you’re getting a good price for it already at some other place, you must go ahead with that. If you have an established site and don’t know who to sell to and at how much price, then take advice first before selling it.

You can also check worth of your website using below link but don’t consider this all sites are correct as their criteria of checking is different and give you different price as well.

Make sure you sell it at the best price possible. Once this strategy works for you, you can make website flipping one of your main businesses and make huge profits with it.

When yo are going to sell a website then Alexa ranking surely affect as buyer and advertiser look into your alexa ranking so when you are buying don’t consider but while selling please consider this fact.

Top 10 places to Buy and sell websites

Benefits Of Website Flipping

While we have discussed the important steps of website flipping and how to buy a website, we must discuss the benefits of flipping websites. Let’s know why website buy and sell is a good way of making huge profits on a regular basis.

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Firstly, it needs a low investment in comparison to other businesses. You just need to pick-up a website from the market in which you see some good potential to flip it ahead. The prices at which these website are bought are not really high. Therefore, it is considered as a low investment business which allows the average entrepreneur to enter the market.

Secondly, the income possibilities are quite huge. It all really depends on the kind of enhancements you do on that website. Better the enhancements, better the profit rates. If you’re a pro-entrepreneur or marketer and know how to make a website successful, you can easily take up potential websites at low rates, add value to it and sell it at huge profit margins. Therefore, website flipping gives you the scope of earning enormously.

Market Analysis

Website flipping is well-poised to become the next big thing in coming years. It will be right to say that this is going to be the fastest growing online business in coming times.

Essentially, the market for website flipping always existed, but it was overshadowed by its compatriot domain name ‘flipping’. As now it is getting harder and more expensive to enter the domain name flipping industry, the market for website flipping is bound to rise bigtime!

Hope this information helped you! Have more information to share on the website flipping business or market for website flipping?

You can share it with us in the comments section given below. Also, if you’re already into the website flipping business, let us know how it is working for you.