Top 5 Exciting & New Mobile App Ideas For A Beginner

In the world of technology where everything is now become digital and sold over e-commerce websites, the startup culture of the country has also revolved.

Now every startup and a beginner plans to launch their mobile based application first.

But few people don’t have ideas to develop app.. What is an ideal idea for android app which will help beginner to mint money?

Mobile App Ideas For A Beginner

If we just see the play store and e-commerce market, the same idea is repeated and many websites and applications are catering the same idea to the audience and at times even after knowing that the already existing idea is not doing great, we still copy them adding idealistic approach to it.


Well what if I guide you with some amusing and brilliant application ideas, so if you are a beginner and fetching an idea for your startup then this is it.

1. A shopping assistant

Online window shopping is fun but then at times we still do not get the exact things we are looking for and even if we do how we do best know that it will and surely suit us?


Well to overcome this there has been no application launched so one can surely come up with a shopping assistant which not only detects your choice from all the e-commerce sites, even guides you with the cheapest option and give you a rough sketch of how will it suit your body.

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An application like this will be downloaded with whirlwind by the youth, as e- commerce shopping is more of their thing.

2. Social media Autopilot

Social media Autopilot, is nothing but an assistant, which helps you to eliminate the unwanted social contents from all of your social media handles and helps you to detect only the best 90 percent of the trending content which is useful for you.

Social media platforms are filled with Junk files and unwanted texts but many of them we come across are the repeated and the boring ones, so this auto pilot helps you to scrap the unwanted repeated stuff.

3. Live video

 There are already million of applications where you already share n number of videos on many social media platforms and there should be some application similar to periscope.


Live streaming videos are the best; many youth did love to post their online live videos for longer time. This is one of the best app ideas for the beginners. An app that caters to the live broadcast of the videos will be the best idea.

4. Brail Google Maps

Though the application is hard to build, the brail Google maps will be offering a location detector for the dumb and deaf people.

This application is yet not launched, but will do incredibly great, and will be promoting social equality in the society.

An application similar to this will be great and the best part is there is no similar application on the play store. This will bring convenience to the blind and dumb travelers.

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5. Cook assistant

One of the best inventions for all the single people who stay alone and cannot eat outside food every day. This cook assistant will guide you on how to cook and give voice instructions while cooking.

All you have to do is feed in the dish you want to cook and eat and they will exactly guide you with steps of how and when to add the ingredients to your food and how long will it take to get your dish completed.


Cook assistants are very different from the recipes, they wait until you complete each step and keep guiding you throughout.

if you want you can even add pictures to the application to showcase your first attempts and dishes. This is the best application idea for the all the youth and hotel management students as well.

These are the top 5 best application ideas for beginners, they can start with these applications as the competition for these ideas are very less and they do not have a stiff competition and services like this would be loved by the youth of the whole world, it is not having any sorts of limits like geographical, age or culture. It is open for everyone to use and their user friendly as well.

If you want more apps then I got one website where people share their new apps ideas so you can take any one and start work on the same.

The main purpose of these applications are to give convenience to the audience they carter too and with time and periodic up gradation they can already do better, these ideas are not only brilliant but the revenue model attached to them will help you to earn and mint money and who knows you might end up becoming a millionaire? By opting for one of these application ideas.

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Thank you.