Valery Altamar and Her Discourse on What Is Life

Starting her career at the adolescent age of 16 and taking a journey so far to become famous as a popular star, Valery had seen so much to reach where she is. Hers is faster progress that has almost made her quite a household name with multiple brands and endorsements coming her way in the recent present.

When she was asked to describe her life, she launches into a simple explanation that life is full of peaks and valleys which symbolizes the ups and downs we face. She also emphasizes that learning is the only aspect that helps people to tide over their difficult patches.

She goes on to elaborate that, suffering is an essential part of life and through it do we really find ourselves and our motives. The amount of effort one invests will reap the fruits of success in the end. This phenomenon just applies to everyone right from artists to sportspersons who have made it big and want to make it big.

Entrepreneurs also suffer a lot only to see their ventures progress proportionally to the number of struggles they have dealt with. These sufferings, according to Valery, are the roots of sacrifice to be bestowed with fruition for all your efforts later in the future.

She states that the only way of staying your course and withstanding the pressure during testing times will help you see some growth prospectively. The perseverance to hold on to your motives and stand the brunt of hardships can make you touch success easily is her strong belief. She also feels the simple things in life matter more as it calms our mind to peace and harmony.

There are some important factors that induce calmness and following them diligently can help us achieve our targets even through bumpy passages.

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Valery Altamar and Her Discourse on What Is Life


According to her, meditation is an important step to being successful. She believes that one must develop some stillness in the mind to cruise through the difficult times and to see some success eventually. She also describes that practicing that stillness is a very cumbersome process but turns out to be something important in the natural course of life.

Her oration to support the theory is as follows, Life starts from our mind and when we clutter and clog our mind space with dirt, the resulting life becomes chaos to all our dismay. The only thing that brings some solace to that mess is some stillness that comes through meditation. Our mind is studded with endless thoughts as one after the other keeps grilling us to despair. So, if we put that to some rest and give it some calmness through meditation, clarity creeps into our mind when we actually see things in order.

She also goes on to mention that meditation actually relieves people from their issues by funneling their attention to breathing. Meditation actually streamlines your thoughts by directing them to the positive ends and evading all the negative thoughts from disrupting your inner peace. The ability to carve such stability will increase with practice aiding you in ways to tackle a crisis or any challenges that come your way. The above phenomenon is her strong belief as she recommends everybody to follow that to their satisfaction.

She with her final conclusion pitches that, “People don’t understand that the hardest thing to do is actually doing something that’s close to nothing” Her statement is a testament to what meditation is and how difficult it is to finally master it to your ability.

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Clarity in thinking:

According to Valery, the more you are at peace with solitude, the more you get to know about yourself. Sometimes situations demand an instance where we evade thinking about something that irks us and deviates ourselves from that thought to retain our happiness. Our mind is built in such a way it eludes from discomfort and pains to settle ourselves into some temporary harmony. However, this is a short-term relief and would not help us in the long run. She says that doing this might offer some transitory peace but would completely push us to a recess of hopelessness and a life of running away from troubles. She vehemently feels that all of us try to escape the hard truths and ailments to shield ourselves from the reality that looms closer than far.

She reflects on this issue by mentioning that everybody should listen to their inner monologues. The only means to do that is to let yourself fall to solitude. Only when you lock the doors of contact and dwell in alone time, can you actually address all the issues and get to know the world better. Listening to your inner soul and mind is the best way to heal things and also a healthy way to connect with the world around you.

She also emphasizes that one has to think and ruminate for themselves. Only when you think for yourself will you become a better judge of yourself. That will in turn give you a range of prospects and alternative solutions to power through your life instead of falling prey to the natural stimuli and fate that befalls us. Detailed and devoted thinking has become a rarity these days according to her who also quips that only through thoughts will one get the true gist of what life conveys to them.

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To her, thinking is as significant as looking to comprehend life in its entirety. There can be no recourse to thinking which eventually makes you understand what you have encountered or come across.

Relinquish attachment:

Valery starts this topic with a famous adage from Dalai Lama,

“Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.”

She says that this is the most pressing problem of people when they can’t actually let it go. When people fall trapped by the expectations of others and the passion that eats them, they travel the path of disappointment and failure inadvertently.

Everyone is entitled to stick to expectations, but they should be wary of letting it go and relinquishing control when it is time. This she feels is one common issue with people who suffer in their own built-up misery that actually goes on to destroy them. She states that the path to success bereft of any self-destruction is only possible if you stop exerting control over the world around you. She also goes on to stress that one should be able to lead a life and perform the duties without having to contemplate others’ reactions or approvals. The detachment from the results of one’s efforts can also induce some ease into their respective lives directing them to lead a path of peace and harmony.


These three philosophies as mentioned by Valery seem to be the fulcrum of life and the essential means of living it peacefully. Let us all resolve to follow her discourse to our happiness and satisfaction finally treading the path of peace and harmony.