What Is Do-Follow Links and No-Follow Links and Benefits of Both

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In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content, follow links and no follow links do play an important part. For every content developer out there it is very important to know the difference between the do-follow and the no-follow links.

The basic idea involves colour coding a specific set of items to a colour blind person. While he/she might be able to look at some of the objects the other objects will not be as clear to him/her in terms of colour reproduction.


Do-follow links

In simple words, do-follow links are the ones that can be accessed by a bot (a computer algorithm) without the intervention of any human.

 You might already be aware of the fact that not only humans but computers too have the power to browse the internet by themselves. This means that the current technology is smart enough to browse the internet and get relevant information on its own without any need of help from the humans.

The do-follow links have a simple addition to their hyperlinks which suggest the computer that it can browse the link on its own.

See how Dofollow look like

<a href=”https://www.stuffonix.com/”>stuffonix</a>

Generally all link are do-follow link and you do not need to add any thing.

Do follow link very helpful in getting backlink from other website and increase your website authority.

No-follow links

No-follow links are something much simpler. The hyperlinks here are modified in such a way that the bot cannot access that link, or rather it does not try to do so.

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Example of Nofollow Link:

<a href=”https://www.stuffonix.com/” rel=”nofollow”>stuffonix</a>

The places where these links are used:

Do-follow links

  • There are several places where the do-follow links can be used, some of these places include in comment, top 100 words of post, H2 hyperlink and in last paragraph.
  • Providing a link to the original site (giving of credits to another site for reference or for origin of the content/pictures)
  • Providing the link to some website with high-quality such as a Facebook or YouTube.

No-follow links

The places where no-follow links are used include,

Some site mentioned on your page that has no relevance to the content on the page, for example, advertisements,

The helpfulness of the Do-Follow links

The Do-follow links are the most helpful to you in case you want to develop SEO friendly content. This means that if you have more do-follow links on your website, Google will automatically assign points to your web page.

For example, if your web page is being linked on several different websites, Google will give your web page preference and will show it on the first page of results rather than showing it on the further pages.

The reverse of this is true too. In case your web page is linked to no other web pages, you have to rely on other methods to ensure that your web page shows up on the first page of results, for example paying to advertise it.

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The helpfulness of the No-follow links

Although the no-follow links don’t contribute to your page directly in terms of SEO rank, it can get referral views which might eventually lead to more people clicking on it. For example, people commenting in Quora is not part of the Do-follow link and still, Quora is one of the top-visited websites.

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